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Fran Jul 2015
With a blank canvas
I start my life
With nothing holding me back
I paint my life

I yearn for this canvas
For it dictates my colours
Be it rainbow or mono
I am counting the moments

With a fresh start
I rewrite my story
From dull to light
I await for this chance

So come with me on a journey
With fun and excitement
With sorrow and pain
I shall walk my way through
All for that one minute of fame.
Jennifer Weiss Nov 2014
A brush to stroke
my oil paints,
layer upon layer
of saturated color

it never dries,
for I never wait.
because art is never finished!
and maybe that isn't true,
I just know *my own
accounts of
what I go through:
I never seem to get the product
to match the painting inside my head.

I keep painting...
keep stroking,
long after everyone I know
might as well be dead.
I try to force my vision out of my head.
But it is so perfect
and the canvas hardly yields
a picture that is worth it,
*so I paint words and sounds instead.
I see myself now,
I'm not a perfectionist as I was always labeled.
I believe it's that thing OCD people are always talking about.
I just have to do it over and over and eventually ruin the painting I tried to perfect.

— The End —