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shayla ennis Oct 2016
Upon a sunny day you see a girl leading a horse up a beach in the heated sun of the Roman Empire. She is a princess to a great roman king. This king’s name be Alexander the Great who in our history died young. The king dressed in white with red sashes covered over it is in the mist of trying to find his daughter a husband, one who will be fit to be king when he no longer can. The beach being sunny and warm princess Auria has chosen to take her horse for a ride while her father speaks to his men of the council.
Princess Auria: [riding her horse down the beach in a gentle stride] [clip clop………]

Suddenly the horse rears up into the air throwing the princess from its back!

Princess Auria: [haa… … screaming [smacking into the ground] thump!]

Enters: Tibius [walking up to the horse who threw the princess tibius calls for it to calm itself and then walks up to Princess Auria asking… …]

Tibius: dear lady do you need some assistance?

Princess Auria: no but I thank you for retrieving my horse. Asking herself under her breath… What could have scared you so…?

Tibius: I believe it may have been that serpent over there near the sands edge.

Princess Auria: oh that must be the reason, Thank you again. What be your name young man.

Tibius: my name lady be Tibius and you are most welcome.
Princess Auria: Tibius you say. Would you be willing to come with me to see my father and gain his thanks as well for he would be most grateful to you for what you have done this day.

Tibius: I know not why this is needed but I will follow lead the way my lady.

Princess Auria: please call me Auria.

Princess Auria leading the way takes Tibius to the king her father who sits in the throne room talking to friends and family. Walking up to her father she tells him what tibius has done. Tibius stands there after being shocked that the lady he helped was actually the princess. Not knowing what to say to the king tibius stands before him in silence.
King Alexander: you a man so young and by the looks of it having little coin save my daughter! This cannot be…

Tibius: if I may speak great king.

King Alexander: you may do so.

Tibius: I was walking along the beach when I saw a horse running in my direction but without rider. I choosing to find said owner came upon your daughter the princess Auria and thus I am now before you.

King Alexander: if this be true what my daughter says than you must in some way be rewarded. But how is the question…

Enters Princess Auria’s mother Dayanara, coming from tending the gardens within the palace walls dressed in a blue dress trimmed in silver she walks towards her husband the king.

Dayanara: my husband may I say a word or two for I have heard what was said and have an idea.

King Alexander: what idea would you have dear wife.

Dayanara: I speak this let him guard Auria from this time forward both within the walls and without them so as we her parents need not fret so when she goes off alone. I know it may be much for so small a thing. Let him be her personal protector. My other words spoken, I have word of someone who wishes marriage to our daughter.

King Alexander: this is a wondrous idea about Tibius being a protector, let as my wife speaks be done. Do you agree daughter? What about this marriage you speak of Dayanara? Who?

Princess Auria: yes father it is a pleasing reward.

King Alexander: and you Tibius. What do you say to this?

Tibius: I can do nothing else but agree for not too would be a dishonor to both you and your family king Alexander. So yes I say to what has been spoken.

Scene changes to a battle on the high mountains behind the palace near the ocean. Hundreds of men from Rome and far off Greece that comes by ship battle on the damp sands and grasses of roman earth to take what is not theirs the Greeks wish. Blood and life be spilled at all ends and innocent’s being slaughtered without care. The roman princess waiting in the palace by her mother’s side wondering what is to become of them because no word has yet come about how the battle fares.
[On the battle field]

King Alexander: men raise your blades, your shields, do not yield! Do not I say!
[Clashing, banging of armor and weapons]

King Alexander: men forward March, lances and horses ready. [Forward……!]


Enters: solder sadeen

Sadeen: my king the battle falls not to us but our enemy we lose men to fast.

King Alexander: we must find a way to get them into the water and then hit them with fire and oil that will burn greatly.

Sadeen: we could place oil along the hills and light it aflame this may drive them back if we make it strong and high.

King Alexander: see it done sadeen; see it done fast for I fear we will lose as you spoke before if you do not.

Sadeen: [riding away from the king at full gallop towards his men to carry out the orders given]
[Gallop… gallop…]

(Narrator): Sadeen follows the Kings orders by lighting aflame ***** of hay covered in oil his soldiers pushing them down the green grass hills where battle takes place to weaken the Greeks ground and might. [Greeks screaming]
[Outcry…… Shrieking…… Men dying]

King Alexander: [praying to himself that what he has asked of his men does not fail] you boy over their go to my family and give them this letter see to it that it is only to them you give it.
[Yes my lord]

The boy with the letter runs as fast as his legs can carry him back threw the roman streets to the palace and gives the letter to the queen. The queen opens it and read the news of how the battle fares and the instructions given if the king falls.

Dayanara: [calling her daughter] auria… auria…

Princess Auria: what is it mother? Why do you yell so?

Dayanara: your father has written of the battle he pleads with us to leave and go to the villa where you grew as a child for the battle does not fare well and he fears that they will lose. He speaks to us that he will send someone to find us if they win. Come we must go.

Princess Auria: I will find Tibius he can see us to safety out of Rome and to the villa.

Dayanara: go to him in silence speak to no one else only him.

Princess Auria: yes mother [off she runs with her footed sandals slapping on the marble floors as she does].

