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Sir Nitro Jun 2016
All alone laying in wait, for your dreams to come true, the dreams of your Daddy, to come and take you to a new place.
As I enter your room, the darkness is erased, my power you feel as reach for your hand, bring you to your feet look at my face.

Quickly, I wrap my ropes around you, encasing my body in an elaborate web, criss crossing the rope no more mobility.
Arms tight behind you elbows together, I lay you gently down as I stand above you, admiring my work and my ability.

Laying on your back fully pinned down your legs spread wide exposing my very special kitty in all of its naked glory
I begin to finger you as I kiss and **** on my ****, ******* in you making you nice and wet, I look up with no worry.

My lips **** up your wetness, I come to you and share your taste, you lick my lips before I take you and kiss you deep.
Your lolli is hard, ready to pounce, but I will have to wait, your pleasure is my only concern, even though it starts to seep.

**** galore spread all in you, I press down gently on your ***** bone, as I enter a third finger which is nice and tight.
You gasp as you adjust to the size, dilation begins you are opening up. Wider for daddy as he makes you feel right.

Kissing you softly stroking my kitty, look in your eyes, blue on blue, lost and in your gaze, ready to give you some more.
Slide gently the last finger in, slowly my kitty begins to expand, I wait a bit longer as I give you all of my four.

Twist my hand, slightly to the side, as I tuck my thumb under my fingers and begin to slowly press up in to my hole.
I stop for a moment as you whimper for the discomfort, I ease your mind, your pleasure is my only true goal.

Relaxed you now become as I get my hand fully in you, My first is buried as I massage your spot, you try to buck.
Bucking against my hand you are bound too tight, my hands is in you, beyond my wrist, now baby girl I will ****.

I ******* hard in and out, you start to scream in pleasure and delight, as I re position myself to give you a salty treat.
My **** placed deep in your throat, ****** starts filling you full, don’t lose a drop, or suffer you will, no more defeat.

My kitty tightens down on my hand, I feel it pulsate, it clamps my hand, my hand aches, i pound harder, deeper inside.
You scream out wanting more, I push harder as you bite down on the pillow, you are for sure daddy’s pride.
Sir Nitro Jun 2016
Centered around your neck, the prettiness of the stainless steel shines locked in to place, your Daddy loves you more this day.
On bended knees, you wait, as I approach with it in my hand, tilt your head back as I place it around, and snap the lock down.
Let it dangle, feel the weight, feel the love, the symbolism of you and I, is more then a piece of metal, it is pure love I say.
Little One, you are the first, truly are to be offered this gift, No one before you, no not even her, your loved removed a frown.
Ask yourself, are you worthy to be my submissive? Worthy to be my baby girl? Worthy to love me forever? Worthy to be mine.
Remember this, remember it clearly, the answer to those questions is simple, the answer is yes, forever you will be.
Only you will forever be my property, the stainless around your neck is the significance of this, missing with no shine.
N**ever, forget my love, forget that I own you, please show the world in our own little way, that you are owned, not free.
Sir Nitro May 2016
You are worthless, I have been told, so many times those words cut right through me, so many times want to just run and hide, so many times just want to ******* die.
Alone in the sorrow, the darkness sets in, no love to hold, nothing tangible, loaded gun pointed at your head, you are a coward, take the pills and say good bye.
Lay down, close my eyes, fall in to my deep slumber, waiting for the effect to kick in, fall asleep never wake again, no more pain, selfish yes I am, leave me let me go.
Words soon, over and over, echos in my head, soon what does that even mean anymore? self destruction thinking of it, no evidence **** it all no more I know.
****** to hell, eyes awaken, you are there, hurt and crying, why do I hurt you? Why do I forsake you, let me go to another place, better for you, better for me.
No more games, no more lies, just need to find the solace in my eye, time to puke, no more pills, ****** I am weak I cant go through, maybe one day we will see.
I am sorry, my final words, no note left behind, no reason to cry, waste of oxygen no more breathing your air, execution of my mind, execution of my dark soul.
Crack open my chest, see what I see, feel what I feel, the emptiness, the pain, it will not stop, no voices not crazy, just tired of hurt, tired of this gaping hole.
Sir Nitro May 2016
Tied with your wrists attached to your ankles, pretty in pink.

Your mind goes numb, as you lay helpless trying to think

Think of what is to become, as your sir hovers ever so near

Holds your head in my hands, looks in your eyes a silent stare

My lips touch your soft lips engaged in a passionate kiss

I move away you reach wanting more, my lips you do miss

Open your mouth wide, the gag is placed inside, now mute

Straddling your head I stare in to your eyes, love is absolute

Between your legs I slide, my tongue in to my wet slit

My mouth ******* and licking your nice engorged ****

Your backside is invaded with a nice cold steel plug

You wiggle in bliss, your heart races as if on a new drug

My soft subtle ***** drips your love on to the ground

My *** I hold in my hands so very nice and round

My tongue deeper in to you, as you convulse and ***

I release your *******, your heart is beating like a drum

You turn over and get on all fours, you are such a good pet

I come behind you and mount you, waiting anxious no fret

Enter you deep, enter you hard, your release a loud moan

My **** invading you ever so deep never again shall we be alone

My **** ready to explode, as I smack my *** with a bare hand

You *** again as I fill you deep, my seed mixing as we planned

Remove your gag hear your words, the words of love I need to hear

Collapse together rest for a moment, eye to eye stuck in a stare
Sir Nitro May 2016
sitting alone under the maple, rain falling down on my head

