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shayla ennis Feb 2014
i walk with you,
promises you make,
yet you lie,

you say im the only one,
i ask you to wait,
but you wont,

i leave you behind,
for the lies you speak,

i hope you die in hell's flames,
your corpse being sliced with a knife,

sowing the wounds that i inflict upon you,
let them fester with diseases,
this is a gratification to me,

as i rip out your heart,
so mine begins to beat again,
your blood no longer my poison,

but my elixir of life,
the pain i place upon you will never end,

i walked with you as one,
the promises you made to my heart,
these promises you broke

by black rose
shayla ennis Nov 2014
The god of death
A Greek horror
The collector of souls
He rules the underworld
Living in the fiery heat
The dark depths of hell
Where no mortal can go
A god reigns

Lost souls as slaves
The furies his warriors
Darkest shadows he controls
Hell’s circle of fire
Demons that Guard the gates

He is a god who causes pain to us mortals who live
Taking those dead giving them no peace
Their corrupted souls
Black as coal fine as ash
Hearts so evil
Finding freedom they never will

To live in hell forever
To no nothing but flames
Burning the flesh
The bone

The god of hell
The ruler of death
The collector of forsaken souls

By black rose
shayla ennis Nov 2014
A time of hate
A place of hope
We a people who are hole
We are woman warriors
We fight like men
We are strong like men

Swords and shields we carry
Armor we wear
Men we need not
We are amazons

Haters of male life
Children only life to women
Death to the boys

Warriors of great power
Freedom they took
Not asking
Living in a world their own
Life lived as they please

They were amazons

By black rose
shayla ennis May 2019
The day is long,
The warmth of the Sun,
Across one skin makes for a day the idea of, happiness,
As sadness grows,
We can see,
No need to smile,
No need to express,
No need to feel,
We hear the laughter,
We hear the squeals,
yet we do not respond,
For within us oh heart is numb our mind cold,
The idea of happiness due to the Summer sun is only a dream without reality
this is about a day were i felt reality yet was not apart of it do to mental illness and being in own mind far away from truth.
shayla ennis Feb 2019
The ancient moon
The cry of the wolf
        The heralding of the owl
        Knowledge of the raven

   We of the dark always listen
      We here the unknown
     We are the rivals of day
       Unwanted by many

When we speak we only speak truth
Tho you call them lies
Your mind covered in a shroud
To honest are we that it breaks many

With time you have forgotten
We have not
You say we are fiction
Tho we are real

Will you heed our warnings?
Will you ignore them?
You must decide

Child of dark and light
Who has become the power of chaos?
scarlet rose 2019
shayla ennis Aug 2013
an unknowing path
as i walk
a single tree grows
while a river flows
the sun shining
the wind howling

as i walk
a tomb i see
a grave nearby
no stars

as i walk
the cold grass i feel
the silence of darkness

as i walk
a new day may starts
living is all i can do

by scarlet rose
shayla ennis Sep 2014
writing writing
always writing
never stopping
words flowing
making sense
going crazy

words so many
phrases how long
writing words
so many of them

words that rhyme
phrases that ring
sentences that speak
always writing
never stopping
how much more

by blackrose
Sept. 3, 2014
shayla ennis Sep 2015
Grasping onto a shooting star
A galaxy of time to pass
To make the torment lesson
A mystery that hides the sins

A wound that seems everlasting
A different anguish every day
Need someone to know
All of it seeming eternal

All this misery that surrounds me
The wings of a free spirit captive
No one to tell me that we can be free
Even as the world harmonizes

Looking for a freedom from my consciousness
From my body
To live without a fiscal from
Just so all the despair fades

The world comes back into view
And the torture begins again
Everything the same
Nothing changing

A life that seems stolen
A place that does not belong to me
Desperation to find an answer
To see the pain all end

