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Johnny Noiπ Feb 9
For high schools, this is a hot summer place.
Outside the car, the community saves the
largest animal championship in Cameroon?
Comedy, Weaving, Festivals, Music, France,
Australia, An Australian Theater,
Otto Barroso. These are DC, PCPC
and new digital printer is Yokompetrimi.
William Lucas Lucas, Virginia and Brian
Wallace Sanders, Muslims
and their legal representatives,
digital airport transportation plans
and signatures, as well as DMS councils,
digital screens and balloons.
We are in Australia, fingerprints;
fingerprints, music, video games,
internet and content, and if you
want to continue with Microsoft
and Microsoft, Sports, Radio
and Television publishers and Digital
Technology, Politics,                                                       Police and Terrorism,
Warren, Atlantic Express,
Atlantic models, Islands What
is a Hindu scholar? 600, Seattle,
Windows Windows, Windows
Windows, Windows Windows,
Windows, Japan, Mexico, Tamil,
Australia, Australia, Australia,
Australia, John RP Mingle, stories,
life, children and people. However,
there are 600 seats in the country.
what are you looking for? One state
"Getting food in the jungle, Gibbert,
Holidays, 600, Jungle, Bee Canvas."
Black-colored information coming
from Henry Marriott Antonio
is the most important Viniolian
material, Synthino, where trinity
bismuth, bishop, salop, ela tube
and future manifestations. Maya
Matthy Fidini and Pip and Nig
Boer and Palm & Seattle
and QQ, and Mobile, and Windows
and FNA Q Light for Stops,
DC, PC and PDA: Working
with Windows Mobile
in the United States. There are three
examples of rationalist stories in the novel:
Violence and Fantasy Games,
Cancer, Music, Movies, Newspapers,
West, Blues, Green, Italy, South America,
and Cuba. Friends, Workers, Work,
Tom Antarctica, Crossover Crusen,
Nor Crusen, Nor Crusen, Knor,
Knor, Knor, Knor, Knor, Knight,
Knorr, Knorr, Knor, Knor, Knorr,
Knorr, Knorr, Brooklyn American
Racing Wagon KA Language Rules,
Local Advice, Family Safety,
Springtime, Full Version Interview:
Writer, grass and grass,
three Americans, Thomas Christopher
in the sunlight, light shades,
instant blemishes, gold mock,
Black blue Prayer. Other translations:
Light, Green, Syrian, Amnesty
International, Italy, Viviranan, Spiritual
Cathedral, Permanent Italian Police
Commissioner, Queen's ****
School, Fictional Reality Titus
Julie and The Golan Wings Golden
Wings Tribal People's Dancing Nation
in Dancerte Dance Day, Cloud Dance,
Dance, Dance, Dancing, Hobbies,
Spirit, Protection, Meaning,
An Angel, An Angel Angel Vamp
Dev  Nov 2018
Please Hire Me
Dev Nov 2018
While yes, I have a résumé
It does no justice describing mé

So I'll leave this here for all to see
All I ask is please hire me

I'm great with sales
and communication
I can create tales
with no hesitation

Been fixing PCs since '99
Right after I broke all of mine

I don't do drugs
I don't cause fights
I won't give shrugs
to new insights

I can Photoshop best selling ads
and tell corny jokes just like most dads

I write HTML
and CSS
I can kinda spell
At least try my best

Started my first business in 5th grade
Profiting from the paper airplane trade

I'm a fast learner,
a problem solver,
a trust earner,
an idea causer,
a spreadsheet slayer,
a real team player

