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Solaluna May 20
In an auction,
You are one limited-edition piece,
That everyone wants to get a hold of,
Like you are the only person that matters,
A person whose worth of great value.
And here I am,
Clowning myself as one of your bidders,
competing with a dollar compared with millions.
And without a doubt,
I lost,
But how can I lose,
if you are not mine in the first place?
Lushi May 2020
I fall down
it's taken, my crown.
Queen on the ground
my eyes wide and round.
Standing's no option
my heart's already on auction.
My gown is tainted
in his lawful hatred.
My throne is gone,
for me, there is no dawn.
He kneels, "are you okay?"
he doesn't know, it is my last day.
"Please, go", I cry
as I convince myself to prevent us
from 'one more try'.
I could never understand
Cruelty of the heart
Even when it loves
So intensely.
Dream Fisher Aug 2019
Sometimes when I look at myself in a mirror,
I picture me up for bid at an auction house.
Describe the condition of the item,
All the buyers are coming out.
I am not exceptional, acceptable.
A twenty something Chandler Bing in present tense.
Look he uses jokes at his defense.

I see he functions pretty well
But the description has a lot tell,
If he should inhale a certain smell
He could drop dead.
It's like a wild card, the bids would start
Questions fired, they aren't going far.
How's his education, how about social relations?
Opening my mouth to answer,
They aren't waiting.

I heard he went to college!
Oh, I heard that he dropped out.
I heard he never misses work,
I heard that's the only time he goes out.
Does he eat, there isn't much meat on his bones?
Maybe he should grow ****** hair,
Maybe he won't.

I leave the mirror,
I have work in a moment.
Maverick Feb 2018
Our new car smell wore off
So you put my love up for sale
And sold me
To the lowest bidder.
SøułSurvivør Jun 2015
---{6 word}---

**Creativity sold to the highest bidder
And the dead get none of the money


— The End —