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Claire Hanratty May 2018
Why do my eyes waver in salt water?
It's just a concept I don't really understand when
The ocean in my mind is dry but
My eyes? So wet.
And yet, fire roars through an ***** named Passion - and the sand beneath my feet burns their soles and tries to
Penetrate my soul
But I have buckets,
Tucked under two lids,
That can spill with or without my will.
They can put out a flame, both good and bad. A blessing and a curse.
I'm told that fish can't climb trees but I have neither arms nor gills you see
I have been immobilised,
And it's down to a monochrome smear on a canvas with so much potential;
A plethora of 'dos' and 'don'ts';
The slaughter of a lamb.
I would like to stand in solidarity with each martyr of idiosyncrasy.
I wonder if anything we ever do will be enough.
CP Jun 2014
Please take away these storms
I can't survive another thunderstom
Everyday I stand closer to the platform
I don't want to perform

Please take away these storms
I don't want to be behind a door
On the floor
I just can't cry out

Every time I shout
the thunder bangs throughout
You're all shutout

Please take away these storms
I can't survive them anymore
I want to go through each day screaming and exploring
Yet the thunder is outpouring
This is too crippling

Please take away these *storms

— The End —