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Rivea 4d
fight with me
set my entire body ablaze
spit your venom in my eyes
tell me you love me
hold me hostage in your arms
i promise i won't leave
Rivea 4d
Just beyond that frail, clear glass, a storm is brewing.
Newly emerald leaves shake harshly in a spring breeze.
The sky is troubled grey with rain waiting to let loose.
My childhood flashes before my eyes.
Images of frolicking happily as water poured from above.
There was no reason to be afraid.
Take me back to those days.
Let's go dancing in the rain.
Rivea 5d
after we fight, wrap me up tight and promise me it'll be okay.
Rivea 7d
These circles we're going in will never get us out of the maze.
Rivea May 9
You tell me you love me
but you don't even know me.
Silly boy.  Tricks are for kids:)
  May 9 Rivea
Its easy to pick someone out,
but harder to love them.
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