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Bexis Dec 2018
I had it in my sights.
My first right move.
I thought I had it.
Then the dream came crashing down.

One by one
Peel back all the layers.
To get to the heart of it.
Watch it beat and slowly shrivel.

Things were becoming okay.
I had taken blue and I felt right.
It ran out of my system.
I can't seem to make things right.

Will I ever be right?
Will I ever be RIGHT?
Will I ever...

Seeing in blue
Just do it
And don't look back.
I used to read
I used to write

I used to knit
I used to sew

What happened to the days
Where I found enjoyment from the little things?
Why is it now
That what I once loved
Feels like a chore
That tires me,
Bores me,
Makes me contemplate everything.

What happened to my carefree childhood
Where nothing mattered
Other than when I could write
When I uses to knit and sew

What happened?
And why?
Giano M Hurtado Aug 2016
how can  you fix your depression with indifference.
two blues to go with my dollar domestic
in a hour the frontal lobe goes dark.
i don't feel for anything .

laying on my friends couch  asking for her fingers in my hair.
how strange it is to find yourself in your stained button up and wing tips
dancing on the plaza.
the  local street preacher even finds himself perplexed.
maybe this is one better off not saved.

some drugs we do for fun ,
some we do so we can have fun.
some drugs leave you in a white room  waiting for slow melodic ticking of the clock to run out .
Formal apologies to the pick that had to see me passed out shirtless at the park behind their house.

— The End —