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Ashley Feb 6
One day.
One day, there will be a rapture.
There will be a mighty roar and the Earth will rebel against the sky
And the floodgates of hell will open.
One day, our lives so small against the dawn of life itself
Breaks upon the night destruction and Death.
One day all will be broken as we have broken the bread
And our blood will stream into a mighty ocean
That covers the sun forever
Bringing Death in its wake and Death in its part
One day the line between life and death will blur
And all will be cast in the shadow of our own actions
One day.
Cheska Feb 2018
This girl has a mask,
trying her best to be great and different
She own a lot of  compliments from people,
her happiness depend on it.
And she loves attention more than cheetos
This is only the part one.
Hannah Zedaker Oct 2017
It's been a while since my heart first fluttered for you.
although (I hope) you'll never see these literary lines laid out for sake of my youthful embarrassment being whisked away
I'm here with motives of sincere resolving.
Boxes lined:
|   | beautiful
|   | forgiving
|   | purest heart of red
I assume as usual that my reaches are always non-existent just as any romance thrown my way,
but re-evaluation
and stipulation
are turning my blanks to realizations
        and the pursuit of happiness
your eyes still shine with golden flecks
but the soul embroidered in the lining of your silouhette
shines brighter than most.....
so please stay permanent
and don't let my impulsive writing scare you
Blonde Haired Boy i do adore you.
with open arms of friendship
|x| all of the above
signed sincerely,
lots of love
yeah, it's weird. I honestly don't know what this is besides some of my thoughts thrown at a page. Peace.
Zack Gilbert Jan 2016
You could learn a lot about yourself in a year,
I know that's a cliche statement,
A given if I should be so bold
But it's something that I haven't thought about till the end,
I learned that I have a tendency to hold onto things that won't hold me back in return,
That I desperately want to love
And that the lines you cast don't always lead to something at the moment,
I learned that time doesn't heal all wounds
And the truth is always the best policy even when it hurts,
And it does.
I learned that I have two ears and one mouth for a reason
Speaking doesn't always have to take your lungs for it to send a message,
and that words have volume,
You have to listen to be a leader
And I hate it when people in charge can't hear how wrong they are sometimes,
You can learn a lot about yourself in a year,
I learned that my freedom comes with a cost
My love should never come with pre requisites
And that my love tends to be acted out  rather then spoken,
I learned that I don't like to be rushed
But I enjoy being fast
I go at my own pace even when every one else would rather walk with the crowd.
I learned that acting drunk can make friends really quickly
And that some people are intimidated by things they don't understand
Do I scare you?

I'm seventeen years old,
My name is of Hebrew origin and means The Lord remembers
Gilbert means bright promise
And my middle name means maker of arrows
I have lived  six thousand five hundred sixty eight days (at the time this was written)
And while I've been alive I've truly been learning how to die,
I lean on the side of danger and enjoy testing my boundaries.
I've learned that the eyes are the window to the soul and if you follow someone's gaze it may reveal things you didn't want to know.
I learned that monsters are scary because they are human and anyone is capable of evil
I learned that I'm afraid of becoming somebody I'm not and losing the people I care about
I've learned that you can also find miracles in the messes and but you have to look at the bad sometimes to see the good
I don't like being the reason people are gone, and I would go to the four corners of this round world to gain the forgiveness of someone.
I **** at math
I have a short attention span and I like to focus on things that aren't noticed most of the time.
Like that wall over there

I've learned that moments are worth more than gold
Everything happens for a reason
Love is irrational
I need to keep my friends close because time moves quickly
Keep your eyes open
Forgiveness is hard but so is accepting your wrong
I've learned to not believe in coincidences,
I've learned that it's not my place  to judge others and every good gift and perfect gift is from above
Friends are the reason you can't have nice things
And the truth always comes out now matter how much you try to hide it
I've learned how to say just enough that it won't get me in trouble
Scars are tattoos with better stories
I guess you could say I'm tatted
I've learned a lot in a year
A week is full of treasures
Friends are every where you just have to look
And you are friends of mine

You could learn a lot in a year
I know it's a cliche statement
I've been bold enough to say so
i wrote this as a replacement of a New Years resolution because those never work. I added somethings that are better for speaking it on a stage rather than read. I also put references to other poems in there. See if you can maybe catch them.
Dear Me,

You're a liar...

A fraud...

A fake...

You think that words can always fix what it is you have done not thinking about the affect your words have.
Was there ever a time you stuck to your word...?

I didnt think so...
Tell me this,

You have said you will be there, that you will never leave...
So what was this morning? What was last night or the morning before?
How can you sit there and tell yourself AND HER that you wont leave, that youre there when we all know youre not...

You left this morning, you broke her, you ruined her mood, her day... you left
How does that make you feel?
You said you would stay with her till she slept but at 1 you gave in when you recieved no replies...her internet had died and she stayed for you...she stayed till 5...but you left

You are a liar...

Can you forgive yourself?
Cause I dont

Jennifer Weiss Nov 2014
A brush to stroke
my oil paints,
layer upon layer
of saturated color

it never dries,
for I never wait.
because art is never finished!
and maybe that isn't true,
I just know *my own
accounts of
what I go through:
I never seem to get the product
to match the painting inside my head.

I keep painting...
keep stroking,
long after everyone I know
might as well be dead.
I try to force my vision out of my head.
But it is so perfect
and the canvas hardly yields
a picture that is worth it,
*so I paint words and sounds instead.
I see myself now,
I'm not a perfectionist as I was always labeled.
I believe it's that thing OCD people are always talking about.
I just have to do it over and over and eventually ruin the painting I tried to perfect.
aaron Jeffrey Oct 2014
She’s walking this lonely road
Her passion turns to coal
The madness is taking over
The love thing is getting old
Her heart starts to shatter
As her truth start to unfold
Never realize she was selling her youth
For her gold
Her tattoos match her personality
They tell her they love her but here comes reality
She’s a *** she’s a **** she’s a masterpiece
  But Picasso couldn’t live to stroke that catastrophe
-jeffrey A

— The End —