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zee Feb 11
Tumbling down,
as scarlet dreams adorn my mind.
In the eerie darkness of the night,
Alone am I with my thoughts,
with no one around,
crimson drops,
diamond tears,
losing myself slowly,
I gaze down at my pillow
and see it...
I don't even know what was going through my mind when I wrote this XD
KILLME Jan 2016
Sometimes i wonder if i perpetuate my own saddness for content or more attention.
Kyle Fisher Sep 2015
Thoughts about loving,
They cross my mind often.
Oblivion shoving,
Encased in presumption.

The fullest of hearts,
In masked appearance.
Of the same parts,
They battle for clearance.

Down to the key,
One shutters in pain.
This one I see,
Is lost in the game.

The other takes point,
Revealing it's eyes.
A crease in the joint,
Between honest and lies.
©Kyle Fisher

— The End —