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rk May 2019
but what happens
when you find your soulmate
only it's simply not your time
life tears you apart
and before you know it,
days become years
that emptiness stays
knowing a piece of you
has been left behind
a phantom following you
reminding you of what you lost
what happens then?
how do we survive
knowing we've lost our very self?
- all roads lead back to you.
Nickols Aug 2014
Look me in the eyes and tell me I am not already dead.
Look within my soul and tell me, all is finally at an end.
Look with your silver eyes, which reflect my very own.
A chaotic wind right before the deadly storm.
The redden horizon, fading into the coldest of blue.
A will of a way, left to burn within the goodwill of our mortal souls.

I see you Dear Brother...
A man shroud in the facade of a devils red clothing.
But men, we are not...
Are we, O brother of mine?
Two hidden lies, masked within a mould of our own demise.
A shell our mother has bestow upon her demon spawns.
Masqueraded truths smeared, until all came crumbling down.

I spoke of my hatred as I slipped from your grasp.
I fell into Hell with a malevolent wrath,
a curse befalling my tongue;

I hate you

Another lie, another sin.
Added to a pile of our transgression,
shadowing us in its path of our own destruction.

Look into my heart and see my love.
A love, which has not commenced into something dark and malcontent.

Look and see another me, (mirrored in your stare.)
Look and believe all is fine.
Look and tell me my blue coated wrath,
is nothing compared to the inferno of a burning Dante
while playing the part of your savior, Virgil.

Two souls, forever intertwined.
Both born under the sacred son,
but destined to fall under baited spikes.

When will there be rest, O Brother?
With my blade in your chest?
Or the indirect request of your blessed reprieve?

Look, before all is too far gone...
nigh is the time,
Look and you might just see...
but alas just yet,
you shall see a piece of yourself as well.
A story of two brothers, twisted and torn. One Red, the other blue! They love each other but alas  they hate. Its a sad story. One not for the feint of heart! A love, unlike any other.

Two brothers, twined together in fate,
For ever more

— The End —