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  Jun 2015 gabby dial
Gwen Johnson
I'm a puzzle
But half of my pieces
were thrown away
So I keep adding pieces
From different puzzles
I guess I'd rather be whole
Than be right
gabby dial Jun 2015
Hotel rooms are to small for two people who hate each other.
I'll sit outside till dad gets back since this is where he choose to stay.
I watch after the rain stops, mesmerized as rain drops drop from rooftops and people drive by I'm sitting on painted cement sidewalks trying to keep dry.
Thunder crashes but not as hard as I'm crashing through life
I'm 17 has no clue what life means,  5 foot 3, curly hair, stuck in between, over dramatic drama queen I'm getting anxiety when the phone rings so I stop picking up and they stop calling.
gabby dial Jun 2015
Some days I do believe she had a halo
But best friends are harder to come by, ya know?
She was my ride or die
My safe place when I needed to hide
A lock box of secrets for me to confide
A hand to hold and a shoulder to cry.
But she stays loyal to who she's around the most
Weekend plans change now that summer is here
And I'm moving out of state.
But I won't forget last winter,
When we got to live,
I always got to see her smile and her halo would glow and it would make flowers bloom in the deepest parts of my stomach, she knew how to make you feel like the freshest spring air.
I'll try to get through summer without her.
  May 2015 gabby dial
Megan Grace
it has been ten months three weeks
and five days   since   the last time i
spoke words that  were meant only
for your ears and i   am doing okay.
gabby dial May 2015
I have never had a garage until this year
I store everything from my pain to my wardrobe
last night I screamed at the cement walls
stared out the window like someone was coming to get me
I feel disconnected in there
I keep myself in that garage wishing I could tape myself away in a cardboard box next to everything else no one wants to open
I would be out of the way, hardly taking up space
wouldn't that be great.

but instead ill spend another night screaming at walls that wont break
they aren't as fragile as I am today.
garage sundress
open bottles, not to confess
problems I don't want to address
im kind of a loud mistake
gabby dial May 2015
do you still love her?
you guys have been together over a year
and for the past months I've kind of interfered
do you really like me?
I mean I don't like me so its hard to see
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