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 Mar 2018 SG Holter
lit a candle,
a star to wish upon.

the night draws
the torment of the sea,
waves crashing
on distant shores.

my wish, this tiny twinkle,
rides in fire, flame shaped,

a cry in front of Solomon's
slaughtering sword:

let him live, for his heart is love
and his love shapes the world.
He is two -
Like a vinyl record--
he has an 'A' side
and a 'B' side;
guess which one
I love to listen to,
on repeat,
and over,

He is two -
Like cuttlery--
A knife
and a fork -
one is sharp
and cuts deep,
and one picks me up;
guess which one
I love to spoon?

He is two -
the sun,
and the moon;
and I,
... well,
I was doomed
from the beginning,
just like a shooting star;
guess which one
I fell for?

By Lady R.F. (C)2017
 Nov 2017 SG Holter
Open Book
 Nov 2017 SG Holter
My digits tremble
as ink falls to paper

I know you’re listening

My eyes blur
as tears fall to smudge

I know you’re watching

My insides crumble
as these words are written

Because I know you’re reading
 Oct 2017 SG Holter
Dr Zik
Where no one can disdain
Where no one feel be scorned
Where no one try to brag
Where no one feel helpless
Where no one try to fight
Where no one try to get rid of
Where no need of a barren land
Where no need of desert insight
Where no need of any shyness
Where we would ready to hear the truth
And take it as a tweet of bird
Where flowers’ beauty and fragrance
Can lessen pangs and sorrows of
This cruel cunning ugly world
And we would start to dance in breeze
With the jocund company of You
When a tiny, an innocent
Shining and transparent dew drop
That cannot miss a chance in hurry
To make a snap impatiently
Be a witness!
Bless us O’ Lord!
Bless us a chance
O’ my Lord!
Dr ZIK's Poetry
Dive down into
the Sea of Words,
flip my mermaid tail    
to the passersby.

Dive down deep
to the bottom
of the sea, the
very deepest depths
of this salty sea.

When I come up
to the surface again,
starfish weave shells
into my auburn hair,
while sirens sing
new words to me.

Vast expanse of
emerald waters,
Sea of Words
you are my home.
©Elisa Maria Argiro
 Aug 2017 SG Holter
Noddy Ueland
"I'm afraid that we will become history as soon as the puzzle is finished."
Looking down at my jigsaw I
understand that the picture below is now made of

South African wine, bouldering summer storms, and pieces of garlic in the hands of a dancer who does not

Dance. Only in your arms, I could breathe the best way an asthmatic could. But as a misunderstood

Puzzle Girl, I would always give you the last piece of my jigsaw - knowing that you'd keep the finishing piece in your box of

treasures. Kept a secret. Like the fact that we both *hate to love
but keep believing that this too shall pass
as the cancer is eating out our bodies and we fight our separate wars.
You are making history

And I look down at my unfinished jigsaw
knowing that without you
my picture will never be
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