By scarlet rose
Date: 9-21-15
shayla ennis Jun 2014
there is blood everywhere
we cant stop seeing it
we are surrounded by it

on the walls
the floors
must it be all there is

can we not see the sky
the grass
the very face of nature

the fabric of time is silent
warm but cold
nightmares of death

this place of emptiness
a loneliness i can't escape from

a pool of red that is as cool and smooth
as wine
yet a thickness that gives you a pause
the flavor so sweet
but regretful

by black rose
shayla ennis Jan 2014
a body full of heath
now broken

tossed into a wall
bones juggled around
like a bouncing ball

nerves shattered
like book spines
never to react the same

muscles snapped
like rubber bands
never to be able to stretch the same way

pain from these wrongs
always felt
though they be dealt by another hand

this hand see's so punishment
the victim no reprieve

broken body
why no response
we are the ones hurting

see the agony we feel
let others here our words

sins of the wrong
victim being punished
though we be innocent

the real culprit walking
away in innocence  

by scarlet rose
this is about how my body was damaged and the person responsible for it walking away without punishment, and me having to always deal with the pain for there is no cure.
shayla ennis Apr 2014
you stand out in the crowd
under the shinning stars
when you move

the blazing fire follows
this is how it started

i first saw you like this
you siren called me
dancing like a gypsy

you do this to everyone
with out care
you leave broken hearts

everyone sees you at a distance
you show no accord
to their pain

we mean nothing to you
just another trophy
you collect

by scarlet rose
shayla ennis Apr 2014
they don't know me
nothing about me
not a thing

walking down the sidewalk
hearing whispers
nasty mean words

these words they speak
out of jealously
but they still bring pain

there only lies
they no nothing about me
not even trying to get to know me

feeling lost
can't make friends
everyone always laughing

they no nothing of who i am
what i may be
where i'm going

there words mean nothing as i grow
while they stay small
their words only bring silence

they no nothing about me
i'm the only one who knows me
everything there is to know

by scarlet rose
shayla ennis Aug 2013
i wonder where the cherry blossoms blow
a branch i bear, apple trees
beside me flows a languid stream

in the sight of an ancient tree
within the vale of crystal glow
where visions unseen come and go

in harmony of song
its magic in peace i know
they hail together each new birth of time

in sight of seasons change
summer leaves scatter
to fall colors entering

a distant isle sunk in shadows
winters bitter chill
anew with rare force
till spring may come again

by scarlet rose
four of these lines come from a book called a Celtic psaltery by Alfred perceval graves.
"here they are: a branch i bear,apple trees"
"a distant isle sunk in shadows"
"in the sight of an ancient tree"
"in harmony of song"
"they hail together each new birth of time"
shayla ennis Sep 2014
i stand alone
fish swarming around me
curouse about my existence
wondering about my light
wind howling
thunder booming
waves wavering
storm coming
gods looking from heaven
thunderous fury i cry
flashing scales i show
diamond fin swinging
my light becomes darkness
rage i feel
water dark and angry
sweeping everything away
freedom i desire

by blackrose
date: Sept. 2-2014
shayla ennis Aug 2019
The summer heat always Pleasant,
Always kind,
Always sincere,
As fall comes summer fades,
A breeze,  a chill arises,
We can smell winter in the air,
The cold becomes strong,
Lack of warmth increases,
Thus then we see spring around the corner
shayla ennis Feb 2014
time is slow and grows,
faster it seems to go,

why is time important?

can we forget how little there is,
how much we want,
live now not later,

from small to big grow we do,
waste not on insecurities,
forget the wanting,
give and receive what's needed,

old we are now no time left,

did i waste what was given in time?

or use it well

by scarlet rose
shayla ennis Jun 2015
moving on
scares healing
black fading away

no longer falling
the constent bleeding stops

i'm not giving up
not going to fall
fighting my way back

laying everything out
a line has been drawn

do i stand and keep moving
not breaking easly

not going down
not without a fight
standing tall
climbing to my feet

by scarlet rose
date: 6-10-15
shayla ennis Mar 2014
So many confusions
Thoughts in a struggle
Why does this happen

Anger in my soul
Sadness in my thoughts
Confusion in my mind

Can we not get along
Is understanding si hard
Must there always be anger

Emotion why do we have it
It only brings pain
Never happiness

Thoughts are they necessary
When they only cause greef

Confusion alway makes things end
So what makes begings

Where is my beging
Where is my unanswered questions

Is anything real or is it just my imagination of what should be

by scarlet rose
shayla ennis Feb 2014
thy power furled and unfurled,
as if a being,
god or fiend could reign at once,
so wicked,
and insane,

while air of space and time's full river flows,
bringeth through this pool of time and space of rivers end,
new heath to this flesh,

