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  Aug 2014 bukowski
All you hopeless romantics will understand one day
That a person you fall in love with will steal your breath away
Faster than your cold hollow casket being lowered into the ground
Faster than death itself
  Jul 2014 bukowski
When every bone in your body aches to be relieved through death, When it hurts to breathe, when the thoughts and ideations of self harm cut you deeper than any blade could and the thought of suicide is one of hope not fear, when the burdens you bear are so heavy you feel them weigh every inch of you down, when you wake up with regret that you made it through another night, when you feel like you're drowning in the millions of tears that have parted from your eyes, and yet you march on anyway, you throw away the pills, you put down the blade, you pick up that fork of food and you eat, you don't turn to a bottle or drugs, you dig deep within yourself for the fight you swore you had run out of months ago and you carry on with life, that is the rawest and most admirable strength there is.
  Jun 2014 bukowski
Tom Ridley
all those words
left floating in the air                                                           im sorry
you can do nothing for them
the words that you say but no one hears
though you keep hoping                                         please forgive me
that someone might hear them
and ask you                                                   "what's wrong?"
so you can respond with everything
everything that's gone wrong
everything that's your fault
but no one asks
because no one hears
so there you are, stuck with the words
floating in air
**** you look through the poems titled 'words' and there's like 70,000 different ones
  Jun 2014 bukowski
with someone who's
comfortable with your silence.
someone who doesn't need words
to understand, or the sound of
your voice to hear you.
someone who admires
your makeupless face and
skinny fingers, along with every
bump and scar that has made your body their home, too.
someone who doesn't see all
your flaws as imperfections,
but simply as more to adore.
someone who doesn't need
your words of permission to
know when to kiss you,
or require your arms stretched
open to know when to hold you.
be with someone who grows you
and allows you to spread
your wings to fly, always trusting
that you will come home.
someone that appreciates who
you are and never lets you give
up on that, pushing you to
succeed in your future even if
they aren't any part of it.
someone who makes even the
toughest of times seem hopeful,
and the problems of the world vanish with just a hold of your hand.
*fall in love with someone
who doesn't just kiss your lips,
but your soul.
  Jun 2014 bukowski
Victoria Ruth
You kiss too many
you're a *****
You don't kiss enough
you're a bore
You eat too much
you can't impress
But you don't eat
you weigh too less
You drink too much
you're a drunk
You don't drink at all
you're a punk
You're popular
you've got a clique
You show off
you're just a ****
You study often
you're a nerd
You fail classes
why that's absurd
You're going to be
something either way
They're always going
to have things to say
So whether I'm the
loser or the *****
I think I prefer not
to listen *anymore.
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