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Halle Oct 2018
Everything is okay
I promise you’ll get though this
You’re strong
And beautiful
And smart
And funny

I believe you
Even when no one else does
I’m here for you
To listen
And love
And care
And help

~A promise to myself
I’m going though some stuff at the moment and I need some self love. If anyone ever needs to talk or just needs someone to listen I’m here for you
Ally Mustin Jul 2017
I hate how you think.
The way you think.
No really I don't care.
You knew me for awhile.
But you didn't get to know me.
So how could you be spreading these,
these lies.

I don't get how you can live with yourself.
Not only knowingly ruining and tearing
Two perfect hearts with the same words
But making people believe your sick lies.
Rumors. How do I feel about them.
They can't hurt me and neither can you.

But what you forgot was I was not your girlfriend.
And you cheated on her.
You also left one person witness to it.
So who says I can't tell the truth.
Those people you call friends would turn on you.
An then who would you turn to because,
It is definitely not me or her.

— The End —