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Shadows Rising Oct 2014
Soaking wet
With tears of joy
You embrace my face
How we both have waited for this

Threw all the nights alone
For all the pain felt
For all the letters that came
and for the ones that didn't

The tightening of our soul's
The shortening of our life span
Even after all this
We held on

Now the war is over
and the journey can begin
A family stuck in gridlock
Can now be whole again
Being released from prison is joy some will never know....
Shadows Rising Dec 2014
Whats with all the twisted lies
when cotton mouth corroded hound dogs eat souls
made from badger **** and ice cream
not really sure what to think or even how to tell
but we all know what needs to be done
**** em all and **** em good
give em the good ol justice *** kicking and send em packing!

I might rant and you might rave
but today i show you why im am the raven
and your eyes that will be pecked
I took them away and i will never return them
unless you have a recite....which in that case
im sorry......
This is not what i would consider a poem per se.....Just a way to let out emotion and learn new ways to wright poetry...yah i know ur all confused....
Shadows Rising Feb 2015
Thoughts gone
Everything is lost
Nothings left
Cannot go on

Where have I been
How can I get back
Please save me
Or is it to late

All feeling is gone
I'm numb to the core
Nothings left....
I have lost my way

Save me save me
Darkness.....this I ow
And it shall receive
Shadows Rising Nov 2014
Secrets shade my existence
I hide my true self
Hiding me from you
From everyone

Nobody understand's ugly
They never will
All they do is point
Laugh and make fun

They can laugh
Because they will never know
About the other side
My true self
The world crawls on my skin...
And I scratch till i bleed...

For life has forced hands
but opened variety
Opportunity shows
And so i take

Running with bleeding legs
And adrenaline high
Opportunity i hold
And thus i show.....

I am here and I'm screaming
But the world is tone deaf....

So i scream louder!
Come see me at Venom4urlife on YouTube for more....
I haven't posted in so now its time
Shadows Rising Oct 2014
Choose your spot
Shine it nice
Pretend your real
Shed a tear
Let the blade arrive
Give direction
Sigh your perfect sigh
Show your shallow smile
Bleed alone
Die alone.....
Shadows Rising Sep 2014
Darkness covers me with uncertainty
Judgment engulfs me
There is no light here...

Sickness surrounds me with stupidity
Forgiveness rejects me
There is all light here...

Choices that are made Fail
Choices that are given rejoice
When light shows it seems dim
When dim disappears it seems light

A cycle to be broken
But a cycle never cracked
We spin......There is no light....
But light we show....
Drunk rambling......
Shadows Rising Apr 2017
Waves of terror flash over me
I wait for my turn only to be turned down
again and again
I fail n fall to fall n fail again
Time to hit refresh and try once more
So once again i try n try again
Only to fail miserably!
Just a random thought in my head....
Shadows Rising Oct 2014
Test the limits of my light
See if i can follow
Question what is
Answer what i have already done
Pretend you know the world
When i know existence
Iv known it for far to long
I will continue to know this

I lived many lives
When you have only lived one
I show where i have been
How iv come to be
You show where you wish you were
Then turn around and go nowhere
Iv opened my third eye
While you have opened your mouth

You flex flawed logic
While i dead lift the magic
You claim your fallacious friends as kin
Then i present fellow witch's and enchantress's

You are a false guide
You need to be exposed and thus you have.....
People that claim to know the magic when really there imagination is no better than a small child.
Shadows Rising Apr 2016
The sheep raid my plantation
Bringing down my fences
Eating my crop's
Polluting my air, With bitter taste
Bitter and angry i become
Full of rage...


In my mind's eye
I know all can be rebuilt
The air can become fresh
And the grass green

The cycle of it all
And all comes back around.....

Think about it.....
Shadows Rising Sep 2014
Velvet soft skin
Playing fingernails
Dragging down your skin
You impeach me from my slumber
So i rise....

Steady i flow
onward to your rhythm
and we join as one

Hold me tight
Hold me please
A tear escapes its chamber
Iv longed for this
Iv begged for this
Save me from myself
Shadows Rising Apr 2016
Passing of times
Wishing it would come back
But knowing
What you have been threw
The bad thing's you have witnessed
Participated in even
Knowing this
Regret set's in
But then you look back harder

and you realize

Your past was a learning curve for now......
Embrace the random......
Shadows Rising Dec 2014
Pull off my wings
Then teach me to fly
Show me how its done
And maybe i wont die

Like fly into a wall
Or smear my face in a grill
Just show me the way
So i can swallow this pill

You always know my misconceptions
and how my logic is flawed
I hate how your right
To show me i am a constructive fraud

