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King Tutankhamun Aug 2015
Money cars clothes in hoes
Is all a nigguh knows
Yea thats a biggie flow
Cashed the check
Rejected the cash flow
Embraced in knowledge
Learned the rules to the game
Ten to follow hard to swallow
When ya tryna intake
Alot of **** on ya plate
Expose the wickedness and
Try to miss the crate deaths date
How can i relate?
To the end times resurgence of crime
At an all time
High blow my **** into the sky
Retrace the atmosphere
So spirits can gear
Towards my mind body n soul
Im a predicament
Lucifer offeres me an repenment
If i only became devil sent
Naw i objected then he try to reconnect it
Even though o gotta tight flow
Police came to the door
I ran through the corridors
Evil right in my face shinin bright lights
As the ghetto birds hoverin' over my neighborhoods sight
Enticin' freight
Got peeps peepin' out the window
Scared little babies cryin'
They dont know why maybe its because they feel the evil in the skies
Open my eyes
**** im stuck in a dream but the dream.
Became a reality
Looked on the tv another black fatality
In reality
Thats all i know embrace the knowledgw
Skipped college
Be true to they self know thy self
This me a **** to my last breath
Changed the gruesome scenes
As the world sings is pain
But if i ruled....

And now that the chaos
Has spread
Got melees riots defiance
Nothin' but dred bloodshed
Bein' sent by every nation
Presidents rulin' the oppressed
Got us in segregation
Who's really startin' the wars?
Embracin' the sores of the poors?
Open ya mind stop being asinine
Know the truth is right in the face
Medias facetious lets make trading places
And move them ******* at the bottom
While we rise on top
But too.many scared to get dropped
In fear of man
Who breathes the same air as we
Believe me freemason-ry
Started since the beginning of time
Secrecy been hidin from mankind
I found the garden of eden
Serpents all.over the place
Can you say amazing grace?
How sweet the sound
Naw more like out of tune sound
My life is rugged raw and thugged out
Thats why i see out
Ashes from.**** to clear out
My consciousness suckas is buggin'
Still.mean muggin'
These adversaries that try to bury me
Feel me
One time watch out cuz fools after ya riches
Never sho love to fake as *******
Closest homies are snitches
I got death wishes
Try to bring peace while i pack a piece
Just in case of a slippin' cuz some be trippin'
Hate to see someone's flesh ripped in
From the bullets that greeted the frame
O i wish i could change some thangs
But most to busy after the flame
I evade the swirl
only if i could rules
the worldsdsssss

Arcassin B Feb 2015
by Arcassin Burnham

My Shadow Doesn't Trust Me,
And my stomachs feeling empty,
like being burned with battery acid,

