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One and Only Feb 2015
My dear you had surprised me,
My friends you had planned.
To help you in giving me,
That something in your hand.

Obvious? A little bit,
But sweet as you ever were.
A rose as blue as the sky,
Another friend saying hi.
A white chocolate for more sweetness,
And doubled as ever for your concern.

My life's beginner and Ender,
Thank you, I may be scared,
But I will endure,
Any relationship,
We might conjure.
It's February 14!!!!
One and Only Jan 2015
For you my dearest,
My heart is calling.
For you sweet one,
I mostly am falling.
For you o life's ender,
My eyes search.
For you they look,
In all depths of the earth.
you bought me things,
My soul rejoiced.
My doubts faltered,
I had voiced.
For you my hopeful love,
I can truly see,
The wings of God's angels,
We're meant to be.
This guy really likes me and I think I like him back? But I'm not sure yet. He's really sweet, and I do hope that this is my fairy tale come true. But if not, we live and Learn as time passes...

— The End —