while the bones and muscle becomes stronger once more,
this flesh with blood so weakened by age,

let wicked deeds be met with fury,
grace from one where wickedness fell,

child of mother,
to mother of child,

strengthen me thrice for wickedness done

by scarlet rose
i have know idea why i wrote this. i just had so many words running around in my mind and no where to put them so i made this.
shayla ennis Jul 2013
fragrant night of fading light
cherry blossoms
breath i would of the air
to a single chime i hear
viewing a single tree
a blade of grass

fragrant day of rising light
cherry blossoms
breath i would of the air
a week i would pass
to a double chime i hear
viewing a flowing river
a single stone

by scarlet rose
shayla ennis Feb 2015
Fire burning
Flames of heat
Burning inside

An uncontainable heat
Intensity that consumes
My soul

Seeing you everywhere I look
Never saying anything
Too shy to say what’s in my heart

Flames that are irresistible
But delightfully hot

Dance these flames around
Around my soul
Pulling me in like a cowboys lasso

The heat of the sun on your back
Steam rising from the ground
As you walk by

Dry prairie grass trailing behind from a hard day’s work
Slick and tall
Tanned with a burn
No way to tame a fire like yours

Hot like the burning sun
Can a woman keep up
Burning only as hot as you

To dance in your heat
Is to melt in your love
Letting you take my soul
With the fire of yours

Dance these flames around
Around my soul
Pulling me in like a cowboy’s lasso

Scarlet rose
shayla ennis Jun 2013
vampire.a being one should fear
i see him
my heart beating fast
afraid not me

i know what you are
hands so cold
like snow
eyes black then red

the blood of humans you drink
the moon you walk in
skin like cold ice

powers you have
speed, longevity,
forever young

wishing to be like you
telling me forever is what i ask
a promise you cant take back

by scarlet rose
shayla ennis Jul 2013
dead roses
under the fist of hate
through the eyes of hell
flowing rain
lost cold eyes

searching for a way
begging and pleading
under a dark black sky

timeless rage
deadly hell
screaming at the sky again

single lies
darkness forever
hate your beautiful way

crimson moon
black tears
and all love completely erased
rose colored falling flames

by scarlet rose
inspired by the band called "sevendust"
some of the lines or words are from lyrics to a band called sevendust.
these are some of the songs that inspired me....
"mountain" "faithless" "black out the sun" "dead roses"
shayla ennis Sep 2014
the fact of deafness
it is not our minds
but our ears
thinks not that i don't understand
though sound does not enter
sight is available
my eyes read lips
my hands make signs
i know you understand
pretending otherwise
to explain from start to end is a waste
for you do not believe
what can i do?
but i feel the isolation
seems like my life gets harder with passing time
you say i'm young its not true
you try to make it as if age matters
when its not

by blackrose
date: Sept. 24, 2014
shayla ennis Feb 2014
let me see not with clouded eyes,
no longer do i wish to dream,
but to see reality,

the pain i must feel,
sadness i must understand,
with eyes unclouded i see death with a new darkness,

the darkness of fallen angels,
let them show me to the abise,
out of the light,
with their songs of hatred,
malice, and rage,

through their music i hear my voice,
a voice that will join others,
when time comes,
i will be ready to fall with wings as black as coal,

let me see not with clouded eyes,
but eyes unclouded,
let me see

by blackrose
shayla ennis Apr 2014
what befalls when  a women
sheds her humanity
on the pages of a diary

she watches the altercation
slip away
her consciousness lies alone

their waiting for others
to care to read

you may see a split soul that weeps

when you see my words
my feelings
you see that we are not perfect

I've been on my knees

what happens to a soul
that bleeds
trapped inside it's own

do we relinquish
our feelings
to a broken personality
that bleeds

letting it consume us
falling apart
unable to forget the pain

by scarlet rose
inspired by three doors down
shayla ennis Oct 2013
Demonic fire
Fire burning everywhere,
burning like a Devil inside,

She’s flaunting her demonic charms!

