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Feb 2019
Open hearts and open hands
Help us do what love demands
To give of self to serve and uplift
True love is the most precious gift
To lay down one’s very life
To make the ultimate sacrifice
We must have open hearts and open hands
There is peace and comfort where love reclines
And it lives in a house big enough for all mankind
With open hands we both give and receive
And together marvelous things they can achieve
From Jesus side both blood and water flow
To unite once more heaven above and earth below
The nails that pierced his hands and feet
Now the act of love was complete
We pray Lord Jesus let our hearts be open wide
That upon your grace and strength we always rely
Let our hands be opened not closed in anger
And in the storms of life your love is our anchor
When we live with open hearts and open hands
We will not seek first to judge, but to understand
Though, at times, we may wander and go astray
We are never too lost to be found if we pray
Open us Lord to see in others what you see in me
With open hearts and open hands we are setting prisoners free
Giving food to the hungry money to the poor
Never turning someone away from the door
Clothing the naked and visiting the ill
We pray most of all Lord, help us do your will
These are all important but help us not forget
What matters first and matters most I bet
In all we do to pray and act with open hearts and open hands
Written by
ShowYouLove  United States
(United States)   
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