I do what I tell me,
don't need critical sympathy,
need enough melees to attack it,
but it doesn't take a lot to be active.
songs for escape right ... lol
King Tutankhamun Jul 2015
I am the government
Opposite of happiness
i like evil chaos riots melees
i never let my wickness go astray
how can i pray?
To the heavens when hells on earth
passin' sin since birth
of mankind once in the garden of eden
In Africa we wasnt fiendin'
For drugs prostitutes n hunger starvation
we had our congregation and education
we let the impurity of greed
and bit the hand that feeds
the windows to the soul
Ya cant stare into the world with your eyes closed
mind terrorist  im a mental therapist
enticing bloodshed
for my daily bred
darkness surrounds my bed
as my holiness keep inside my head
no need to get mad
im letting my demons free
King Tutankhamun Jun 2017
And it goes it lil somethin
Like this
Woke up one morning super early
Had a thought that dawn on me
Shinin' brightly
It just might be
Them spirit's entering my mentality
In actuality my locality
Be in a hidden temple
Darkest state of mind
Searchin' deep but all I could find
Is more pain more misery
Everything's a mystery
Don't know who I really am
According to Uncle Sam
I go by numerals in serial
**** this system gots to go
Cuz it's only makin us poor
We say peace but it's subliminal for war see the gore
Pain struck in membranes
These folks going insane
Thinkin voting gonna stop the progression
Agenda propaganda made under the tables labels
Got us in confusion
Now lil boys can be girls
And girls can be lil boys
This ain't no joy no sunshine
Or rain
I just see the tears of nature in the window pane
Trees streakin' bark leakin'
Its a cry of nature can ye hear her weapin'
I haven't seen the Most High this upset since the first cataclysm
This is world is just a prison
And we fightin for freedom
Everyday in a cell
What's the difference between
Reality and a cell well
Ain't much of a distance
We still pay bills all made from Capitol Hill nope I do for the thrills
This ain't No shill so just chill
As I blow a breeze
That make everybody spin
Took a few shots of gin
Let it settle in
Then my mind start to percolate
Spinnin' like helicopter blades
Preachin' raids trying to invoke melees no delays
We takin' over from from Tejas to Guatemala Bay
Say I see angry denizens
Holding artillery and then
Once the bombs burst
I envisioned DC tricks in hearse
None could stop the pain
War scars across ya peen
As the world goes insane
Andrew Rueter Apr 2020
The internet connects culture.
We used to not know how to act
and took cues from proximal role models
or distant stars.
Now we take cues from the internet
or those who are
and we become one person.
Everybody wants to talk about the daily melees and brawls
nobody wants to talk about Super Smash Bros.
and how when it came out the internet wasn’t really a thing
so people had to learn to play on their own
and each person you faced was a new experience
but now everyone learns the best strategies from the internet
and pick between only a few different characters.
King Tutankhamun Dec 2017
Fools still hatin' on my left and my right
But freeze once I show up on sight **** the set you claim
This is a gang hoo bang on them lames
Texas ain't never had a shame
Though we country as ****
We'll stabbed ya with ya blood leakin' from ya guts
Gangsta strut so what?
If they ain't feelin' us
I got army surplus plus
You to me is like Ginobli to Kobe
So if you owe me
Better make sure you pay me
Or you'll be weighing ya head
On the concrete
Losing gravity couldn't shatter me
My nines is quick **** all that talking in ****
This ain't a  lip wrestle I'm tryna plug a hole in head
Bigger than a vessel
Study harder than Gesell
Shoot more rhymes than Sam Casell
So **** that ******* ya sail
We be the ocean
Wettin' Up everythang
Cars banks schools even the street gangs
Building demain kamikaze like Japan understand
My flows box em like jellyfish
One touch ya bound to diminish

Chained like a linked fence
To these rhymes I clench
With a fist around the microphone
Serve em with the skulls n crossbones
So step into my zone
If you will end yo mass appeal
Steppin' to the real
Turn rappers frail soon to be derailed
I got speed like Cruise bombs coming yo way
So watch what ya say
For you hear the sounds of an AK
****** never has delays
Excitin' angels melees
So many try to slay but end up on a sleigh
To hell where all them ******* dwell
My pistola drink up bodies more than a smile with a  coca cola
So move over
New sheriff in town so bow down
Cuz when come through it'll be the ultimate showdown
King Tutankhamun Dec 2017
Check it out this a piece I did it's a song '1980 Somethin' similar to bIggie 1970 Somethin..

1980 somethin' I came out entered the world with nothing
I was just a Common Man like David Ruffin
Times was tough then no love was within
Everybody was out for self since independence came in
Drug epidemics made for hood experiments
Look how many dollaz was spent  from corrupted government
so many souls was left bent
Sittin' on the cemetery hills
I can the see the ******* that spills
It was 1980 something when Huey got the dumpin'
End of the Black Panther founders chapter
And blacks didn't even uprise after
Riots to melees touched all corners of the earth
For what's it's worth I even seen whites in the black church
Sheddin' tears over innocent brothers put in a hearse
Over misconduct justice
Everyday I wake up and ask the heavens why I'm cursed
Gloomy ghetto sighs of a berretta entering over a dispute of cheddar
Since this world's so cold get you a thick knitted sweater
Unison will mean we much stronger together endeavor any weather
1980 somethin'....
mc6lm  Oct 2018
Magnetised Eyes
mc6lm Oct 2018
It is indigenous to you
As you stand searching
For invisible melees
When all is nepotism
But you can't see its magnanimity
In every moment's paradigm shift
Leading you into abyss after abyss
While robots keep busy making lists
Hiding treasure from contrast con artists
Seeking bliss until their rapture
While anger bears in for capture
But the dead don't cry, smile,
Or wonder why
They only seek and hide
From dreams of time
Where now is never tomorrow
Until it is decidedly late

