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Mariyah Fales Feb 2018
Some nights I go down memory lane
Where I don't like to be,
I go there because flashbacks come back,
To the point where I'm in tears
I don't like to cry,
But I can't help it.
When I do end up crying,
It's too late.

On a cold January day,
I was abused
In school,
In the bathroom,
In the handicap stall,
I was left there to cry,

When I told the police,
It was too late,
Way too late.
They couldn't do anything because it was way too late.

Since then,
The last 2 years,
I've been bullied,
Physically and online

Not to the point where I wanted to do self-harm
But I've thought about it,
Several times.
picaso 29 Jan 2018
Your spoken words don't only draw attention but pictures i want to be apart of.
You need not take off your clothes for me to acquire the truth cause truth be told, the truth is the sound of your voice.

It's surreal, that my serenity is because of  another human being.
A being who's got me falling like autumn leaves, and as i fall the rest of me deteriorates slowly.

I think of...the circumstances under which we became acquainted.
I was a tainted image, came with negatives, while you were picture perfect and i was trying to inherit this.

You need to hate me now, i'm selfish and i was told i need to be selfless, hence why i'm doing this...

story of a guy who is in love with another man's girl, a guy who finds euphoria only when with that precise girl. Tariro Rudenya is her name, i told her to hate me because i need her to stay away, from the monster i've become.

This is the end of a great chapter.

— The End —