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Next time I want to break my fingers
Is when they are inside of you
Don't wanna try up something new
Spread your legs wide open
Leme eat you
My wandering hands
Miss doing you
Caress you down
Until your face turns red
And your body blue
Don't worry wait'in
You can have me in the afternoon
Kiss me like it's our last one boo
Nothing about it will be cruel
Won't mistreat you
It's just me and you
When our dreams come true
At Liverpool
On our bedroom love pool
Making love like fools
Just me and you honey
Under the moon...
Love is the lxw, love under will
Francie Lynch Feb 2019
Roses are red,
My carnations are too...
The next two lines are your creation. Write away.) Somewhat sarcastic.
GoldenVirgo Feb 2019
Dancing all alone
Not a care within this Earth
Although they'd say that I'm wrong
I see beauty in my worth
I don't need to be tied down
To stay flawlessly modest
Or to feel that I have value
I'm an art piece that's costless
I don't have to be a beast
Cause I'm single at the least
Why can't I just love myself
First I need some inner peace
Then I can go out and dance
Mingle in the crowd of chance
Possibly find love at sea
I don't need to though, you see
It's a thing I can desire
But romance can be just one
You should come first, at least prior
Don't be sad, go have some fun.
If no one else will...

Chocolate is on sale after VD.
Nida Mahmoed Feb 2016
What is the subject of the Valentine?
Yes I know you will say’ It’s a love day,
Sending roses to *****,
Singing the love songs,
Drape a bed of rose petals,
But these all are nonsensical,
It’s not touch the soul,
Nor change the slant,
You know why?
Gale is filled up with smell of gunpowder,
Mourning of mother over her son dead body,
I can wish you’ on Valentine day,
Can you tell me one reason to celebrate it?
Can you tell me why Love day; failed to remove cruelty from hearts?
I would love to send you chocolates?
But If I see’ Somali children’s,
I feel nothing,
Trust me; I feel nothing,
I can sing a Valentine song,
But without the understand of meaning,
Still, I wish you’ a Happy Valentine day,
But wait; did you feel it?

By: Nida Mahmoed.
Chirayu Writer Feb 2016
Dear You!...,
                  This Letter Literate you by my world of Writing.!!..
       This is me a poetry teller
       Rhyming down the line
       Shimmering light of love
       Pouching out my heart
       in flame of different words..
       Gifting you a secret beauty    
       Falling down on knees
       folding hand behinds
       Rearing one hand by
       Beautiful Rose to say!..
      Will you be my valentine!...
     the rays of beauty shines on face
     where hides the blushing rose,
     Pride of fragrant poetry
     Prepared in sane of love;
    Garland meet for beauty's brows,
       Hill and dale adorning?
   Gentle maid the summer's fled
   And the hopeless Rose bright forever!!..
       Till the next Valentine day!!...
                                                       - Chirayu
Valentine's gift by writing poem
saksham parashar Feb 2015
the doors of my home, opened wide
creek the sound made me awake arise
she entered with a knife.
"when will you be mine?"
her soul rejoiced
"when i ask?"
then i did replied
"the day would be green,
they way would be clean
your heart will cry
and my soul will die"
then suddenly i had a shake
waking up the bad dream i said
found my door closed taking a breath in disguise
the doors of my home opened a wide,
creek the sound made me awake arise
a story maybe happy Valentine day :)

— The End —