Princess Auria runs to the solders corridor and finds Tibius telling him in hurried breath that they must leave fathers words for they are in danger. Tibius gathers up his things and follows the princess back to the royal halls and they silently leave threw the gardens heading to were the villa rests dressed in peasants clothing they be. The king back in the battle hopes that the letter he wrote as found them in time. [He once more prays]

Tibius: come my ladies this way but be careful and quite

Dayanara: we walk silent but you must call us by our names not by title Tibius

Auria: mother is right do as she says for doing so will make others think we are peasants and family. It be less likely they will look our way with suspicion.

[Suddenly Greek soldiers come of darkened shadows intending to strike and **** the ladies Tibius raises his blade to stop them].

Tibius: [Crash…… his blade smashing into another]

Soldier: his blade striking back [Clashing……]

Tibius: striking the soldier down leaving blood pooling upon the marble path [rushing away]

Days later the three peasants make it to a quite villa outside of Rome and begin a new life as mere workers for those who live there. Any who ask about the owners the peasants simple tell them that they are away due to the battle. They being servants were made to stay behind to keep the place clean for when the owners returned, when that is they do not know. Weeks and more months pass with no word from the king they begin to fear that all is lost when one day a man wearing roman armor rides up asking for the lady Dayanara. Tibius stepping forward asks why? They must return this man says for the king calls them to him.

Tibius: who is the king?

Stanger:  King Alexander of course

Tibius: wait here go nowhere else

Dayanara: what is it?

Tibius: there is a roman outside he says the king calls for us

Dayanara: then we go; this is the sign, find my daughter and gather our things.

Tibius: yes lady right away

(Narrator): They return home going back the way they had left, but through the city rather than the village.

(Scene change): they are home at the royal palace before the king once more, but he was not alone.

King Alexander: you have returned safe, this makes me happy, and rushing to them he smiles [giving them fierce hugs]

Dayanara/ Auria: we are glad to be with you once more, it was worrisome and lonely without your presence being with us.

Dayanara/ Auria: who is this man that stands before us with Greek Armor?  Why is he not dead or imprisoned like the others?

King alexander: he is the prince of the Greek people and the son of King Simentos. Please be polite let me explain what has come about from the great battle on Mount Tear. [He explains]

(Narrator): alexander tells both his wife and daughter that the battle was won due to the son calling up a white flag of truce and asking that no more blood of their people be shed. (Enters Brontes).

Brontes: I am the son and prince of Greek and I wish to come up with a way to unite our lands and people. Your father mentioned that he was looking to finding you Auria a husband; I know that me being Greek may not seem a pleasant thing but I hope for a chance to prove my worth to you.

Auria: I know you be Greek but what does that have to do with the man you have become I see not. The place we are born and live helps us to grow but does not make us who we are.

Dayanara: husband I believe that Auria likes him and they seem to be getting along well [she whispers to him].

King alexander: do you think then that the idea of marriage to Brontes will suit her well, that she will love and or care for him as he will to her.

Dayanara: I do, but let them decide what their choice will be.

(Scene):  the princess and prince wonder into the garden that is covered with the roman flower called the Gladiolus which means sword lily. Speaking of many things that have happened in their lives they continue walking. She tells him that she would hope to see both her homes often if she were to say yes to this peace proposal.

Alexander/Dayanara:  we must speak with the two of you. Have you come to a decision about what this marriage may mean?

Auria/Brontes:  we have come to a final choice after our long talk. We believe that this marriage would be well placed for both of us to accept. We have chosen to wed here and stay till the spring then to travel to Brontes’s home and have a smaller wedding there to please his father. Though this set of weddings we will sign a truce treaty combining our to lands and people.

Dayanara/ Alexander: that is well thought of from both of you. Well done, I believe that this is going to be a very happy time for all of us. Let the wedding be within a months’ time.

(Narrator): the wedding takes place upon the hill where the battle was once fought this is where they will make peace and sign the treaty. The wedding is beautiful and the flowers that are thrown around them show their unity. Both are dressed in the colors of the ocean and their prospective homes. {This is the end of their tale and perhaps a new beginning for us all on earth}.

2.3k · May 2022
Magic creatures lost
shayla ennis May 2022
Darkened clouds turn souls red.
Sorrow filled eyes become like blackened sea.
Cries of pain are that of souls lost to the forgotten.

Surrounded by shadows that creep through mist.
Find yourself within woods of ancient creation.
Creatures of darkness do rome here be weary of your footing.

Blood of mortal,blood of beast mingling as one.
Ancient right, time has come.
The path of new life, old to young.

Power abound, magic is the source.
Beast be the maker.
Blood is the key.
Date may 6,2022
By Scarlet rose
2.1k · Mar 2015
shayla ennis Mar 2015
Isis a goddess of magic
Stars shooting like diamonds
Shielding a child’s dreams
Patroness to nature
A defender of the dead
Timeless giver of life
Garden of life’s oases
Every star a child
Every constellation a shield
Men her warriors
The sky a bed of hope
A silken blanket
Nature her weapon to wield

By scarlet rose
written on 3-10-2015
2.0k · Sep 2014
shayla ennis Sep 2014
the fact of deafness
it is not our minds
but our ears
thinks not that i don't understand
though sound does not enter
sight is available
my eyes read lips
my hands make signs
i know you understand
pretending otherwise
to explain from start to end is a waste
for you do not believe
what can i do?
but i feel the isolation
seems like my life gets harder with passing time
you say i'm young its not true
you try to make it as if age matters
when its not

by blackrose
date: Sept. 24, 2014
1.9k · Feb 2015
Racing Time
shayla ennis Feb 2015
Racing time
Everyone starting their engines
Cars of every street color
Lights under their car
Nitrous under their engines

A **** girl stepping out with her hand
High in the air
Down it goes as she steps out of the way
Cars racing away

Straight roads turning left and right
Winding roads coming up at the last minute
Women and men trying to not crash into each other
Ignoring the red lights
Picking up speed at the green lights

The red lights
The party as started
The green light
The music pumping
The yellow lights
Telling everyone throw caution out your window  

Racing the time away

Everyone having fun

It’s racing time
Every road a track
It don’t matter

If you’re in Tokyo
We drift race
If you’re in new Miami
We race period

**** girls
Hot boys
Every color car
Every style and shape

Music and lights
Pumping through the streets
From sun set to sunrise

It’s racing time
Ready set goooo!

