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that breaking moment
when you find your soulmate
in the eyes of someone
who doesn't find his in
it's not much i know but i hope some people might relate to it and know they are not the only one's who are suffering from a heart-break <3
one day i’m gonna wake up and not care about what you dreamed about
one day i’m not gonna worry if you’ll include me in your plans that night
one day i’m gonna realize we just wouldn’t work
one night i’m gonna meet someone else
someone who makes me feel loved
one night i’m gonna love someone not just because i’m trying to get over you
i’m gonna love someone for me
It was almost like everytime he broke me,
he took a small peice of my heart;
At one point i thought there was nothing left,
he had my whole heart;
I want it back.
  Apr 20 Serena Jo Hanke
find someone who looks at you the way they look at the stars
Call me heartless
if it helps you feel better

keeping me locked in a memory
of bitterness
dragging my name through the dirt
as you tell the next girl of the one

I can keep your kisses pressed
against my heart
and pretend the sweetness lingers

if it makes you feel better
be cruel and not kind

I don’t mind
every time i laugh
i quickly look over at you
hoping you’d fall for my laugh
as fast as i fell for yours
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