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Shamans, in an attempt to find a word that all cultures could understand, to represent, universally, the subject; married the languages by root.

Each attribute or thing that the beast is said to do, have or have power to do or over is found as a definition in a language of the individual roots.

Take Sanskrit for instance. "Dra," is "water and combine it with Sumerian, "Gun, Gon," and you get a "water-born," beast who "writhes, twists or wraps around," which is the Ouroboros Serpent as shown in ancient images.

The secret to all ancient myth or religion is in interpretation of language into foreign languages over time.

And, yes, it is very creative, appears complex due to time but is just humans trying to describe observable nature.

None of it is meant to be taken literally unless you literally live six thousand years ago and speak in an ancient tongue.


Keltic, "Con, Kon," makes the Dragon, "All-knowing." *

And we know from Plato that Greeks
stole their root words from the Celts.
Plato's own words in,

'The Cratylus.'
All mythology is born from the language of trade and existed as a pre-science.
Running through a field of stars
past the twirling gnomes…

The Bell-whistle blows as the train rolls in,
For the field of stars; my home…

An ashen horse in Celtic glee,
And me;

a weary sack

of bones.
The ashen horse is the moon, the gnomes are the twins; Gemini ...the train rolling is the stars in their daily/nightly journey. Read Plato's Cratylus.
When humanity's place among the stars is known,
            the poetry by which it shall be judged;
                  a journey of our Sun and his relationship to the heaven's.
Jesus Christ is the story of the sun against the tribulations of the dark. Read Francis Rolleston's work on the subject of ancient Egyptian story-telling.

— The End —