By black rose
1.5k · Oct 2016
Murder at Crystal Fairy
shayla ennis Oct 2016
The Victorian house painted brown with red shutters, a porch that’s large, a white porch swing and a purple rocking chair on this porch. Where grandmother Daisy may sit when the day is sunny or rainy. The house is on a side street covered up and down with trees so green that even in the coldest weather the leaves look as if they are still blooming. This place is called Applewood Road. To see the dark black paved road late in the fog covered night, there is a bright Victorian street lamp. A woman named Daisy the granddaughter of Nelly, who has spent most of her life going to college and having to struggle with learning and finding a place to belong.

Lawyer: writing to Nelly telling her of her grandmother’s death. Giving her news that all her grandmothers’ assets and property are hers.

Nelly: realizing she does not need to stay at college.

  Due to this unexpected news Nelly has decided to quit college and move to her grandmother’s place. When she gets there she sees that on this property there is the house and a smaller building that could be turned into something else, so she decides that she will as the new owner opened an herb shop called Crystal Fairy.

Nelly: [places fliers around the town.]  I will be open for ten hours every day at Crystal Fairy selling my plants and herbs.

This being Nelly’s first day opening her business, she sees that she only has three customers.
Enter Lorelei: she brings her purchase up to the counter

Nellie: oh, lavender! Do you know the properties?
Lorelei: I just saw it and the smell reminded me of a perfume my mother wears. Why is it useful for something else?

Nellie: yes!  It helps with cuts, bruises, and also functions as an antiseptic.

(Narrator): Ollie enters the store. Looking around at the plants.
Ollie: looking at the lemon balm plant. I think I’ll buy this one, going to counter.

Nelly: you wish to buy this?

Ollie: yes!

Nelly: Very well. Do you have any questions about the plant?

Ollie: yes I do.  What are its healing properties?

Nelly:  it helps with anxiety, insomnia, wounds, insect bites, and an upset stomach. It also speeds the healing of cold sores,

In the back on the far left side of the shop there is an older man wearing plain black pants with a red shirt; he is looking at the plants on the shelf to his right. His name is Samael. He turns around and looks in Nelly’s direction.

Samael: this plant called chamomile what are its properties for healing?

Nelly: Samael this plant can be used for infusions and salves to relieve indigestion, colic, skin inflammations or irritations to the skin.

Samael turns away because he sees the other patrons waiting to pay their bills and wanting to leave. Knowing soon that he will be all alone in the store with Nelly you can feel the tension building from him and the excitement rapping its way around his mind because of what he is thinking about. Just at this moment Samael plans out his plot to ****** Nelly. Samael looks around to see what he can use as his ****** weapon, he finds a heavy ceramic-clay bowl that he intends to use. To hit Nelly over the head. He makes sure the store is empty and that Nelly has her back turned so he can lock the door. Once the door is locked he pulls down the window shades. Once this is done he turns in her direction while her back is still turned.

Samael: [hitting nelly over the head]

Nelly: ouch!

She falls to the floor!  Samael starts talking loudly.

Samael: I’m going to rip her blouse and jeans apart.

Samael: [Tatter… rip………]

He wants to show her how much he loves her and to show her that ignoring him and his presents will only ensure their relationship.
Nelly: [staring at him with utter fear].

Samael: [he pulls a blade out from the back counter and puts it to her face].

Samael: I’ll cut your pretty face then no one will want you or look at you. You will have to come to me for comfort I’m the only one who will understand.  

Nelly looks up at him crying and pleading for him not to hurt her, that she does not even know him so what could he be talking about? Suddenly Samael reaches for her and strikes out at Nelly’s face, leaving a bruise that causes her to scream out in pain.

Nelly: [ouch!] Please don’t no more.

There is a sudden silence as Nelly realizes that Samael is crazy and nothing she says or does will make a difference. As Nelly remains on the gray tile floor of her shop with Samael hurting her, she gets a sudden burst of energy, and she starts to fight him to break his hold over her.
Nelly: looking around where she lays for something to use as a defensive weapon.  That will allow her to free herself, to get to the green wooden door of her shop.

Seeing a statuette of a flower in a *** Nelly grabs for it. She slams it into Samael’s face. Gaining her feet, she runs to the door trying to open it in order to scream for help.

Nelly: [screaming at top of her lungs].

Nelly: [ha………]

Nelly: help! Help! Somebody help me please!

Samael stopping her, throwing her hard against a red wooden shelf. Then taking this same statuette he hits her even harder than before, only to realize that he has just killed her. The sound of Nelly’s fall so close to the door causes the neighbors near her property to turn the lights on in their homes.

