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fray narte Jun 2020
tell me how to strip off this breastplate
and dress myself in pure, lace bodice
washed in all shades of subservience,
when lilith herself taught me
to bare to no man —
bow to no man.

the soil of these lands are built on liberation;
your ribs stake no claim
to what they do not own.
they merely return to dust and ashes —
the very material
of the land you betrayed —
the land you watched burn down,

and i'll tell you this:
this land, it will drift, shake, crumble
to create a catacomb big enough
for all the deaths
you deserve.

honey, this is no prophecy.
this is no threat.

this is justice out of the ribs
of those who'd fallen;
this is justice at the hands of the oppressed.
Ilse de Klerk Apr 2020
The goblins came
And took it away
They took my soul
and sped away

Neither here nor there
They spread it everywhere
Leaving me yearning
As I drift through everywhere

Like pollen, scattered
In search of buds
So does my soul drift away

The goblins thought it funny
They might have thought it kind

But oh! If only they would scurry
To find that which once was mine

To return it to me
Oh how divine
by Ilse de Klerk
Originally written in 2007: small edit made 2020.
Ilse de Klerk Apr 2020
As I lie here and ponder
by the light of the lamp
The stillness envelops me
as the city falls asleep

So much time has passed
since I first took flight

So many steps have been taken
So many winding corners turned

Still I find myself wondering
I still find myself wandering

The road still so unsteady
The corners so many

But as I hold my breath
I swallow a sigh
I close my eyes
and hold my head up high
Micaela Nov 2018
have you ever noticed that you never
see famous female poets who look
like marilyn or nicki or ari?

even the girls today whose words
are celebrated can't sell their rhymes
without selling their bodies.

i guess the new femme fatale
might be less feminist than i thought:
when your looks can ****, they ******
your ideas.

when your lips pucker like roses
and your body is angelic--
we let you take our libidos to heaven
but not our minds.

— The End —