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ShowYouLove Feb 2019
I, the Lord of all creation, give you a new name
And, from this day on, you will never be the same
Be transformed in your life and follow my will
And know that no matter what I love you still
Take this moment here and now you are a new creation
Learn from your mistakes and live in right relation
Channel this energy this love and passion
And find a love that’s never out of fashion
I call you my child and I am your Father
Call out to me always I won’t be bothered
I want to hear from you and I want you to listen
There is a beauty in the eyes that glisten
I call you forward to my loving merciful heart
That you and I are never very far apart
Cling to me in the storms, the wind and waves
I will be your anchor and the hand that saves
Cast out in the deep and try once more
And know the wondrous things I have in store
You aren’t perfect, but it is you that I chose
With time and grace your faith will grow
I know it’ll be hard, but I believe you’re worth it
ShowYouLove Feb 2019
Open hearts and open hands
Help us do what love demands
To give of self to serve and uplift
True love is the most precious gift
To lay down one’s very life
To make the ultimate sacrifice
We must have open hearts and open hands
There is peace and comfort where love reclines
And it lives in a house big enough for all mankind
With open hands we both give and receive
And together marvelous things they can achieve
From Jesus side both blood and water flow
To unite once more heaven above and earth below
The nails that pierced his hands and feet
Now the act of love was complete
We pray Lord Jesus let our hearts be open wide
That upon your grace and strength we always rely
Let our hands be opened not closed in anger
And in the storms of life your love is our anchor
When we live with open hearts and open hands
We will not seek first to judge, but to understand
Though, at times, we may wander and go astray
We are never too lost to be found if we pray
Open us Lord to see in others what you see in me
With open hearts and open hands we are setting prisoners free
Giving food to the hungry money to the poor
Never turning someone away from the door
Clothing the naked and visiting the ill
We pray most of all Lord, help us do your will
These are all important but help us not forget
What matters first and matters most I bet
In all we do to pray and act with open hearts and open hands
ShowYouLove Feb 2019
So many choices, options, decisions
Bombarded barraged created divisions
The possibilities are endless; a veritable buffet
This is the world in which we live today
We choose how we act, how we feel and what we wear
We choose what we say and how much we want to care
God gave us free-will he gave us a choice
He gave us our minds and he gave us a voice
Tricked into the sin of jealousy and pride
Realizing the mistake and trying to hide
Like Lucifer we too fell from Grace
And sin entered in to the whole human race
But God in his mercy would not be outdone
For in the fullness of time he would send his one and only son
To suffer and die and rise from the grave
Not to judge or condemn but that we might be saved
He gave himself freely; his body and blood
The ultimate expression of his divine love
Our hearts are broken and we seek things to fill
But no matter what we try nothing fits the bill
His body as bread he joins his heart to ours
His blood the wine sweeter than flowers
United on a physical and fundamental plane
So intimate and so profound you can never be the same
We have a choice: we can be believe and accept
Or we can deny, and doubt and be circumspect
But we have a choice and it can’t be coerced
What will satisfy this longing this deep thirst
And when all is said and done at the end of the age
It’s your turn in the spotlight it’s your time on the stage
Our choices carry a surprising amount of weight
Did you choose to love, did you forgive instead of hate
Did you follow in His footsteps and help others on the road
Did you ease someone’s burden, help them carry the load
Many times you have to make choices that are hard
None come through not bruised or cut or scarred
Though the way is hard and the journey ever long
We are not alone and together we are made strong
In the world of a million choices there is one that I will make
Find something that will mark me like a stamp or seal
I choose to live a life of love that’s real
and not just some cheap fake
ShowYouLove Feb 2019
There is power in a moment. A moment of weakness a moment on your knees. A moment of silence a moment of ease. A moment can feel so long and pass by in the blink of an eye. Between life and death there is but a moment. How did I use the moments I was given? So much can be said, conveyed, felt in a moment of silence between friends and so often we want to fill these moments with noise because the silence is deafening. There are defining moments and moments that take our breath away. All these moments and many others make up our lives. Just sit still and be quiet for a moment and you begin to realize everything you’ve been missing. We are so distracted and we distract ourselves so we don’t have to listen to the uncomfortable truth and the tough love. We become oblivious to what is in front of our eyes. And what is in front of our eyes right now is Jesus. He leads us so he should always be in front of our eyes. Jesus loved us so much that he died for us while we were unworthy to free us and be with us one day. It was over in a moment. Let us take a moment now to stop and listen and feel the power of that moment. The moment that God said “I Love You. See how much I love you!”.
ShowYouLove Feb 2019
A flower dances under a sky of blue and white
Petals outstretched to take in the sun’s great light
A bloom so beautiful and pure that none can match
No words can contain nor brush that can catch
The radiance of this single solitary rose
Of how it came to be, no one truly knows
But here it stands tall and strong
Blessing all those who happen along
Is it just a hardy stubborn thing or is it something more?
Is it a message for someone and, if so, who is it for?
For myself it is a reminder of all that life can be
And a statement of all that we can achieve
We can overcome heartache and sorrow and pain
We can be an example and stand strong in the rain
With patience love and kindness we can cultivate the seed
And with grace and peace and quiet strength, be what people need
But like the rose we must open to the sun
And by our living lead others to the Holy One
He is our strength he has given us this gift
So let us now sing out and our faces lift
How Great is our God who alone can save
Whose death and resurrection brought vict’ry o’er the grave
ShowYouLove Jan 2019
Big or small thick or thin
No matter the place you live in
Black, white, brown, red
I know every hair on your head
I know you, I know your name
And when you hurt I feel your pain
Do not listen or pay heed when the world calls you freak
Because, in you, there is something special and unique
And because I love you as you are
If it seems you don't fit in, can't find a place where you belong
When the world says they're right and all you are is wrong
There are people of compassion who look beneath the skin
To find the light that burns inside, the beauty that's within
And remember I love you as you are
Sometimes the world can be cold and cruel
They might mock your belief and call you a fool
Being different can make people uncomfortable
They'll try to define you and give you a label
But you already have a label more important than the rest
You are called my child and it is you that I will bless
And I love you just as you are
Be yourself, be honest, be gentle and kind
And, throughout your life you will come to find:
You don't need to change who you are to make me love you
For I love you as you are
ShowYouLove Jan 2019
I feel the kiss of Heaven press against my brow
And it’s gentle touch changes me somehow
Feel the love. Feel the power of that precious act
Be filled now with what it was you had lacked
Let it wash over you and may you be forever blessed
In the chaos and confusion we find peace and rest
Heaven has marked you and chosen you as it’s own
It is the greatest thing to be not only loved, but also known
Here, in this place, where Heaven and Earth meet
I sit here watching with a front-row seat
Take a moment to let the weight of the kiss sink in
Let the gravity of the situation bring a grin
The kiss of Heaven given just for you
Is a miracle that can make your wildest dreams come true
My prayer for you is that you be at peace friend
And that you know this divine love until the very end
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