Samael: [seeing the lights turning on in the neighborhood becomes scared. Running for the metal door in the back of the store, he takes off down a dark alley way. Just as this happens, Lorelie, a neighbor and friend, opens the store’s front door. Coming inside, she steps forward to turn the store lights on. Suddenly seeing Nelly’s body lying on the cold tile floor with her head smashed in, her body at an odd angle because of the way she is laying and blood pooling around her, she also sees strange foot prints that don’t belong, and then she screams.]

Lorelei: oh! Oh my god! Oh what has happened?

Lorelie’s screams cause Ollie, who lives across the street, to come running over to the store. When he gets to Lorelie’s side he sees what’s wrong and starts looking around trying not to disturb anything. As he is looking around trying to find out what has happened to Nelly he turns to Lorelei.

Ollie: Lorelei call detective Walter he will help find Nelly’s murderer

Lorelei:  pick up the phone calls detective Walter

Ollie continues looking around the store. He finds the ceramic-clay bowl broken, and the statuette believing that in some way they are the answers to Nelly’s death or at least a start. Turning back towards Lorelie, he sees that Walter is coming up the street with Beatrice, his partner. Ollie goes outside to meet them. The detectives come into the store called Crystal Fairy, seeing the dead body of Nelly. Like Ollie, Walter starts looking at the scene around him noticing specific things. The turned over book case, the broken bowl, and the busted statuette, but most of all the back door gets his full attention because that’s where the ****** footprints lead. Leaving Beatrice behind to ask questions

(Narrator): enters Walter

Walter: [following these footprints outside and down the back alley. These prints lead him to a house’s back porch. There he sees more ****** prints and comes to the idea that the person who is responsible for Nelly’s death is inside.]

Walter: going into house [squeak- silent slam]

Inside the house looking around, listening for any sounds and sudden movements. A sudden sound catching his attention, he looks up to see a cat jumping from a window.

The cat: [thump, bang thump again]

Walter: [making his way down the hallway and up the stairs, sees a door to his left with lights on.  It opens with a slam.]
Sound of door: [crash…]

Samael rushing out at Walter with an iron bar.

Samael: [swinging the bar. [Swish……..] missing]

Walter: [stepping back, moving out of the way].

This causes Samael to stumble and fall down the stairs, crashing to the bottom.

[Enters Beatrice]
Beatrice comes through the front door she sees Samael and goes to check him out. Walter and Beatrice pick him up off the floor, waking him up; this causes him to start confessing to what he has done.

Samael: [tells them that he was only trying to show his love to Nelly, but that she wouldn’t listen and thus he had to **** her so he could have her to himself. He didn’t want anyone else to love her or for her to love anyone else either].

The detectives hearing this confession look at Samael completely surprised that he would confess so easily and without having to be drilled about the truth. But what gets their attention is how he confesses.

Samael: I love her; she would not see me or love me back. I just want her to see me.

Beatrice: So you frighten her and torture her, then **** her.

Walter: Beatrice, he’s crazy can’t you see that. We’re wasting time.

Beatrice: I know he’s crazy. I just feel sad that he could be so stupid and think that killing someone shows feeling for them. Poor woman, she was so young.

Walter: From what I could get from the neighbors, Nelly had just moved here after her grandmother’s death due to inheriting everything. Her life was just getting stated.

Samael: I love her; I’m the only one who can.

Walter/Beatrice: Will you shut up already! We get it. You love her so you killed her.

                                                                The End
this is a drama playwrite
1.4k · Feb 2014
death be my guide
shayla ennis Feb 2014
let me see not with clouded eyes,
no longer do i wish to dream,
but to see reality,

the pain i must feel,
sadness i must understand,
with eyes unclouded i see death with a new darkness,

the darkness of fallen angels,
let them show me to the abise,
out of the light,
with their songs of hatred,
malice, and rage,

through their music i hear my voice,
a voice that will join others,
when time comes,
i will be ready to fall with wings as black as coal,

let me see not with clouded eyes,
but eyes unclouded,
let me see

by blackrose
1.4k · Nov 2014
A Greek myth “Hades”
shayla ennis Nov 2014
The god of death
A Greek horror
The collector of souls
He rules the underworld
Living in the fiery heat
The dark depths of hell
Where no mortal can go
A god reigns

Lost souls as slaves
The furies his warriors
Darkest shadows he controls
Hell’s circle of fire
Demons that Guard the gates

He is a god who causes pain to us mortals who live
Taking those dead giving them no peace
Their corrupted souls
Black as coal fine as ash
Hearts so evil
Finding freedom they never will

To live in hell forever
To no nothing but flames
Burning the flesh
The bone

The god of hell
The ruler of death
The collector of forsaken souls

By black rose
1.3k · Sep 2021
The Changing path
shayla ennis Sep 2021
Darkness that fills the mind
Filling the eye of the beholder

A dessert path that is deserted by the truth but filled with lies
We're lies only the serpents of untruth and illusions

Leading towards the waters of faith and strength
But possible loss and pain
All dependent on the Storm and the waves

Where land meets sky but the sky is free
Can one truly see
Land is nature but life itself is home
Home is acceptance of life

Sun turning to moon is epicenter of change
To become something new
Altering what once was

To coexist with all that surrounds
To be a part of all
To accept all that is
To deny nothing
To be everything
Scarlet Rose
September 24th 2021
1.3k · Aug 2016
shayla ennis Aug 2016
oh cherry blossom
do grant wishes
bring life

can a tree of flowers
have hope
is it wise

knowing it brings joy
with it's aged wisdom
gently dominating the earths ground

showing humility
to all humanity
with it's precarious
and precious beauty

by scarlet rose
August 24th 2016
the many meanings of the cherry blossom tree
1.3k · Jun 2013
shayla ennis Jun 2013
like a scarlet rose
flames for ever lost
heart of ice
dancing moonlight
lies to a gypsy's heart

