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Feb 2019
So many choices, options, decisions
Bombarded barraged created divisions
The possibilities are endless; a veritable buffet
This is the world in which we live today
We choose how we act, how we feel and what we wear
We choose what we say and how much we want to care
God gave us free-will he gave us a choice
He gave us our minds and he gave us a voice
Tricked into the sin of jealousy and pride
Realizing the mistake and trying to hide
Like Lucifer we too fell from Grace
And sin entered in to the whole human race
But God in his mercy would not be outdone
For in the fullness of time he would send his one and only son
To suffer and die and rise from the grave
Not to judge or condemn but that we might be saved
He gave himself freely; his body and blood
The ultimate expression of his divine love
Our hearts are broken and we seek things to fill
But no matter what we try nothing fits the bill
His body as bread he joins his heart to ours
His blood the wine sweeter than flowers
United on a physical and fundamental plane
So intimate and so profound you can never be the same
We have a choice: we can be believe and accept
Or we can deny, and doubt and be circumspect
But we have a choice and it can’t be coerced
What will satisfy this longing this deep thirst
And when all is said and done at the end of the age
It’s your turn in the spotlight it’s your time on the stage
Our choices carry a surprising amount of weight
Did you choose to love, did you forgive instead of hate
Did you follow in His footsteps and help others on the road
Did you ease someone’s burden, help them carry the load
Many times you have to make choices that are hard
None come through not bruised or cut or scarred
Though the way is hard and the journey ever long
We are not alone and together we are made strong
In the world of a million choices there is one that I will make
Find something that will mark me like a stamp or seal
I choose to live a life of love that’s real
and not just some cheap fake
Written by
ShowYouLove  United States
(United States)   
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