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Poetic T Nov 2018
Blended with the womb of obscurity,
              barbed voices silently whisper
behind hairs crawling slowly upwards.

Never realising that the contour of your
           silhouette wasn't yours after your
                        corner step, wavering slightly.

It now lays limp, discarded like soiled rags.
                  That which beckons beneath you,
            staring focused on your every breath.

And with but a fluttering of exhalation a light
                         stutters and you fall into a pool
                                           of hollow nothingness.

A stain outlines your last breath,
                    you where already drowning.
                   Not realising you where already dead.
Pull back the covers,
Turn off the lights,
Close your eyes
Don't make a fuss.
Let the night take you,
Leave your body behind,
Take a deep breath...

Now open your eyes.

Do you see anything?
Can you feel?
Are you alone?

Look around, take a second
Let the darkness set.
There is something there,
Far off in the distance...
Is it a person or a thing?

I can't walk closer,
I can't seem to move...
I'm stuck where I am...

Is it my fault?
Am I the one to blame?
I'm left here alone,
No one can hear my screams...
I beg for help, mercy, salvation...

No one comes looking for me,
Does anyone miss me?
Will anyone remember me?

The darkness gets deeper,
I can't see in front of me.
I can't feel my limbs,
Its getting hard to breathe.

Maybe if I close my eyes,
Stand still....
It'll be over soon.

There's nothing left,
I am no more...

Did I ever exist?
Was this ever real?

— The End —