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Sarah May 2016
yes i know
poetry is for paper
but goodness if i could just burn the inkstains off
these fingers i just want you to
how loud my heart talks
i'm sorry i can't keep
my hands the ink
the blood to myself
words are all i've given away
but for people like you
i think i could never write enough
im so real
Sarah Apr 2016
it's always just the ink in the end
my fingers are stone and there
is cloud in my blood i think gravity
might have forgotten me
if words could anchor me to
the earth, who would i write for?
i know when youre around
Sarah Apr 2016
do not underestimate how
flammable my blood is; i will spill
all over these bridges and you
will ******* forget about me
remember the smoke after, you leave your
PITY on my doorstep and you will
watch how i set the flowers alight
and smear the ashes all over my door
you will not find home here anymore
i am an arsonist to my bones
my heart is the pyre, please just
leave me in the fire
cause i know the sound
Sarah Apr 2016
i hear her coming before her shadow steps over the door
she smells like silence like rain dragging its *****
fingers down my windows in the dark like waking up
next to your own dead body like watching your
fingers fade when you hold on so tight so tight
you don't notice you've been holding your breath
two months long she comes and she goes; the things
i would do for a lock on this door, the people i will
fall for in the corridors, bleeding fingers leave
graffiti down the staircase it's raining inside, and
she slips in anyway my skin is her resting place i know
it when the quiet is drowning me and my thoughts i know it
when she swallows my pulse i know it when she drags me
my gentle little anchor
take me where you will
you know i'll come up for air
when i don't need it anymore
i wont even miss you
Sarah Apr 2016
your hands are always so cold
and I burn so bright I know I hurt to
touch but I just wanted you to know
that you don't ever have to shiver alone
for my egg
Sarah Apr 2016
she texted saying she just smoked
seven in a row and all I'm reading
is **** him for me where does he live
I'll leave his intestines trailing out his
window leave your love letters at the door
oh my god what am i holding back for
girls like girls
Sarah Apr 2016
i think she likes the bad boys
but i'm just a girl not grunge enough
for you and your leather
i've got paper in my pockets instead
of the cigarettes you're craving
i want to rip it out from your mouth
just quit ******* smoking throw the bottles
away tell me your secrets instead
god i know you'll laugh at me for
writing about you but you're such a flame
light one up for me too
i'll let it burn out as i listen to you
tell me if i am mirror to you too
tell me how i can hate everything about me
and love it all when it's you
youve got me talking in my sleep
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