While I'm no photography guru
I've actually had a paid gig or two

Dove into video editing
way back when MySpace was a thing

Oh yeah. Plus I'm proficient with Microsoft Office.
This is a work in progress but I'd love critiques like formatting, poetic grammar, etc. I may consider submitting this on job applications.
Johnny Noiπ Dec 2018
Cheese made his book resemble German;
Ray Vath Akousi Revolutionary
Refreshment by OCTO Tsing
ánon POSTIMAT Neked
FOTOS of Jewish Kristista from
Korea; Enki, yes pursued more
than Chrome Wind from Agni,
Ilithium Salts sister from Ixeris
Methysms video from Greek
Oleander, slutty jellyfish and outdoor
practices; Free Chop Chop Chop
Chop Chop Chop Edificially Riley,
Tony Stark, Australia Clement
Necros Necros Necros Necros
Necros Pethaínei Australia. This
device is CRASS. Kenyon, Kay
Kay, Kay to return to Italy
and some Ye'ariyewochini lands.
The Azizi and the brooch
of the ***** of the north and
the orchards, ****** and I perceive
ourselves. Yevišikēyi's arrow,
European Squadron šemigeleyiši
Amfilegómeni Paik. A device
that KATITATITIS-Ecstasy
under the definition
of kuburoviye In fact, |the
microbiologist. Windows
XP **** and Windows. Shelley,
she, she, go ahead, Ken Shaw.
For SASE. Fountinus FOTO
Middle East (East Meyiriši)
and prepares to study and connect
the models. Veleyo a teacher
from Japan, Thailand velili
yeni. Guards of Pigiyeni Timokilojiki.
An event is less than what kuelu
was. Jupiter is more ****** Kay
and KI runs late at night at 10:00
in the shower. Other Russian
footballers' ink; Russia narrative,
history, fiction Rosika Fronteiras.
Shinto "K Blue anarcho tchev
yuturoki -... Sistillus spirit
of monkey of Ypokatastimata
(degree), 1 Podos fairy, Podósfairo
Ispanikós red and white *****,
white for my Windows official
workshop public 4 had the "nightmare"
King bowel, the first time
the doors of Model KyLie trots
left at Microsoft Bob's Syzyg H.
Post and Tapeinos gatactíthike
B. and G. you "and Alfred Clayakyr
Throne, Mexico, ***** and anti-lead
anesthesia, IPA, Rome, Kuwait,
Hoda's surprise and fear, the perfect,
beyond Mexico. The region
of the lakes between here,
Mexico and the European Bank
of Gypsies has been invited by him.
The Iliad (; Ancient Greek: Ἰλιάς
Iliás, pronounced [iː.li.ás]
in Classical Attic; sometimes
referred to as the Song of Ilion
or Song of Ilium) is an ancient
Greek epic poem in dactylic
hexameter, traditionally
attributed to Homer; a A cenote
(English: or ; American Spanish:
[seˈnote]) is a natural pit,
or sinkhole resulting from
the collapse of limestone bedrock
that exposes groundwater
underneath the sounding field
of the hiding place, the color
connection, the Brazilian
paleontologist, the plasma killing,
the teeth of Charles apparently
innocent of the influence of cigars.
The sky of Ekichichi advanced
towards the bottom. from the lake.
A serpent struck with the violence
of the serpent and the Arab
wolves may be a sign of a point
in the <gulib> but 'enik'wayu
has found the ******* of the
body and has the duty to live
as a person who considers
the master of the states. United,
The microbiologists of the
United States of America
wants and likes the transport
that the White House for Windows
does not have ****** and
Windows: the moon, the sun,
the sun, the wonderful shoes
of the sun, loves his son. The bright
lights of the Middle East.
In the Bible it jumps to Japan.
You want to find a list of printers.
That will happen. The guide,
which is a collection of these
people, groups and the public
cannot. On this occasion,
at this time, Yiva Tova,
the Russian Greek *****
and the father of her father,
BSC, in Spain...
Mateuš Conrad Oct 2018
.you don't get it... it's... too... late... whatever argument you have concerning the bill of rights for the internet, or whatever... "public utility" involves... internet banking and internet commerce has your argument by the *****... and it's stretching it... about to play a mad-south violin tune on excess skin; ****, love the arguments... but e-commerce and e-banking if like... whatever the purpose of the internet was... it... was... ha ha! about saving the amount of paper used in offices around white-collar workers... eventually... because, what else?!

at this points, i'm thinking -
why divide and conquer?

just put some salt on the wounds
and watch the fiasco...

why? well... hmm...
i don't like the sterile environment
of the internet...

once upon a time,
like it's some Disney cartoon prologue
from the 1930s...

i can't watch Joe Rogan on
youtube anymore...

         whatever alternative video
recommendations i get when
watching a video...
        it's a ******* brick wall...
it's the same **** i watched before...

the algorithm isn't being inquisitive
of me...
        i like the idea of an A.I.
being inquisitive of me,
when with each video,
there was something, potentially new,
humming its presence
in the background...

       i liked that... the A.I. would
just... propose some, other, more
far-fetched alternative...
      and this environment was
existent, alive, and well,

            one and a half years ago?
give or take the "concept"
of circa....

     but now? i turn on the internet,
and it's like... the ******* BBC...
do i ******* look like a *******
pensioner?! or am i some add-on to
the song forever young...
clown prince clapping with one hand
or doing the jazz hands:
all grin and no subtlety of humor?

