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Roshan Adhikari Oct 2019
Hazy light, sunken eyes
Raspberry lips and cozy night
You were with me, you were warm
But the night was cold and
I was down
Rasp wasn't mine, neither the lips
Bitter sweets and broken dreams
Roshan Adhikari Oct 2019
I regret all that time I was so close to you yet never walked your way.
I regret not showing my love for you
But, mama you know, I loved you the most
I regret the blessings I didn't thank you for
Now you have gone but one day I will see you up there
Until then, wait a little more for me
I love you grandma.
Roshan Adhikari Jun 2019
You deliberately **** the love you have in your hand.
Are you that afraid of falling in love again?
Roshan Adhikari Apr 2019
I only wish I was the reason,
or I wish I was the only reason
for your happyness
but now I am dancing my cries away.
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