She's just a lonely women and she's on fire
Hotter than a fantasy in a dream,

She has both feet on the earth
she's burning it down

She has her head in the clouds
she's not going to back down

Fire burning everywhere,
Burning like a demon inside,

Her demonic charms
Your drug
Your ecstasy

She’s hotter than a fantasy in a dream,
She’s on fire

Walking a path of flames
Water will not burn her out

The devil inside her
Keeps her aflame

Let the fire dance
Let it burn

by scarlet rose
shayla ennis Oct 2013
Echoes of time
Can I hold you one more time
Tell you I love you
Can I play in the sand with you
Help you pick flowers for mom

Echoes of time
Do you remember when I walked you to school
Everything I did you did too
One and the same we were
Separate to our own spirits

Echoes of time
Can I help you with your shoes
Teach you how to dress
Being your sister always and forever

Echoes of time
These things that we did I miss
From toddler to adult
You've become

By scarlet rose
shayla ennis Dec 2015
Snow lies upon the ground
Coldly it blows through the sky
A wild wind all its own

Trees forcefully bent
Branches of life weighed with downing of white
A spell that binds us all
Like a tyrant king

The silence of its movements
The harshness of its fall
Chilling all in its wake
This unfeeling element

Chilled days without sun
Gray clouds
Colder nights freezing life
Icicles that hang from homes like lights

By scarlet rose
Date: 12-29-15
shayla ennis Dec 2022
Shallow shadows of darkness past.
Feeble light shining a path.
Weakened soul struggles to make way.
Burning Ashes become dusted air.
Faded tears like rain that soaks the Earth.
Unanswered words becoming enraged cry's.
Beckoning soul calling to the world.
Freedom,seeking repayment for it's pain.

Dec. 7,22
By Blackrose
A reminder that our souls are never truly free and pain is real even after death.
shayla ennis Jul 2014
the ground lies bare
(lanc i dalaf)

as death moves in fading light
(bad gurth vi ngalad firiel)

my heart sings to see thee
(cormamin lindue ele lle)

i will follow thee to deaths door and beyond
(amin khiluva lla a gurtha ar thar)

may the leaves of your tree that is life never turn brown
(Aa lasser en lle coia ornn omenta gurtha)

sweet tears of water and light till next we meet
(lissen ar maska tenna lye omentuva)

with laughter to guide us
(yassen lalaith a' "guide" lye)

till land and sun consume us
("till" ndor ar' anar "consume" lye)

when heaven turns crimson flames
(iire Arvandor "turns" agaru "flames")

the sea bares the moon
(i' ear "bares" i' ithil)

valiant blades seeped in blood forged
(astald "blades" "seeped" e' agar "forged")

by black rose
date: July 7,2014
aragon who is a character in this movie his name means elfstone. arwen who is a character in this movie her name means evenstar. by this i got my title. This poem was made do to the  research and watching of the movies called, "Lord of the Rings Trilogy".
the words in a maker are elven, it is a translation of the English words above. the words may be slightly incorrect or different. i did my best to get as close as i could to the true meaning. this is the sight i used for the translations.
shayla ennis Jul 2015
I keep falling
Hitting the ground
The wings given to me
By ancient gods
Torn from my body
My spirit losing its will

All my will being drained from me
Everything fading and being starved
Feeding the wars of aggression
Unable to ketch my breath

Seeing for the first time
A world around me
A chance to know what emotions are
Can one like myself find love?
Can an angel love a mortal?
Is a mortal’s heart strong enough?
To hold onto the light of
an angel who’s fallen

Hearing a voice constant
In my mind
Leading me to him
A heart so warm
To hold me
Can give me a dream
To believe in

By scarlet rose
Date: 7-17-2015
shayla ennis Nov 2014
Rain falling from clouds of sadness
To heal the tears from crying eyes
Water flowing in heavy waves to swallow the emotions of rage

Mother moon be with us
Wolves howling to the moon to a brother lost
Mother moon be with us

Answering to the howls, lighting a path
We sisters and brothers are one print of a wolf
In this wolf we are many

Mother moon guide us
Rain falling from stars above
To heal the wounds of new and old
Water flowing in a gentle wave to encourage us all to release our rage
Mother earth guide us