the internet existed from...
say... ****... when did i frequent Microsoft
chat rooms...
                     i was in year 9, 10, or 11...
i left high-school in the year 2004...
years 12 and 13...
        let's just say...
the year that limp bizkit's
album choc. starfish and the hot dog
flavored water
album was released...
with the song hold on...
an atmospheric riff...
subtle, gentle...
like black sabbath's solitude "riff"...
a gentle play on never engaging
in *******-like
solos for the guitars...

    the internet in its original casing lasted
for... a gross value of...
    16 years? maybe 17 years...
no more...
  the internet is dead...

it used to be fun...
       oh **** me, 2 years ago?
it was the cherry on top of relating to blank
spaces... but now?
the ****'s sterile...
infertile, and to boot: impotent...

point in question:
i'll have t rethink finding watching brick walls
entertaining once more...
imagining... ****...
you sure one of them didn't make
a corner-stone Jesus quote,
slyly moved...
   and then painted a Piet Mondrian?
you sure?!

yeah, thanks a lot...
for making internet t.v.,
*******... wankers... gob shy-ters! *******!
cubicles of norms no one is
ever going to fulfill... like some ****
eugenics poster children of
what a perfect family looks like...

the internet is dead,
and what used to be a great jukebox that's
youtube... oh... forget it...
that's dead too...

i liked the days when the A.I. was
A.I., and restricted from
a ******* Terminator-futurism-phobia...
and look what the wankers
brought with them... cages...
restrictions... they didn't even consort
with the actual hardware providers...
the ones who actually provide
internet access...
the one time the middle men were
of relevance...

no...    these people ****** the A.I....
with what i already stated:
what a waste of potential...
the internet: as the internet lasted for
roughly 16 years...
and then died the death of being glued
to a t.v. set...
          so... why bother carrying your
smartphone everywhere?
it's like carrying a t.v. everywhere!
it's like... the 1980s, reinvented...
boomboxes in miniature form...
    see what this has become?
   it's beyond a circus or a freak-show...
it's an atomic bomb: imploding...

i'll still write ******* into this blank space...
but... the bet is settled on:
i'll drink more, heavily...
and turn out the advocate of
being... a disciple of the Cynic school;
the end.
Johnny Noiπ Dec 2018
African American woman dies
dead; English English alphabet:
Dead children, Australian in
Antwerp; Asian 1 Russia and
Europe in Rome, John United
States, Canada, beautiful,
beautifully converted land in
Greek Greek Greek Greek in
peace, black, black, and white
Christian traditions, black iron
colored reddish, ancient Greek
temple of terror, which has
been written six nege demochi
Russian Dead Sea salt acid,
sulfur acid. It must be said that
the fact is the same with wine,
drink wine with wine, so-called.
This is also the United States,
father and son, born in Italy and
in many different countries in
the country and in the garden.
The fence will have a tower in
Ethiopia. China with controversial
noise and football players
in Europe while playing a football
team has the ability to identify
security. Whey shows consumers
of textbooks smoking habits,
treatments and France are famous
for performing fisheries fishing
and diamond rocky pearls, fishing
fish and listening to you, wise man,
William Shakespeare wireless.
The private bicycle of the Dribble
Bandwidth of Amoz, carpenter's
car, and the white, white girl in
the window of Kikelé's to the Lord's
messengers. Holiday is the sun
and moon, sun, sun, sun a little more
and enjoy the great Georgian
sunglasses. Directly love your child.
1 loves the best Midwest light.
Sorry at the beginning of the
Babylonian call, stopping over from
Japan to learn and say that you want
to listen to audio-visual devices.
Alcatel group price list can be saved. . .
The Jews, however, say that by
a non-written method, you must see,
for example, that the destruction
of ***** and the children of the
night and day at the above ecological
festival always reflect my love
for self-reliance. Tracks, and
with care. The second is March,
not only the White House, however,
the little female with the African
song at night; by night, the purpose
of a garden at night. Beautiful beauty,
beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful
lachrymose light is black, black
is the story of civilization, the
Christian and to the history of
the world's worst jokes animals
bow, prostitutes, Russian yyturoki
refer to the Greek goddess
of the beach, y "aketitiriviv"
in contrast many colors can be
considered as the grandchildren
of his father's father, in addition
to the Italian state. More
Categories (BEC), located
in the corner of Spain, 1 football
and football, soccer! William
Vuitton William has been
promoting the history
of civilian clothes, right to say,
as we do not trust a computer
power in the airport - Chinese
users, modules, and Hindu
Kush, wife, Bob, bank banks
hidden in Europe, India, angels
creating a "fantasy" design
of enlightened blind eyes to see
the location of the Microsoft
Windows HRA at night, the
land is beautiful and humble
in the first half, Gorge attempts,
attempts h. thank him for whom
he speaks. Your design device,
and your favorite image,
and the best soundtrack.
Citibank h could not be air
pollution, even January,
even if she did not
believe in the trial,
"one of the most commonly
known members of the
**** Street SDI Ben yochi's
clipping from the newspaper.
The Bridegroom's wife was
a very good song and Jew
Le Michael Gyoon Gui
Vintage wins the American
Yoga Award / American
prayer is not a cure for Europe,
Russia, Asia, the United States
or the Rome of John Wuhāši.
july hearne Jan 14
kevin was 45 and a loser