thinking of her in a distant place, feeling her love all around

never a touch never, never a hug, only her words ever been said

how can it be this love that is true, within you that I have found

love struck, lust ensues, need to take you to my land of dreams

our land, we have found in a far away place never to be seen

only then where I know full inner peace, her inner glow beams

if this place is never to be found, then your love I must wean

wean myself off, to keep from being broken, no more hurt for me

I know the truth tho, which is forever this I truly believe is for us

passion, and love is what we have, our love is true I do now see

when I have you at last, I will make you mine I am so **** anxious

anixous to take you to my bed, lay you down and bind your limbs

place my man hood to your lips let you show me love with your mouth

your mouth takes me deep feelings of passion our love never dims

my dream, my fantasy, my love, you are my belle from the south

embrace you deeply, invade my love, with all I am take you hard

in you deep holding you tight, gyrations we feel of the night

fears fully gone, trust all I know, no longer on my guard

no guarding needed cause your love shines deep no more fright

Sometime soon you will be forever within my reach, no more distance

no more miles keeping us apart, wake every morning next to my heart.

one trait I have never had, I am now learning, with you is patience

Soon my love I will take you forever, I promise to you never to depart

listen to my song, the music I hear tonight, the music of our ***

a sweet filling I can envision as I invade you with all of me

deeply filling you ***** at last, your *** I need my muscle I flex

sweet ******* passion, we both do now feel one day my pet wait and see

Sleep engaged with love inside, heart to heart my seed buried deep

holding each other tight, to scared to ever let go of our dreams

holding you closer kiss your lips, close our eyes and drift to sleep

awake again staring at each other, perfect life, our love gleams
Sir Nitro May 2016
Alone you walk in to the darkness of the night, the air is cool, the wind blows, the moon is hidden
You find the man of your dreams, standing in the darkness, you walk up wanting to know more
He reaches forward takes your hand brings you standing in front of him, you know this is forbidden
You want nothing more then to feel his touch, his embrace, you are fully attracted to his allure

Your dress cloaked in white, he places his hand on your chin, as he tilts your head back
He brings his lips to meet yours, the soft kiss he does bring, your eyes close pure bliss
He slides the top of your dress down, exposing your *******, he is ready for the attack
His cups your ******* in his hand as he reaches forth with his mouth tasting his new miss

You feel the cloth ripped away, more shown to him this man, this person, this new found beast
You are his beauty found him you did, he takes you to his castle, in to his dungeon you go
Prepared before you is a table of galore, wine is poured lips taste the nectar, you are ready to feast
You follow him deeper in to his realm, back to the darkness, you beg of him please go slow

He asks of you are you ready to submit, call me sir and kneel before me if you are ready today.
You kneel down before this man, you lower your eyes, you think, then you speak "I am yours sir"
He comes around you and you feel the steel, the steel of the collar, I now own you he does say.
Yes sir, I am your pet I will obey, I want to please you in every way, You hear her start to purr

Bend over this leather bench, place your knees on either side, he begins to strap you down
Lifting your dress, exposing your ***, blindfolded you now find yourself, no moving locked in place
You wait in anticipation, nerves on edge, you fear never, you feel his hand on your wet mound
******* you slowly he does now go, inserts an plug nice and slow, the love is seen in his face

You feel a pain on your ***, as his flogger does strike nice and hard, his mark on you left behind
His **** fills your hole, your hair in his grasp, you moan as he begins to ******* slow and hard
You find your emotions overwhelming, emotions of pure love and lust, love that you never could find
The other day the tarot shuffled and dealt forth, and came forth the Knight of Cups was your card

His **** moves at a faster pace, you come close to reaching your ultimate ******, please sir you say
You come closer to the edge, holding back, waiting for a sound, your new sir you have found true love
He answers not and continues to ****, you beg again may I *** sir, you hear him state yes you may
You ****** hard, and scream loud, you thank sir, and are thankful from God in the heavens above

Unbound you are now let down, in his arms he holds you tight, his touch brings you inner peace
Laid down side by side, holding each other tight, his hands hold your face, staring eye to eye
Now our love is fully rooted, our trust is fully bloomed, our passions are only able to increase
Making intense love with our eyes, as we vow to never in this life say to each other good bye
Sir Nitro May 2016
An afterthought of the day, evolves around me I have to say, I run and hide, not wanting to stay, the dominant side, wanting to play.

Control nothing not even my mind, I am tired of being so kind, the bright light doth shine, darkness comes over so blind, trying to find.

Leave me let me go, my light no more glow, yes I feel very low, these words my only flow, as my heart pulses to and fro, I just want to scream NO

Submission such a game, I am the one to blame, for I lost all of my aim, now I only just want to maim, end it all my life a tragedy a shame.

Reaper come quick, take me I do so pick, read my soul see it is sick,  too deep in too thick, lost my way broken wick, let me partake of arsenic.

— The End —