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gracie Sep 7
if all i did wrong in this lifetime
was trust you,
you will send me to my grave happily.
Lyn-Purcell Sep 2017
Othello, your pearl!
Don't let it slip from your hands.
Into another.

Deceive, Iago
For what you claim not to weave
A spindle of death.

Don't, Desdemona!
Don't fear the fault of your star!
Nor the fruits of death.

The sweet strawberries
Upon sheets of white and black,
run from Orange fate.
Othello is one of my alltime favourite plays. One of many gothic classics that I can relate to in many ways.
It's been a while since I wrote some haikus too!
Kelli Williams May 2014
The sensual curved line on the bed
The eyes: burning, red, leaking for reason unknown.
Private room for me and you.
Darkness quenching the need to hide the
lustrous actions ensued.
Accept your fate, useless strumpet, unrivaled *****.
Your garden grows quickly out of control.
Weeds in your rose bush, fence weighed down by
inherent overgrowth
of emotion:
fervor, passion.
A kiss.
The last sweetness of
your lips
that will ever be given
or gotten.
A sweet relief for the world
from you,

— The End —