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Boi Aug 2019
Would you wilt, my Orchid?
Wilt by the waters of ignorance,
by the heat of disparage?

Would you wilt, my Orchid?
Wilt by your stubborn defiance,
by your planted loathing?

Wilt you may, my Orchid,
but in my hands.
Wilt in palms that scurry
to save you.

Wilt you may, my Orchid,
but leave your roots.
Wilt with trace of hope
to save me.

Would you wilt, my Orchid,
by a common rose’s grace?
Would you wilt, my Orchid,
when my heaven is your face?
Boi Aug 2019
Color because living is desolate without it.
It's as if I can hear color & that's why
background is something she'd said.

Color because skies & seas dull without it.
As if I can feel color & that's why
conscience is in willful quandary.

Indigo because Emerald is too zest
and she isn't.
My, my;
how bruises could turn out so gentle.
Boi Aug 2019
How I've missed you;
didn't know how I much I did
until I saw you, my friend.

You look dazzling this evening.
Quite bright.
Cover yourself in the clouds
it's cold up there.

You take care of yourself
& I'll try to do the same.
Until next time.

Old friend,
Boi May 2019
"... I don't want you to leave"

Normally, I wake up mid-sleep.
I didn't this time.
I did actually, but just that once,
just the once to get to her.

And we're in the backseat.
and she's most precious.
Just a taste, just a taste.

"... Do not hurt her"

I know, I know; I won't.
She will, once I wake up.
Hold my hand, just a taste.

And in a maze of buildings,
And in a maze of rooms.
All white, pink, & pastel.

She's pink & pastel. Most Precious.

Coiled like cats beneath her blankets inside a freezing room.

with a smile. Most precious.

And she was gone.

"... I don't want you to leave"
Yeah it looks as random as a polar bear race down Manhatten, but it's not.
It's simply made for me to relate to, but I thought it was artistic (I pump my ego like that sometimes) enough for others to enjoy and interpret.

As usual: thanks for reading, and God bless you, my friends.
  May 2019 Boi
Maria Etre
You strummed my chords
and played the song of lust
my body complied
controlled my being
moans and such
you held me yesterday
stretched me
cupped my neck
rested your fingers
on my lips
you strummed
and slid the rest
up and down my frets
I feared no more
my body jolted
with the thunder outside
as he strummed my delicate lips
down there
tears wet his fingers
it wasn't the song of lust
no more
it was different
he was clueless
that tonight
he was playing
the blues
  May 2019 Boi
Maria Etre
Oh Darling,
Get ready,
I think
I found
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