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Tegan Sep 2018
soft like the powder of first snow,
remember how it burns though.
cold like the metal touch in the morning,
as it warms it bends to your body.
small like the figure of something young,
baby bones crack to grow strong.
sweet like the fresh clip of flowers
and yet thick musk hangs about ours.
dark like the space between two bodies,
light when the colour of our eyes meet and inspect.

empty the space between my fingers,
whole the beat my heart delivers.
Tegan Aug 2018
lazily flying around
faux red humming light,
early morning darkness outside.
and they would hold still in your hand:
crawl little up arms,
no buzz,
no sting,
no alarm
to be gently flung out open windows.
one deceased
to be inspected in afternoon soberness -
actually a wasp.
Why were they so slow?
So lazy?
So docile?
Did she tame wasps in red light?
Only the foggy evening can tell.
Tegan Aug 2018
Good morning or goodbye?
I don’t know which
I just close my eyes.
Remember those four hungover
still in shock
cause what the ****
before you left
you kissed me?
Tegan Aug 2018
Do you hear water wherever you go?
The hum,
the slosh,
the drum,
the stroke.
Always moving, potentially drowning us slow.
Like how happy people hear music
you hear the tide,
and the moon tugging gently;
you have nowhere to hide.
Tegan Aug 2018
Not quite the green rolling hills
i’d devour only a few years ago
i’m stuck depending on the
dreary dark alleys, buldings with dessimated feelings,
girls who prance so estatically through
cement pavements and tarmac streets.

How do I feel knowing brick tastes sweet,
smog feels soft, and constant movement relaxes me?
They flourished and thrived,
grew up so different, so industrialised.
A completely different vocabularly that has been bastardised.
Not just trees and meadows
not just red juggarnauts and underground rumbles.

I need to find the sea
just for a moment to wash this off me.
oh wot a change
Tegan Aug 2018
Sunday only during the Summer
the history of these words begin.
Windows flung open
fan on a constant eight hour rotation
she wears bare legs
and no make up,
doesn’t wash just
sits and mellows.
What memories have alcohol not touched,
rose tinted glasses hide the blood,
hide the shame,
pretend to feel
and watch words form again.
Effortlessly, supposedly.
Tegan Jun 2018
a warm, windy, muggy day
where i have blissfully snoozed the arvo away.
men parade the streets chanting about home,
the football hits the net repeatedly whilst my mind puts on a show.
i am always dreaming of you,
i hate that i do.
not you,
but me,
why have i so suddenly gotten back the capacity to dream?
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