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luciana Jan 2021
little bursts of imagination
one fallen idea

there's a world worth exploring
In this we call, Gods creation
luciana Jan 2021
she knows
people say things
to hide true feelings
be a different being

she knows
that past events
are what make the present
a chance to change the future

she knows
it's only her now
turning the page
and letting go
luciana Jan 2021
listening to your dreams
it's inspiring
heart lifting
you're too good for me
it's intimidating
heart breaking
luciana Jan 2021
it never happened
eyes locked, breath inhaled
overwhelmed need

warmth increasing
worries decreasing

time is non-existent
feelings evolving
the night unfolding

hands intertwined
side by side
it never happened
luciana Dec 2020
my thank you
comes from the simple
of an epiphany
induced by your actions.
you're not the one
to drown my energy

luciana Dec 2020
a frosted windshield
waiting for the warmth to come
forecast says too bad
luciana Dec 2020
she created endless scenarios
reckless wishing
secretly hoping
only her and the ink will ever know
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