By crystal Ennis
shayla ennis Apr 2014
i sit in the darkness
for i can not see
why is it that emotion controls me

i try to see the sun
but the cloudiness in my eyes
prevents me

i want to feel safe
both day and night
but can't

why is the darkness my comfort
but light my prison

when i look inside myself is see a tornado of color
these colors are my emotions
emotions i can not control

each color stands for one emotion
red is anger
blue is happiness
purple is sadness
black is hate
yellow is commonness
grey is fear

why can i not understand these emotions and control them
do i really have these emotions
am i emotionless
a person who feels nothing

or is it something else

by scarlet rose
April 23, 2014
shayla ennis Apr 2020
It is not pretend
it is not fake
it is not in the mind
it is in the body
it is real it
is there
do not call me a liar
do not say I am faking
you do not understand
therefore you cannot accept

Our nerves are always hurting
are muscles are constantly seizing
are bones constantly swelling and in pain
These are the signs remember them

Some of us can walk some of us can move some of us are stuck some of us cannot
some of us have it easy meds are helping some of us are not so lucky meds are failing

For me I'm the ladder I am stuck I am in pain meds do nothing
This is just how it is this is how it will always be
Remember this condition is real and it is not fake

Scarlet rose
April 13th 2020
I wrote this to remind people that those of us who have fibromyalgia should not be ignored and then we should not be told that we are Liars are pretending just because you do not know about the condition does not mean it does not exist we do have days that we can move around and walk with ease but we have for many more of those days when we are in constant pain I am tired of people assuming that I am all right when I am not tired of people calling me a liar or bartender just because they don't know and don't want to take the time to learn
shayla ennis Feb 2015
Found my way
Into the flames of hell
Finding an impossible path
From a path of loss
To a path of strength

Feeling the burning flames
A caress of life
Into the eyes of Cerberus
Red eyes filled with hate
Staring back at me

The day of my destruction comes closer
Into the abyss
A dark endless hole
Finding the life I had

To be reborn as a burning phoenix
To see the pages of my feelings burn
A story that has come to an end

By Black rose
just wrote this today 2-11-2015
shayla ennis Oct 2013
Fire can be a wall of flame
A restless wall of flame
It can burn you
It can heal you
It can **** you
It’s fury never to be tamed
A blinding zeal
Quick to flare up
Or die down
Fire can destroy you
Destruction is your only goal

by scarlet rose
shayla ennis Nov 2015
I’m drowning, I can’t breath
Locked in a cage
Forced into chains
Losing control without choice

At the surface a masquerade
A mask of happiness
Nothing as it seems

Patience for freedom wearing thin
Into non existence
A person of perfection
A deception

I’m snapping the cage
Breaking the chains
Becoming me and not what you want

Freedom on the other side
A door filled with truth
The sun and clouds shining
With magic

The surface of a mirror
Not judging me
As you do

The mask falling off
A masquerade coming to a close
Taking power
Taking control

Another side of my self
The real me
No more pretend

Take me as I am
Or I walk away

Now is my time
Now it’s my path not yours
Ill change even if you don’t
Want me too

This is me
The real me
Take it or leave it
I don’t care

The chains are gone
The cage broken

By scarlet rose
written  on November 12, 2015 at 11:30 am
shayla ennis Feb 2014
the beat of thunder upon the land,
a broken red teardrop on my hand,
smashed remains upon the snow,
my thundering spirit the only sound,
soul of ice,
frozen in space,
far at distance,
lighting shines,
whispers of sprites through the leaves,
songs being carried on the snowflakes,
secrets hidden that none shall speak,
mirrored anger made true,
unseen emblem filled with dread,
spirit wrenching agony,
another day,
pieces of a craked soul,
patched together yet shaken apart,
flare to flames,
soul of ice turned to crystal,
gleaming shards of rhinestone eyes,
this spirit of ice the only link,
shackled in fire,
bound by metal,
each day wearing on,
the last sheds of hope long gone,
in fields of snow,
of diamond,
the sprites lie waiting for the sacrifice,
that is this soul of frozen ice

by scarlet rose
shayla ennis Jul 2013
rain falling
water flowing in heavy waves
wolves howling
lighting a path

rain falling
stars above
water flowing in a gental wave

rain falling
the print of a wolf cub
water flowing as cherry blossoms fall

rain falling
water flowing as glistening flames
of a lantern

the petal of a Lilly
rain falling

by scarlet rose
shayla ennis Feb 2014
the smell of fresh blood,
precious ruby stones,
teardrops running down my flesh,
glorious blood,

