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james nordlund May 2019
El Nino, the jokes go, is responsible,
to be levied our distaste.  What a
disgrace, they're putting a Hispanic
face on 1998's over a 100,000 killed
by supposedly natural disasters.  Now
Nina, naming her the cause of world
drought, global warming, which the
technocracies' altering weather cycles
determined.  Their greed makes lies
fly as truth, can your convenience,
in allowing them to do it, further?

This while they enjoy unparalleled
short-term profits, paid for in real
deficits, brought by their murdering of
eco-systems, our progeny will pay a
thousand times those delusional
profits to repair, unsuccessfully.  That
unending river of humanities' blood
will soon take billions of poor to
middle class lives before the extinction.

Still, every second over an acre of
rainforest is felled, every three a
woman is castrated, a child dies, and
only 50 % of us bother to vote!
Still, we don't have real compassion
for ourselves or others.  If no real
changes will take place now, then
 when, if not here, where, you, who?
Written in the hopeful year of '99, thanx for reading and commenting   :)   reality
Francie Lynch Feb 2019
There, I wrote it. Above.
I simply believe it needs to be in print... out there, so to speak,
And perhaps a few hundred may read, *******,
And, hysterically, or in solace,
Make use of it;
Openly, lingusly or fingeratively,
As we do *****, ******, and ******* (tsk-tsk).
Whether you agree or not, please yourself.
Inspired by a 3-D model being used to teach French children *** ed., and the horrors of FGM.
ConnectHook Apr 2018
Circum/stances (slash) foregone
circumvent forebears
circus-schisms of the forefathers
circumferences foreordained . . .

Abrahamic inferences
Feminine foreclosures
Unfabulous infibulations
Equivocating equivalencies . . .

Childbearing foreborne
Preposterous paradigm
Gender agenda return to sender
Hebraic / Pharaonic / Moronic . . .

Presto change-o !
One must remain circumspect.
♥ ⚥⛧☭ ✪ ⚢ Ⓐ ❣ ⚧⚩✿ ⚤∅⚧

Haiku wants to say
something in five-seven-five
but now it’s over
Tiri Dear May 2014
Tightening vines about a blossoms throat,
Choking roots, entwined:
Preventing the dew to soak.
Burning butterfly wings,
Mutilating the ones with flowers.
There's no song to sing,
To relieve big hands from power.
Regarding the injustice of female mutilation excused by religion.

— The End —