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GoldenVirgo Feb 2019
I've been thinking 'bout you,
You've put a spell onto me.

Pure love'll make something new,
A future I want to see.

Crystal blue polka-dotted skies,
I wish I knew love could be this fine,
Tell me a story, do you love me,
I'll be a party, let's make a movie

I've been thinking 'bout you,
When I feel this type of free,

Play me,
A song we can mingle to,
My soul is ready to sing,

Is it just my mind, you're so ******* fine,
Just like my love, and a bottle of red wine,
You're my favorite story, replaying till the morning,
You've captivated me, now I'm stuck, because...

;P When I sang it, I thought it had potential.
GoldenVirgo Feb 2019
Dancing all alone
Not a care within this Earth
Although they'd say that I'm wrong
I see beauty in my worth
I don't need to be tied down
To stay flawlessly modest
Or to feel that I have value
I'm an art piece that's costless
I don't have to be a beast
Cause I'm single at the least
Why can't I just love myself
First I need some inner peace
Then I can go out and dance
Mingle in the crowd of chance
Possibly find love at sea
I don't need to though, you see
It's a thing I can desire
But romance can be just one
You should come first, at least prior
Don't be sad, go have some fun.
If no one else will...

Chocolate is on sale after VD.
Tash Mckay Feb 2018
Why can I not get you too love me so
Why do we pretend at home?
Why do I moan your still around
Pretending with your quit frown.

I'll show you all my emotions
And shuv them down your throat
Until you choke,
But still you pretend too love me
Still we play like little dolls
In a little perfect house
I wonder what would happen
If I gave up this pattern?

Why do we do this silly merry go round,
Why do we pretend you love me
Why do we not  let this pretend  love die
Why do you do this?
Why do you just please me
Please leave me,
Please just leave me alone.
2nd best x never settle for it x I feel like this or did x
Once Upon a Time there was this boy named Jonathan Locke.  

He was so handsome and also calm that  I felt like I was doing nothing wrong.

But I always thought about writing a song  how my life  was gonna go on  by writing a song.
Then when  I thought  to my mind  that  I was gonna find the right guy , who was one of a kind .  

That I've  been waiting for all my life, I knew i couldn't  keep my  eye's  off  of this  guy. Who was waiting all his life❤

— The End —