****** darkness
eternally cold
deadly rage

curse burning young
****** black stream
fiery hell

loneliness enthralled
alluring danger
tears present like a gentle power
deep crimson eyes

by scarlet rose
1.3k · Jun 2013
shayla ennis Jun 2013
vampire.a being one should fear
i see him
my heart beating fast
afraid not me

i know what you are
hands so cold
like snow
eyes black then red

the blood of humans you drink
the moon you walk in
skin like cold ice

powers you have
speed, longevity,
forever young

wishing to be like you
telling me forever is what i ask
a promise you cant take back

by scarlet rose
1.2k · Sep 2014
shayla ennis Sep 2014
writing writing
always writing
never stopping
words flowing
making sense
going crazy

words so many
phrases how long
writing words
so many of them

words that rhyme
phrases that ring
sentences that speak
always writing
never stopping
how much more

by blackrose
Sept. 3, 2014
1.2k · Jul 2013
gloomy day
shayla ennis Jul 2013
rain falling
water flowing in heavy waves
wolves howling
lighting a path

rain falling
stars above
water flowing in a gental wave

rain falling
the print of a wolf cub
water flowing as cherry blossoms fall

rain falling
water flowing as glistening flames
of a lantern

the petal of a Lilly
rain falling

by scarlet rose
1.2k · Feb 2014
shayla ennis Feb 2014
walled up in my mind,
shadows of nightmares,
fear of strength that i don't have,
when in truth i do,

that witch is dark and uncertain,
will bring me strength,
to fear my mind,
and the shadows within,

nightmares becoming reality,
a walking,
living shadow that haunts me,
shadows in daylight,
shadows by a red moon

by scarlet rose
1.2k · Sep 2014
changing form
shayla ennis Sep 2014
i stand alone
fish swarming around me
curouse about my existence
wondering about my light
wind howling
thunder booming
waves wavering
storm coming
gods looking from heaven
thunderous fury i cry
flashing scales i show
diamond fin swinging
my light becomes darkness
rage i feel
water dark and angry
sweeping everything away
freedom i desire

by blackrose
date: Sept. 2-2014
1.1k · Feb 2014
shayla ennis Feb 2014
broken wings,
shattered soul,
a devil fallen,

no choice,
tears of a nobody,

wings black as night,
tears color of blood,

i have fallen from hell,
my soul,
shattered like glass,

a shattered mirror,
darkness fading away,
gates closing without me,
lost i may be

by black rose
1.1k · Jul 2013
gypsy temptation
shayla ennis Jul 2013
her movements entice the desolate
she twists and turns tempting all around
flowers of crimson cast their hue
sparks of ruby fly to kiss the night

her movements ****** the lonely
she twists and turns tempting all around
her eyes literally burning

they spin and turn while the fire burns
her eyes burning like heated coals

they spin and turn while the fire burns
sparks flying to kiss the sun
flowers cast their scarlet hue

by scarlet rose
1.0k · Oct 2013
shayla ennis Oct 2013
Demonic fire
Fire burning everywhere,
burning like a Devil inside,

She’s flaunting her demonic charms!

She's just a lonely women and she's on fire
Hotter than a fantasy in a dream,

She has both feet on the earth
she's burning it down

She has her head in the clouds
she's not going to back down

Fire burning everywhere,
Burning like a demon inside,

Her demonic charms
Your drug
Your ecstasy

She’s hotter than a fantasy in a dream,
She’s on fire

Walking a path of flames
Water will not burn her out

The devil inside her
Keeps her aflame

Let the fire dance
Let it burn

by scarlet rose
1.0k · Feb 2014
shayla ennis Feb 2014
the goddess rises from hell
wings of darkness spread,
her gift everlasting,

there is hate no joy,
you are forsaken by the goddess,
betrayer of the light,
nightmares of no tomorrow,
shattered soul,

my dark soul we fly away now,
to a place that loves us,
you and i,

is the bringer of death the gift of the goddess,
barren  of promises is tomorrow

my soul,
hell be cruel,
there be nightmares,
the sword,
vengeance be mine,

awaken eternal slumber,
we are words of hate,
sture the air,
rising from the ground,

i hunt again,
my soul lost,
wings broken

by black rose
997 · Jul 2013
shayla ennis Jul 2013
the siren may be said to be
the lady of the sea
naiad are her kin

eyes that entrance all
who see her
a temptress to all
eyes that magnetize

bewitching men since ancient times
blue eyes that match her tail
hair as bright as the sun

to light of day
to dark of night
her siren's song i hear
when the siren sings

by scarlet rose
840 · Sep 2014
shayla ennis Sep 2014
falling rain
shadowed by storm
crackling light
clouds of gray and black
starless sky
raging thunder
wavering breeze
grasses green
stars alight
moon as bright
cold seeps in

thunderbolts crashing
frosty hail
booming lightning

frigid current
bleak mist
a chill in the air
bitter frozen cold

a roaring rumble
pealing thunder
crackling lightning

by black rose
date 8-25-2014
790 · Sep 2014
Wolfs bane
shayla ennis Sep 2014
A dark wolf
With claws of crimson
Fur as dark as midnight

