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ShowYouLove Jan 2019
I feel the kiss of Heaven press against my brow
And it’s gentle touch changes me somehow
Feel the love. Feel the power of that precious act
Be filled now with what it was you had lacked
Let it wash over you and may you be forever blessed
In the chaos and confusion we find peace and rest
Heaven has marked you and chosen you as it’s own
It is the greatest thing to be not only loved, but also known
Here, in this place, where Heaven and Earth meet
I sit here watching with a front-row seat
Take a moment to let the weight of the kiss sink in
Let the gravity of the situation bring a grin
The kiss of Heaven given just for you
Is a miracle that can make your wildest dreams come true
My prayer for you is that you be at peace friend
And that you know this divine love until the very end
ShowYouLove Jan 2019
I will take you in my arms and hold you while you rest. Who am I that I should be worthy to hold the savior of the world close to my chest. Singing so softly a simple lullaby, hush now my darling and close your little eyes. Enjoy this moment of love and of peace for now, just your mother I’ll be. My Lord and my love I’ll be by your side both day and night. You shatter the darkness you are my light.
ShowYouLove Jan 2019
Thank you for the epiphany Lord for the three wisemen who were seeking the truth followed the star that led them to your truth and changed their lives to listen to the truth. Who is my star? Who or what is the light that I follow that leads me to you Lord? Adoration can be a sort of epiphany a revealing of you as God and we can find insight and revelations through prayer and experience. Sometimes Lord I am the wisemen seeking the truth searching for you and other times I am the scribes and Pharisees who are comfortable and seek to destroy or stop the truth because it threatens the way of life I am accustomed to. Sometimes I travel in lands that are green and lush and still other times I am following the star across a barren desert. In these times, my spiritual life is dry and desolate. I am weary and begin to wander. Sometimes I get lost or turned around and need to ask for directions. I take solace in this long hard journey, because I believe that at the end of the journey I will find something so incredible and joyful and full of life. I will find you.
ShowYouLove Jan 2019
To lead by example to live out your love
To speak words of wisdom and live a life of grace
To show others the way to see Jesus’ face
Loved by the Father of Heaven and Earth
Wanted to be with you he became human by birth
I want to lead your children help me to follow you
Help my heart be a place where you can grow
Be born in me as I bear you within
Cleanse me wash me from my sin
Bring me to your heart, the heart of the father
A love that has no end it is unconditional, forever
We can’t earn it and don’t deserve it
But that’s what makes it a miracle
Show me how to love, and pray, and work
Help me to write and play and sing
In a way that gives you glory and brings a smile to you
Turn your face to me, look with favor upon your child
Thank you for loving me

Forgive me Lord, when I doubt you and don’t believe what you say. I don’t think I’m qualified to lead anyone. There are so many more people more qualified, more experienced and more wise. But like Jeremiah, you show me that you can use anyone and you don’t call the equipped, you equip the called. You are Emmanuel (God With Us). You are with us always even to the end of the age. Help us take comfort in that and grant us the strength and courage to stand up and lead your people trusting that you are in control and you have a reason. Something that we alone can do. Lead us Lord always and help us to lead your flock with wisdom and grace. Amen
ShowYouLove Dec 2018
Here we are again just me and you
Sitting here showered with a love so true
Let’s be personal it’s time we got real
Sometimes I gotta cry a little so I can heal
But you know me full and love me still
You are by my side now and you always will
You stir in my heart a new song
A melody you put on my lips
I know that here and now is where I belong
In the Eucharist where Heaven and Earth kiss
You and me we’re a miracle a thing so divine
That to me you would say “I love you and you are mine”
It’s so hard to imagine it any other way
I want you I need you a part of every day
In your presence troubles vanish and worries melt
In their stead deep joy and perfect peace are felt
This time it is personal it’s how it has to be
Because our relationship is between you and me
ShowYouLove Dec 2018
Draw me close to You Lord and never let me go
Arms outstretched on the cross to love me so
Open my eyes Lord to see the beauty around
Place my feet upon the rock and on holy ground
Open my ears to hear the voice of the one who saves
For love of you the dead will rise from their graves
Put a joy in my heart that can’t be contained
A fire, a passion that can’t be dimmed
Your word lights my way through the dark place
And everything is brighter in the light of Jesus’ face
With peace flowing like a river
From the throne of the giver of life
You have shown us the way to the father
You know us and call us by name
You see us as we are and you love us the same
And when the day comes for this life here to end
Lord protect us and let sweet sleep descend
Grant us the peace and the comfort
Wrap us once more in your gentle loving arms
Bring us home to be with you in the fullness of your glory
To be in your presence a saint among the saints of history
ShowYouLove Dec 2018
As I turn my face again to you
I see your light come breaking through
In the darkness and the pain of life
And the sorrow that cuts like a knife
I look to you to help me through this hour
As I call upon your Heavenly Power
I turn my eyes again to see your face
And feel your presence fill this place
I see you stretched upon that cross
I see the love and I feel the loss
I try to fix my eyes on you
But I stumble and lose my way
Sometimes I get distracted it’s true
But as I practice it gets better each day
I know you still love me and call me your own
And even in the hard times I am never alone
I lift my gaze to the heavens a song will I sing
Glory and honor and praise to the Risen King
You have my undivided attention I am restored
Speak to your servant for he is listening Lord
I turn my face to you in humble form concealed
Through the eyes of love is this mystery revealed
Turn to me oh God your face do not hide
Please continue always to stay by my side
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