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  5h Boi
Star BG
On patio
of leaves and earthly floor, I sit.
Taking breath
to enhance lungs.

Scents golden
enter nostrils
permeating consciousness
as birds reverberate.

Sun plays its beating drum,
sending rays divine outward
caught by senses for warmth.

Wind blows
with gentle hug,
as airs woven blanket
coats cellular beings.

I sit in admiration
for moment
while four legged friends
scurry making pathway for eyes.

And as self rises glass
to honor life,    
I drink frothy unicorn milk,          
with fairy friends,
savoring tomorrows dreams.
Inspired by Boi. Thanks
Boi Feb 7
It’s midnight but I don’t think
He cared
Just walked around.
It’s lonely too.

It’s freezing but I don’t think
He cared
Just dragged around.
It’s lonely outside.

It looks like he’s in pain but I don’t think
He cared
Maybe his body didn’t hurt.
It’s empty outside
Bedenimde değil, ruhumda sızı
Boi Jan 28
My friend brings misery wherever he steps.
Blessing, he doesn't step around often.

My friend overeads whoever he met.
They don't usually stick around often.

My friend overthinks whatever he says.
Never listening, and not talktive often.

My friend is a good man,
decent company,
A thoughtful being,
And miserable often.

My friend brings misery with every step.
Or misery brings him, I can't yet tell.
True story
  Jan 17 Boi
Maria Etre
the acoustic
of the
of my life
Boi Jan 10
"Question," I ask
"If unwritten, unbound,
What is love?"
Both Soul and Science reply,
neither suffice

"If not seen, heard, nor touched,
it's felt how?"
Even Hate deigns to answer,
Love beings its own price

On night looked down
the Moon unto a shore
pushed and pulled

As I get up to see
Gravity pulls me

"Could it be
as such: simply a grip,
an immortal decree?"
I ask the Moon, the Ground beneath;
each smiles,
both silently hugging the Sea
Inspired by guess what? More music baby that's right.
Boi Jan 3
Where I am me and you are you
But not really

Some place
Where tears relieve and giggles heal
A bit quicker

You sleep safe and I sleep sound
A little closer

Some place
For love and beloved
More sincere

My fingers ache slower
As I play your song
As I play mine
And wouldn’t stop anyway

I’ll wait for that shooting star
It’s says notes so some E, Am, Gm for you; C#m, A, E for me, cause it’s not a silly little moment.
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