death shrouding me,
a heart throbbing in my hand,

how i smile,
with a twinkle in my eyes,
glorious blood,

reveling in the color of it,
beauty magnified,

in victory i cry,
fresh the ****,
life ebbing from their flesh

by scarlet rose
shayla ennis Jun 2018
Azure waves,
Tempestuous silica air,
Dusky woodlands and brooks,
Ithaca’s bluff,
Herb covered cliffs,
Bitter fantasies of crystal and sea,
We Greeks of no freedom and home,
We slaves of misfortune,
For the sun as abandoned us,
The war as destroyed us,
Here our cry’s for salvation and truth,
Here us beg for what has been taken to be returned,
Let this war end,
Let this pain disperse,
Let our city be rebuilt,
Let our people survive and grow,
Be gone god of war and misfortune
shayla ennis Jun 2013
restless wall of flames
roaring higher
never to become tame
fundamental of all elements
leaping creeping and all
red flames

fire in your spirit
fire that wont die
there are rings of flames
it burns deep in my soul

confusion, whipping, whirling
never ending
always colder
always sharper
cruel and devastating
dancing with the flames
a fiery gypsy's dance

by scarlet rose
shayla ennis Jul 2013
her movements entice the desolate
she twists and turns tempting all around
flowers of crimson cast their hue
sparks of ruby fly to kiss the night

her movements ****** the lonely
she twists and turns tempting all around
her eyes literally burning

they spin and turn while the fire burns
her eyes burning like heated coals

they spin and turn while the fire burns
sparks flying to kiss the sun
flowers cast their scarlet hue

by scarlet rose
shayla ennis Feb 2014
we are still,
eyes swollen,
a moon in each,
in the center,
ribboned with smoke,
wispers across water,
so quite,
the other side,
all that will remain of me,
a red hill ahead,
black snakes sliding into the water,
making the moon shiver,
i cross the bridge,
bones it is made of,
sunk deep in red water,
dark as the blood we bare,
as screams resonance,
sinks into flame,
eyes filled with fear

by scarlet rose
inspired by the words from "night ambush", "bamboo bridge" by Doug Anderson.
shayla ennis Jun 2015
i'm alive
keeping my heart beating
a flame so cold
that it's frozen solid

thorns brittle and black
wraped and twining around this cold fire

a settled hatred that turnes to all
consuming rage

no control over the emotions surgering through
everything going from hate to calmness
in an instant

this heart beating inside
a corpse that feels nothing
on the outside

a frozen flame
cold rage
burning emotions

i'm alive
keeping my heart beating
a cold fire
frozen solid

by scarlet rose
date 6-10-15
shayla ennis Jul 2013
I feel the pain in my veins
The life slowly fading
I know that it's frightening
I've only just begun living
In darkness of night
I saw in my dreams
The angel of death
we've only just begun
hypnotized by drums
now i know my time has come
the chase has begun
Flames licking at my heels
Trying to run away
Cherry tears fall down my face
His kiss of night
My death
Cloaked in darkness
Standing in shadow

by scarlet rose
inspired by the band called " the wanted"
some of the words or phrases in this poem are from the soundtrack called
'the wanted' i did my best to do all the words myself.
these guys tend to give me alot of inspiration.
i hope they don't mind.
shayla ennis Mar 2015
Isis a goddess of magic
Stars shooting like diamonds
Shielding a child’s dreams
Patroness to nature
A defender of the dead
Timeless giver of life
Garden of life’s oases
Every star a child
Every constellation a shield
Men her warriors
The sky a bed of hope
A silken blanket
Nature her weapon to wield

By scarlet rose
written on 3-10-2015
shayla ennis Jun 2015
finding my way
it's hard to see the future
when the past blinds you

can time be rewound
starting over

can we reallymove forward
with the future so upside down

is there a way to make it right
right sideup

can time be rewound
starting over

thinking about the past
slows time down
the future speeding things up

the pain we feel fading
allowing us to run away from it
stoping us from excepting the truth

the future giving us something to look forward too
while we run without stopping

a force we can see
cousing us to slame the breaks on
relizing that running leads know were

can time be rewound
starting over

by scarlet rose
date: 6-10-15
shayla ennis Jun 2013
so many of them
no longer can it be seen
memory lost
where does it all go
my path like a maze
to many walls
so few doors
my mind like a puzzle
one peace at a time
put together
can it be solved
or is it lost forever

by scarlet rose
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