He is a prince
Ruling all
Under his mighty father
He will rise

Armor made of steel
Sword made of bone
From wolves teeth

Through he be human
He has a wolf spirit

The true wolves his friends
He hunts with them
They with him

Change he does
From man to beast

By black rose
Date: 9-15-2014
785 · Jul 2014
Eveningstar Elfstone
shayla ennis Jul 2014
the ground lies bare
(lanc i dalaf)

as death moves in fading light
(bad gurth vi ngalad firiel)

my heart sings to see thee
(cormamin lindue ele lle)

i will follow thee to deaths door and beyond
(amin khiluva lla a gurtha ar thar)

may the leaves of your tree that is life never turn brown
(Aa lasser en lle coia ornn omenta gurtha)

sweet tears of water and light till next we meet
(lissen ar maska tenna lye omentuva)

with laughter to guide us
(yassen lalaith a' "guide" lye)

till land and sun consume us
("till" ndor ar' anar "consume" lye)

when heaven turns crimson flames
(iire Arvandor "turns" agaru "flames")

the sea bares the moon
(i' ear "bares" i' ithil)

valiant blades seeped in blood forged
(astald "blades" "seeped" e' agar "forged")

by black rose
date: July 7,2014
aragon who is a character in this movie his name means elfstone. arwen who is a character in this movie her name means evenstar. by this i got my title. This poem was made do to the  research and watching of the movies called, "Lord of the Rings Trilogy".
the words in a maker are elven, it is a translation of the English words above. the words may be slightly incorrect or different. i did my best to get as close as i could to the true meaning. this is the sight i used for the translations.
733 · Jun 2013
mistress of the waters
shayla ennis Jun 2013
the sand
to become that which  quenches the land
she is a mystery to all
she stands by herself
her presence commanding

power that can not be controlled
her voice like thunder
her rage like lightning

straddling a timeless stream
raging storms that curse the ocean

by scarlet rose
733 · Apr 2014
Vampire call
shayla ennis Apr 2014
Drain me
I entreaty
Tears like diamonds

Drain me
I beg
Make thyn humanity
To be arctic

As frozen as glaciers
No more can I endure
The pain
Living to harsh

Drain me
So I may be
Take away the pain
Set me free

Give me the gift
Keep me from
The sorrow

By black rose
Date: 2014
718 · Nov 2014
shayla ennis Nov 2014
A time of hate
A place of hope
We a people who are hole
We are woman warriors
We fight like men
We are strong like men

Swords and shields we carry
Armor we wear
Men we need not
We are amazons

Haters of male life
Children only life to women
Death to the boys

Warriors of great power
Freedom they took
Not asking
Living in a world their own
Life lived as they please

They were amazons

By black rose
687 · Feb 2014
winter snow
shayla ennis Feb 2014
winter snow,
it is beautiful,
it is soft,

winter snow,
it is harsh,
it is unpredictable,

winter snow,
when it comes you never know,
bearing you in cold,

winter snow,
we see it as a blessing of a new year,
we see it as a curse to our daily planes,

winter snow,
we know spring is coming,
summer next,
followed by fall,
with another winter snow around the Ben,

winter snow,
we play in it,
we drive in it,
we walk in it,

winter snow,
there is happiness,
there is sadness,

winter snow,
with tears turn to ice,
ice to water,

winter snow,
grass underneath,
flowers sleeping,
animals in hibernation,

winter snow,
when will spring come again,
when will the sun shine,
where is the sparkling beauty

by scarlet rose
I wrote this today to to the surprising snow storm we got.
672 · Jul 2013
dead roses
shayla ennis Jul 2013
dead roses
under the fist of hate
through the eyes of hell
flowing rain
lost cold eyes

searching for a way
begging and pleading
under a dark black sky

timeless rage
deadly hell
screaming at the sky again

single lies
darkness forever
hate your beautiful way

crimson moon
black tears
and all love completely erased
rose colored falling flames

by scarlet rose
inspired by the band called "sevendust"
some of the lines or words are from lyrics to a band called sevendust.
these are some of the songs that inspired me....
"mountain" "faithless" "black out the sun" "dead roses"
669 · Nov 2014
Lured by darkness
shayla ennis Nov 2014
Don’t deprecate  the seductiveness of darkness.
Even flawless hearts are drawn to it.
   The sight of blood Calls to me
A craving to take life
Blood dripping from your veins
The pulse of your heart beat
The breath from your lungs
To take it all away
To ****** you to my world
To make you
The silence of your heart
That beats no longer
The air in your lungs silenced
The blood in your veins
No longer warm but cold
Death as welcomed you
Darkness as lured you
Like me blood is life to you

By black rose
657 · Apr 2014
My frozen isolation
shayla ennis Apr 2014
My frozen heart
With empty soul
A place of isolation

Feelings numb and cold
Instead of a warm heart
One of stone and gem

A dark corridor
Icicles falling
A place of isolation

An empty helplessness
People expecting feelings
From me

When there’s nothing there
Nothing but darkness
An empty loneliness

A place of isolation
A dark hole in my chest
Where my heart used to be

Warmth I can never feel
For it has been ripped out of me
Fiery flames of romance
I will never be

Stop asking me to feel
Stop expecting me to care
We know that feeling of any kind
Will never come to surface

