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Soph Raikes May 2014
Upwards, eagles rule the skies
when she was sixteen,
she said that she would never leave

and at eighteen she couldn't wait to go.

and I will paint your face on canvas
with muted tones and fine tooth combs.
and I will write poetry about you.

and in one hundred years,
when you ask me, why

it is because when I was fourteen,
everything changed,

and upwards eagles rule the skies.
I lost you two years ago, and I will never stop writing about you.
  May 2014 Soph Raikes


Shadows move on sheet rock barriers
framed in time of late
Spaces filled with unknown visions
dance about with feet of clay
Gowns of nightmare carpetbaggers
thunder on the floor
Drippings in a mist of nervous breath
blanket my safe haven
and the sounds scream
in voices of past mishaps
Lost in lonely corridors,
wailing on aching skylights
permitting barely a moon glow psalm
to echo of their meaning
in songs from a distance,
of pleading skeletal desire

“I fear for I have no choice”

Doorways yawn in weary ovations
Slanted photos dot the landscape
Windows prove little relief from the cold
as heat pierces my cavities
Gaping wounds of frail memories
clutch at my last ounce,
measuring the words I am reading
Taking a breath, sweet, stagnant
Clawing for an exit only to find
it has stood before me all along
Baby steps, I have been told
Find that trust, slowly…make sure,
reach out for the hand
offered on a dreamscape message

“I fear for I have no choice?”

Eyes, so tired, weeping pools
out of focus since that day, open
(As if sunflowers float on silken wings
and glorious becomes an understood word)
slowly and tentatively,
blinking sorrow’s pathway free
to lead me to you
The imprint of that butterfly
marks my palm in red lines of love,
mapping my skin with a long awaited
smile, dry lips curve as I take your hand
trusting, for the very first time
realizing the feeling
which hath finally…set me free

“I no longer fear, for I have a choice”
  May 2014 Soph Raikes
Please don't tell me I'm
That I deserve happiness because
That's all I've given

You tell me you are
And if everything in my
Heart is every bit of

Then I am nothing too.
this is where i scream from
  May 2014 Soph Raikes
"eyes are the windows to the soul"
or so i've been told

for some reason you enjoy
staring into my eyes
and i always look away

because if eyes really are the windows to the soul
im terrified you'll discover
that my soul is full of pain and sorrow
my windows are shattered
and the glass shards might cut you badly

so i'd rather keep you wishing
than let you down

because when you stare into my eyes
you wont see vast blue skies
through unclouded glass
you'll see a thunderstorm
through a shattered window pane
not sure if this is finished
  May 2014 Soph Raikes
stumbling home
in the evening
with my breath
smelling of cheap beer
and cigarettes;
people worry,
I tell them not to;
I do this for me,
not for attention
or sympathy,
I do this to feel
more alive,
because I feel so
dead inside
and my thoughts
are racing;
drinking shuts them up
for a couple of hours
and I feel better;
I feel sick,
but I also feel
like I can do anything;
like nothing can hurt me;
is this what death
tastes like?
I hope so
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