I know i can learn
Only if i take heed
So my teacher my ears are open
My mind is ready to be freed
I usually don't rhyme in my poems anymore but liked how this came out....
Shadows Rising Oct 2014
Blanket our fear
With easy going pain
A temporary fix
For permanent problem

Give more money
Give more money

Give us a reason for patriotism
So war can become our past time
We live we die
We are all good Americans

Give more money
Give more money

Donate your kin
So the rich get richer
We can end the war
But first thing's first

Give more money
Give more money

I think we have given enough......
Not sure how this turned out....You decide
Shadows Rising Oct 2014
She was standing on the balcony of the forty second floor, The breeze swayed her Lucius ***** blonde hair as i crept up behind her.
"You'll freeze to death." I said as i pulled off my jacket and wrapped it around her soft shoulder's.
She stood quiet for a moment.
"Thank's." She responded in a depressing voice.
Her fragrance was breathtaking, Reminding me of a new born flower.
"You know you don't have to run anymore." I spoke softly in her ear.
"But i do." She responded.

~Tamerial is dead.~ I thought to myself.

"He is out there. Watching me."
Her body trembled for a moment.
"I know he is still alive."

To be possibly continued.....
Just something i had started writing one day in a notebook. Thought id share it with the world and see if anyone would like to hear more of this story.
Shadows Rising Sep 2014
Bleed me deathly dry
So i cry in pain i cry
Wishing i was away
Away with my lover
The lover of my life

But her breath has paused
and mine becomes short
Short as our own existence
and we seize to exist

Our life drains
Upon the floor
The killer smiles.....
"How bout one more."
Shadows Rising Oct 2014
Tear me down
Show me your will
Break me
hate me
destroy what forsakes me

Bleed me dry
scar my life
End my world
End my world

Leave me alone
Let me rot
Diminish whats left
Shadows Rising Oct 2014
A musical trance seance under control by the hand of a shadow
A "Du hast" to a "Loco" To a "beautiful people"
A fraction of symphony, Sent by the gods of rock

Spiderweb rooms an corridor covered with the entrance to darkness set in place with danger light's, Strobe lights, an a fog machine set on auto
A haunted feel to a shack left cold an abandoned.
Equipped with superior beings and extended solo's of 6 string guitar's along with drum's and distorted bass guitar, setting the rhythm for our soul's,Feeding threw 4 large kickers.

This shadow was me
Decorated in crow face paint, Along with black attire to match my attitude
People came and went and came again
Supporting my and there craving for sublime sound
But one, the one, my goddess, my angel of death came to my dwelling, she came with a message

To indulge in my love

But also to give me a message of misery
To break me free of this chaotic world i was fixed in, with a bite to my fingertip the purified pressure was on
She wore the same colors as I
Only more dragged inline's
More pain, More beauty than she could see
I stared into her crystal corroded bloodshot eyes
I seen deep within herself
I saw pain, I saw hate for her fire, I saw hate from others
I had seen everything and nothing
I arose from my slumber to meet her in the darkness or mothers sleep
To give mother a great vision, a great dream and it was this
My angel of death, Meeting face to face, Eye to misery, Cure to disease, Beauty to ugly.

The words rolled off her tongue like the greatest embrace to a lover
Her words were sweet and seductive
Sprinkled with tears of a suicidal mind and a scarred wrist.
Then in a perfect moment are perfect tender love met with crying eyes and black lipstick.
Within that moment i ingested her misery
I took it and gave her what she deserved


After the release of this lover's choice
We met vision and from there i seen the truth
I could never release her from this insanity
Only pamper or even embrace it
This timeless motion of misery will never stop ticking in my heart
Not till it expires!
I miss you.....
Shadows Rising Sep 2014
Blanket my pain
With seeds of hope
Show me the way
Show me the way
Please release your grip
So i can close my eyes
Shadows Rising Mar 2016
Thoughts ring in my head
Endless melody's of beautiful song's
Everything seem's right
Everything seem's so real....
But all is wrong.....

Im in control......Im in control

The whisper's
The whisper's

I am in control........I am in control
Shadows Rising Oct 2014
After all we've been through
We still come back to each other
It kills me u being someone else
I laugh when I'm with u
Sad when not
I'd rather be dead
Then never laugh again
When with u
I go to bed wishing..
U were the one next to me
Cant sleep...
To much pain knowing ur not mine
U filled the hole in my heart
I feel as if we belong
As if the world would stop
When the pain is worse
When ur not around everything is blurry
U know me better then i know my self.
Thats why i'd rather love and laugh with you
Then not to laugh at all,
Ur my pain...I love you
Written to me by an ex girlfriend....Her name was Angel of $in...

— The End —