For I live in a place of isolation

By black rose
Date: 2014
647 · Jun 2013
gypsy's fire dance
shayla ennis Jun 2013
restless wall of flames
roaring higher
never to become tame
fundamental of all elements
leaping creeping and all
red flames

fire in your spirit
fire that wont die
there are rings of flames
it burns deep in my soul

confusion, whipping, whirling
never ending
always colder
always sharper
cruel and devastating
dancing with the flames
a fiery gypsy's dance

by scarlet rose
637 · Feb 2014
shayla ennis Feb 2014
thy power furled and unfurled,
as if a being,
god or fiend could reign at once,
so wicked,
and insane,

while air of space and time's full river flows,
bringeth through this pool of time and space of rivers end,
new heath to this flesh,

while the bones and muscle becomes stronger once more,
this flesh with blood so weakened by age,

let wicked deeds be met with fury,
grace from one where wickedness fell,

child of mother,
to mother of child,

strengthen me thrice for wickedness done

by scarlet rose
i have know idea why i wrote this. i just had so many words running around in my mind and no where to put them so i made this.
630 · Feb 2014
the hunting reaper
shayla ennis Feb 2014
beat the drum,
it stands for something to those who hear,
the echoes of his footsteps call,
pain clings,

the frozen darkness ****** my skin,
beating heart,

hushed voices echo the reapers song,
this hell of mine,

holding back,
fighting back,

lost inside this emptiness,
a ghostly shadow before me,
only brings on misery,

this be the end,
blood and tears run through the walls,

softly hit the drum,
loudly hit the drum,

the midnight cold is creeping in,
the reapers song echos through the darkness

by scarlet rose
some of these words are written by Aido-aido(fallen angel) but as been reworded and written by me scarlet rose.
625 · May 2014
Wings of destiny
shayla ennis May 2014
The wings of destiny
Should be bright

But dark they are for me
The wings I should carry

A path they must keep open for me
Closed by doors dark with unknowing knowledge

Destiny has been torn from my grasp
Do I still have a path?

Does destiny still want me?
Or has it abandoned me for good

By black rose
Date: may 29,2014
623 · Sep 2015
A Wound That Won’t Heal
shayla ennis Sep 2015
Grasping onto a shooting star
A galaxy of time to pass
To make the torment lesson
A mystery that hides the sins

A wound that seems everlasting
A different anguish every day
Need someone to know
All of it seeming eternal

All this misery that surrounds me
The wings of a free spirit captive
No one to tell me that we can be free
Even as the world harmonizes

Looking for a freedom from my consciousness
From my body
To live without a fiscal from
Just so all the despair fades

The world comes back into view
And the torture begins again
Everything the same
Nothing changing

A life that seems stolen
A place that does not belong to me
Desperation to find an answer
To see the pain all end

By scarlet rose
Date: 9-21-15
598 · Jun 2013
my lost dream
shayla ennis Jun 2013
a vision of exotic allure
enthralled by him i am
the wine of my blood he tastes
a vampire's crimson kiss
tears of ice falling down his face
there is no escape
death will come
though gentle be his bite

to his heart i give my life
to a soul that is dead i place my ghost
loneliness he suffered
without another like him

dead  he new he was
but could not beleave
darkness his only home
now do i join him

in darkness we to together eternal
by red moon once white
sunlight to moonlight

by scarlet rose
585 · Jun 2015
I'm Alive My Heart Beating
shayla ennis Jun 2015
i'm alive
keeping my heart beating
a flame so cold
that it's frozen solid

thorns brittle and black
wraped and twining around this cold fire

a settled hatred that turnes to all
consuming rage

no control over the emotions surgering through
everything going from hate to calmness
in an instant

this heart beating inside
a corpse that feels nothing
on the outside

a frozen flame
cold rage
burning emotions

i'm alive
keeping my heart beating
a cold fire
frozen solid

by scarlet rose
date 6-10-15
579 · May 2014
Vampire in my vision
shayla ennis May 2014
Look no more into shattered glass
Vampires with their deception
Watch only awhile
For destructive my image be
Amplifies into a savage night

Hidden at forests edge
The secret of us all
A flower so black
Only vampires can behold

Ravens lead the way
To a home we’ve never known

See no more into fractured glass
We of the night
Reflections gone
Loneliness our path
Fatal to all that lives
Secrets we keep

Hidden at forest edge
A flower so black
With ruby’s red blood
Only we can behold

By black rose
Inspired by Amelia Atwater- Rhodes with her book called “demon in my view”
568 · Feb 2014
frozen emptyness
shayla ennis Feb 2014
the beat of thunder upon the land,
a broken red teardrop on my hand,
smashed remains upon the snow,
my thundering spirit the only sound,
soul of ice,
frozen in space,
far at distance,
lighting shines,
whispers of sprites through the leaves,
songs being carried on the snowflakes,
secrets hidden that none shall speak,
mirrored anger made true,
unseen emblem filled with dread,
spirit wrenching agony,
another day,
pieces of a craked soul,
patched together yet shaken apart,
flare to flames,
soul of ice turned to crystal,
gleaming shards of rhinestone eyes,
this spirit of ice the only link,
shackled in fire,
bound by metal,
each day wearing on,
the last sheds of hope long gone,
in fields of snow,
of diamond,
the sprites lie waiting for the sacrifice,
that is this soul of frozen ice

by scarlet rose
567 · Feb 2015
Dancing heat
shayla ennis Feb 2015
Fire burning
Flames of heat
Burning inside

An uncontainable heat
Intensity that consumes
My soul

Seeing you everywhere I look
Never saying anything
Too shy to say what’s in my heart