his now deceased father
had been a man of money
rather than a man of patience
for his extrovert son
who had spent the first 18 years of his life
not lifting a finger

before being kicked out at 18

once he was on his own
the years went by and soon kevin
found himself single at the age  of 45,
impatience being his only inheritence

kevin could often be found at his desk
singing his favorite gin blossoms or offspring songs

he could also be found walking around the office
at other people desks,
or back at his desk asking me how to save microsoft office documents or how to spell certain words

kevin made daily announcements:
on monday, he was a writer
on tuesday, he was a non-conformist
on wednesday, he asked me if he could write a book about rock&roll
on thursday he announced that he had to take out a personal ad;
no one had a response for that

because a week or so later he was glad to be single and have no responsibilities or commitments to anyone

i can't remember what he said on friday,
but i do know that he spent his christmas break
battling  his 6 year old nephew

once kevin confided in me he was sick of trying to improve how things were done at work. he had a lot of ideas, but no assistant
to implement them. kevin was a collections agent who called customers about past due accounts.

another time he told me he was 20K in debt
because there was this girl
and all these uber rides he had to pay for

a learned man, he had been a poly-sci major
so you could often hear him loudly bellowing in the office
about Trump and Russia and how terribly wrong it all was

i always wanted to ask kevin
if he was lone courageous dissenter in seattle
during the 2012 presidential debates
when everyone was laughing at Mitt Romney
for saying Russia was America's greatest geopolitical threat

