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Guntang Jul 2
sitting pretty
the day that drips away
drowns in the wishing well
as silent words
cut the daydreams
from the apricot tree
b Sep 2018
this pit is as
empty as they
say. i may find fruit
or some water if luck
spins my way.

do you care to
join me? we could really
make a home here.
help me scratch the
black off the walls
and ill be in your debt.

i have been mistaken,
so i will mislead.
the def will lead
you blind and we will
all be lost.

a heart like
my mothers purse,
time tested and
full of everything.
a mess really,
but always ready to
prove me wrong
when i think
i dont need it.

if you care to look
you might find something
for me. i only ask
because i hear it
call my name through
the leather.
Maja Sabljak Jun 2015
She has a heart of cedar color
And dreams in shades of peony and lotus stems.
She leaves the smell of cyclamen and ripe apricots
Behind her,
Those who are crying in the shadows of Magnolias
Are finding a shelter within her.
Sometimes I imagine that I'm the sea foam
That is touching her ankles
And the air that envelops her lips,
Absorbing her every move,
That is reflected in the mosaic of her pupils.
Her thoughts are sleeping in the depths of my veins,
In every pore that absorbs her voice
I can hear her breathing.
I remain frozen in her existence
And in the contours of her shadow,
All of what I have seek so far
I have found in every thing on which she brushed.
After all,
I'm just a pale reflection of the stars
In her night sky,
The dying firefly in her garden
Of white poppies and wild rose hips.
Just pure desperation.

— The End —