Flames that are irresistible
But delightfully hot

Dance these flames around
Around my soul
Pulling me in like a cowboys lasso

The heat of the sun on your back
Steam rising from the ground
As you walk by

Dry prairie grass trailing behind from a hard day’s work
Slick and tall
Tanned with a burn
No way to tame a fire like yours

Hot like the burning sun
Can a woman keep up
Burning only as hot as you

To dance in your heat
Is to melt in your love
Letting you take my soul
With the fire of yours

Dance these flames around
Around my soul
Pulling me in like a cowboy’s lasso

Scarlet rose
567 · Feb 2014
glorious murder
shayla ennis Feb 2014
the smell of fresh blood,
precious ruby stones,
teardrops running down my flesh,
glorious blood,

death shrouding me,
a heart throbbing in my hand,

how i smile,
with a twinkle in my eyes,
glorious blood,

reveling in the color of it,
beauty magnified,

in victory i cry,
fresh the ****,
life ebbing from their flesh

by scarlet rose
557 · Jul 2013
in my mind
shayla ennis Jul 2013
I feel the pain in my veins
The life slowly fading
I know that it's frightening
I've only just begun living
In darkness of night
I saw in my dreams
The angel of death
we've only just begun
hypnotized by drums
now i know my time has come
the chase has begun
Flames licking at my heels
Trying to run away
Cherry tears fall down my face
His kiss of night
My death
Cloaked in darkness
Standing in shadow

by scarlet rose
inspired by the band called " the wanted"
some of the words or phrases in this poem are from the soundtrack called
'the wanted' i did my best to do all the words myself.
these guys tend to give me alot of inspiration.
i hope they don't mind.
553 · Feb 2015
Unending suffering
shayla ennis Feb 2015
Sitting in the faces of light and darkness
Looking for a way out
Seeing fractured star's falling from a bleeding sky
On a mountain with a lonely self I lie
Were does this light fade too
Why is the darkness getting darker
Only a red moon do I see now
Is this the world showing it's pain to us
Are we supposed to do something
What is the truth of this suffering in the sky
Is it the wars on the ground
The unfortunate deaths that we create
Is it the hatred that consumes us

By black rose
just wrote this today 2-6-2015
548 · Jul 2013
shayla ennis Jul 2013
fragrant night of fading light
cherry blossoms
breath i would of the air
to a single chime i hear
viewing a single tree
a blade of grass

fragrant day of rising light
cherry blossoms
breath i would of the air
a week i would pass
to a double chime i hear
viewing a flowing river
a single stone

by scarlet rose
544 · Feb 2015
Finding My Way
shayla ennis Feb 2015
Found my way
Into the flames of hell
Finding an impossible path
From a path of loss
To a path of strength

Feeling the burning flames
A caress of life
Into the eyes of Cerberus
Red eyes filled with hate
Staring back at me

The day of my destruction comes closer
Into the abyss
A dark endless hole
Finding the life I had

To be reborn as a burning phoenix
To see the pages of my feelings burn
A story that has come to an end

By Black rose
just wrote this today 2-11-2015
540 · Jan 2014
broken body
shayla ennis Jan 2014
a body full of heath
now broken

tossed into a wall
bones juggled around
like a bouncing ball

nerves shattered
like book spines
never to react the same

muscles snapped
like rubber bands
never to be able to stretch the same way

pain from these wrongs
always felt
though they be dealt by another hand

this hand see's so punishment
the victim no reprieve

broken body
why no response
we are the ones hurting

see the agony we feel
let others here our words

sins of the wrong
victim being punished
though we be innocent

the real culprit walking
away in innocence  

by scarlet rose
this is about how my body was damaged and the person responsible for it walking away without punishment, and me having to always deal with the pain for there is no cure.
526 · Apr 2014
My vampire lover
shayla ennis Apr 2014
Walking through the day
With utter emptiness
Sitting by windows edge
In the night

A chill I feel
Comfort I find
Darkest desires

I feel safe
With the shadows
Of night

As I sit he waits
He watches
Always making me safe

My vampire lover
My little secret
I sense his need
To be close

Knowing he’ll hear
I whisper
Come sit with me
For I have waited

      No longer must you
Just watch
My love
For we shall
Do so eternity together

By black rose
Date: 2014
481 · Aug 2013
Celtic wisdom
shayla ennis Aug 2013
i wonder where the cherry blossoms blow
a branch i bear, apple trees
beside me flows a languid stream

in the sight of an ancient tree
within the vale of crystal glow
where visions unseen come and go

in harmony of song
its magic in peace i know
they hail together each new birth of time

in sight of seasons change
summer leaves scatter
to fall colors entering

a distant isle sunk in shadows
winters bitter chill
anew with rare force
till spring may come again

by scarlet rose
four of these lines come from a book called a Celtic psaltery by Alfred perceval graves.
"here they are: a branch i bear,apple trees"
"a distant isle sunk in shadows"
"in the sight of an ancient tree"
"in harmony of song"
"they hail together each new birth of time"
473 · Feb 2014
siren's lullaby
shayla ennis Feb 2014
shall i tell you a secret,
a song nobody knows,
the song that is irresistible,

in the sea of green blue foam,
we will sing to you all day,
come hither and frolic,
sweet is the color of cove and cave,

harps of silver we play,
happy blossoming shores,
silvery crimson shells and fish,
down shower the rainbow waterfalls,

sweet feminine faces do you see,
to that witch is mythical,
your eyes shall not believe

by scarlet rose
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