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Danni Rae May 2015
Up in a panic,
Sweating and manic,
waking from a never ending dream that always ends to be reality.
Sleep passes and the night sets in,
the lights are dim and I feel a sense of somber sit in,
Come take a seat across from the devil,
he'll show you how to make your life worth while,
While god is screaming and I'm in denial,
what good is he if all he does is make my life one big trial?
The devil twists my arm,
and god at my face.
The devil has his ways,
and god, his faith.
Twist and turn in the heat,
I never know when I'll sleep.
As far as I am concerned, I am one more lesson to be learned,
and when I close my eyes
I want to see gods' face.
Save me father, from heavenly grace.
Please take my embrace.
The devil has taken my bones, and sworn to take my woes.
But you are home.
Please let me come home.
gabby dial Apr 2015
i refused to call you tonight
i cant hear your voice
it stays in my mind long after we get off the phone

ill never deserve you i hope you know
Jason Nel Sep 2014
Every gulf I take, intake of knowledge.
Intelligent, motionless, emotional and bare.
I know your soul and I thrive upon our conversations of religion and the loss thereof.
God loves you enough to forgive what you think and its wrongs.

Naked and bare, the milk flows.
White and pure and black and fierce.
You know who you are, I do not, and it pains me to think you ate domesticism.
I will not do the same.
You love me as I love myself and you warmed my heart at 4 o'clock.
I fell for you, I sunk away from feelings of pain as you rode off to our new journey.

Readily I stand there in the pathway to protect.
You have seen each piece of my paternal soul, yet you have not seen my kindred years.
All in time.
Only you hold my mirror.
Emotional intelligence, I value to see each cycle.
The Father, The Son, The Holy Ghost and The Brother.
I will always be there, deserved.
In conflict forgiven once more too.
Misunderstanding stood on death as well.

Deathly stares of blue.
My back turned on my best friend.
You sadden me, I sadden myself because I am the only one to blame.
You ****** the souls of two I only know and keep secret, hidden in the words of conversion.
He loves you, you love him.
You are eclipsed by being in love.
I value the distractions from the thought of losing your light.

Controversially you are crucified for being yourself.
But Jesus died for you first.
You died for me and I for you.
You took a piece of my hand, severed instantly by message.
You disappear for weeks upon years, yet only one sign of movement brings you back...

I love them as simple as death walks hand in hand with suicide,
my loves...

— The End —