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Francie Lynch Feb 2019
There, I wrote it. Above.
I simply believe it needs to be in print... out there, so to speak,
And perhaps a few hundred may read, *******,
And, hysterically, or in solace,
Make use of it;
Openly, lingusly or fingeratively,
As we do *****, ******, and ******* (tsk-tsk).
Whether you agree or not, please yourself.
Inspired by a 3-D model being used to teach French children *** ed., and the horrors of FGM.
Remmy Oct 2017
There's a sensation in my *******
It's annoying and raw
They tell me it's just cause I have to ***
But to me it's all wrong
It associates itself with hands on my thighs
With unwanted whispers in my ear
With a finger in me
A finger that is not mine

There's a sensation in my *******
That makes me feel unsafe
It makes me want to chop it off so I never feel again
It makes me leave my body
It makes me never want to come back
It makes me want to cry
It makes me want to die
I've been having dissociative episodes, we think it's because I was ***** at some point in my life but can't remember it
mk Jan 2017
cliché to compare it to a flower
but when it blossomed, i was in awe
like petals opening slowly and
all at once
delicate, tempting
to look not to touch
it buds and i feel it
the rivers that drip
the pressure that builds
when the oceans collide
to touch, vulnerable
soft; easy to tear
but to feel
to feel
too much
the glaciers melt into seas

cliché to compare it to a flower
but it smells just so
like dew's morning mist
and the grass in the meadows
a hint of sharpness
covered with the breeze
if it be not a flower
then you have not pleased

it'll open with kindness
close with pleasure
cliché to compare it to a flower
but it too depends on the weather
the temperature the humidity
the friction the electricity
finding in a thunderstorm
the second of serene
counting down till the lightning arrives;

as i watch it blossom
i wonder just this
how did this result
with only one kiss?
trestrece May 2014
¿Los intelectuales tienen el pene pequeño o el clítoris muy grande?

— The End —