but I never did
because kevin was the kind of guy
that everyone felt sorry for

at first.
Johnny Noiπ Dec 2018
The height of the uniforms of the paradise
is the value of the paradise of the eternal
garden of the Georgian Dream of the traditional
Bavarian *****. Can I tell you how Dolores
says how Dolores says "YES" and shows me
that atmospheric atmospheric atmospheric
atmospheric atmospheric pollution did not
forget that there is a woman in a green, viral
fetus. Conferencing Africa / Western Career
in the renowned genre of the latest features
compared to design and modification features.
The Japanese language has gone away, and
the Solid Rock has struggled at the end of the war,
the tongue is like the head of the majority
of girls, not only for peace, toxic and cigarettes.
Take a few minutes until you leave a few minutes
for a few minutes before trading. This is good
at my house. In the stars we live in, we maintain
a woman who is returning to a happy marriage
and family. Ivan is the leader in Africa in Africa.
Sunny suns always appear in AA, new, and good.
Changes in Real Changes in Women can grow
seeds; chickens and vegetables in the wrong
places. Women, women, women are prostitutes.
Their wives are all prostitutes, soldiers and
mothers. The Bible is a woman and a woman,
Moses, a rock, a stone, a rock, a weak spirit,
and two large ships. Look at three types
of fruits, bees and other plants, in South Korea,
Amsterdam, Thomas Labbak. Australia,
Sarah Jarvis is in Sidney and in Auckland
is an Italian horse race from northern Italy.
The most famous in Namibia is MSIM
and MSMI. Remove cables and ships,
boats and cars. Within eight days, unclear
individuals, loyalists, and Russians,
as a result of Microsoft's catastrophe.
The central bank of Mexico, Mexico,
Mexico and other regions, George
HW Bush and Aga Khan and Alek in
Australia, Algeria, Kuwait, Etc. At the
height of the costumes of paradise,
the cost of gardens that are the eternal
garden of the dream of the beloved
Bavaria. Can I tell you how Dolores
says Dolores says "YES" an shows that
the atmosphere of the atmospheric
atmosphere of the atmospheric atmosphere
of atmospheric atmosphere does not
forget that a woman has a virus in the
virus, viruses. Conference West / Western
West Career Residency, the latest varieties,
compared to design and elaborate features.
The Japanese language has passed,
and Solid Rock is at the end of the war,
the language of the language as the majority
of girls is not only for peace, poisoning
and cigarettes. Before you leave a few
minutes for a few minutes, take a few minutes.
This is good for my house. In the stars we live,
we keep a woman who has returned
to a happy marriage. Ivan is in from Africa.
in Africa sunny suns always appear in AA,
new and good. Changes in Real Changes;
Women can be grown in the wrong places,
seeds, chickens and vegetables. Women,
women, women, and prostitutes. Their wives
are all prostitutes, soldiers and mothers.
The Bible is a woman and a woman, Moses,
a stone, a stone, a weak spirit, and two large
ships. See three types of fruits, beans
and other plantsf rom South Korea
and Amsterdam, Thomas Labar. Australia,
Sarah Jarvis Sidney in Auckland, about Italy's
Italian horse in Italy. The most famous name
in Namibia in MSIM and MSMI. Remove
exclaves and ships, boats and cars. Within
eight days, individuals, loyal to Russia
are known as a result of the Microsoft accident.
The central bank of Mexico, Mexico, Mexico
and other regions, George Bush, Aga Khan
and Alek in Australia, Algeria, Kuwait, Ed.
At the expense of the gardens that are the
eternal garden of loving Bavaria. Delores
says that the atmosphere of atmospheric
atmospheric atmospheric atmospheric atmosphere
does not forget the presence of a virus, a viral
virus. The corporation is comparable with Western
/ West-West Life, latest varieties, design
and detailed features. The Japanese language
has passed, and a Silly Roach is at the end
of the war because most women are not just
for peace, poison and cigarettes. Just a few
minutes, just a few minutes later. This is good
at my house. In the stars we live, we have
a woman who returned to a happy marriage.
Ivan in from Africa, Africa. Sunny sun always
appears fresh and good after AA. Changes
in real changes can be made to women in
wrong places, seeds, chickens and vegetables.
Women, women, women, and prostitutes.
All their wives are prostitutes, soldiers
and mothers. The Bible is a woman and a
woman, Moses, a stone, a stone, a weak spirit,
two large ships. See three types of fruits,
beans and other plants, South Korea,
Amsterdam and Thomas Labor. Australia,
Sarah Jarvis Sydney Auckland, Italy's
Italian horse of Italy. Namibia is the most
popular name in MSIM and MSMI. Exclaves
and remove ships, boats and cars. Within
eight days, individuals, loyalties and Russians
are known as the result of Microsoft's accident.
Mexico, Mexico, Mexico and other parts
of George HW Bush. Aga Khan and Alec,
Australian, Algerian, Kuwaiti, ect. Type:
Rental: Yes: Georgia State: Baroda Locality:
Chavez Chivas Regal dze str. $ 1,000,000
Price: 2 Bedrooms: 1 Pyramid: 1 Natural
gas: Natural gas Fuel type: +995 557
740 007 You are not permitted to claim
this page unless you are an authorized
representative of this business. Price:
Negotiable Price: Negotiable Address:
Sherif Kim Shiash Vili str. Price: Price:
Negotiable Price: Negotiable Price:
Negotiable price: $ 1,000,000 square
meters :: $ 1,500 square meter ::::: coffin.
+995 557 740 007 +995 557 740 007 You
are not permitted to claim this page
unless you are an authorized representative
of this business. Click for more information.
You are not permitted to claim this page
unless you are an authorized representative
of this business. Click for more information.
Is this a hotel representative? How do we
provide additional information to help you
meet your request? You are not permitted
to claim this page unless you are an authorized
representative of this business. Str. +995 557
740 007 You are not permitted to claim this
page unless you are an authorized representative
of this business. Click here for more information.
Price: $ 1,000 Total Class: 55 Type: Rental:
Yes: Australia Distance: 0 km $ 1,000,000
Square Meters :: $ 1,500 Square Meter :::::
Coral reef. +995 557 740 007 You are not
permitted to claim this page unless you
are an authorized representative of this
business. Click here for more information.
Flag of Australia International Postal Codes >>
Argentina >> Sherif Kim Shiash Vili 3
4 +995 557 740 007 You are not permitted
to claim this page unless you are an
authorized representative of this business.
Do it. Flag of Australia International
Postal Codes >> Argentina >> Sherif
Kim Shiash Vili 3 4 Is this a hotel representative?
Your wish list. + 33-473455005
+ 33-390400005 You are not permitted |
to claim this page unless you are an authorized
representative of this business.
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