Oh, to be the singularity of an idea
Percolating nothing
Adjunct but complete
In this place of cancellation
Giving in to accumulation
You live the crescendo
Written in utero
Divine voltaic
Recharging insides
By magnetised eyes
And insides of mind
As seen from other's side
Collaborating ride
Corroborating rhymes
In yours as mine
In ours as time
King Tutankhamun Jul 2020
Masterpiece lyrics check the swordfish I dish
Kiss a death wish dismiss wacks off of my list
Check my program holding grams double grands
Millions of followers in the stand high rage demands
Still shooting holding looters with da clan thoughts planned
Carefully maybe it's crazy that I'm off the purple hazey
Royalty like Musa watch for the Medusa choosers
With my lovers undercover mother's scraping utters
Haters stutters but smooth like butter over cakes
Icing mic sounds nice and slicing kills enticing
Riots to melees lyrical savagery ghetto Socrates
Touch the whole nation calmly blaze stationary
500 serie benzie rolling on twinkies  girls badder than Pinky
You can tell I'm stinky from the rza's pores rapin the turntables
You know I'm able once I came with Cain ease no pain
Orange juice see ya girl dancing with me in the rain
No strains sick half brained cut off the freebase lane
Moves Swifty higher bid dynasty who defying me?
Close shop sceneries got more spills than a refinery
Oil blood spoils murders loyal bite the thick pollos
Season off the bicho pendejelos catch bullet holes
Can't shake this cold rhyme scaffolds Sonny goals
Gangsta **** hard to hit so guard ya **** code legits
Too ill to quit once I clock the hammers jammers
Souls in my chambers known as a slammer **** ya
King of the ****** Sam's I am eat green eggs and ham
Off the chain ridges left off the membrane rusty stain
Rogue embraced make ya powerless manifest
The darkest power to shower you can't flex the sour
Patch chrome rachets shooting like rockets pockets
Picked off the fakery bakery cakes to a higher degree
See the big Yosef illmatic linked with the Wu- Family

Cultivate actions black statues chillin' on Staten
Island yo that boy Yosef wilding no gliding patents
Inventist Solomon notary pointed as a bliss crisp
Off of the beat stickiest sweets mellow beats
Let my melanin groove to the heats of the greets
BPM watching for the grims circlin' above the rims
I stay sky high birds eye view guns dipped in cocoa
Chocolate within cursed a win inside of a sin blend
Never sip Henny under any weather how can ya endeavor
The words is clever to connected to sever however
I'm still on top hard not to cop let the head bop crops
Sitting over major land rolling black hands glands
Filling chumps knock out the humps in the page
No slaves here adhere the glowing spear pierce a pier
Boating rhymes an ocean coastin' **** a notion
Negative swayers catch the AK'ers wicked players
Street monopoly capitalize property plus the forty
Acres can't shake us or take us we grave stakers
Stalk ya very walks smooth talks of a iller chiller thriller
Like Jackson mad action Cuban links for satisfaction
**** laced so I can get a stars ******* taste wait
It's too late I'm tripping tipping off braille faith relate
To the reals fake posed for a natural shield mad grills
Looking for ways to rotten ya wills afloat the bill
Capitol Hill cycling shills let's make a deal for real?
Stimulus checks ain't nothing but left over drug bust
Keep it on the hush Hilary still eating the crust
Off of the American lies
see the eagle wings failed must have caught a crimp in its eye
King Tutankhamun Oct 2020
Yo before I let my tape pops I'll let the beat drops
Fears for all of my hating peers shine a spear
Pierce the skies with my wisdom ties wise
Beyond my wonder years I'll die young and hung
Glory over fame same ol same sip champagne
Victory mane lion instincts suckas dont get a blink
From me only when my pistol needs company
Full force resurrection souls up for collection
No protection god the father made me peasant
Found pleasures pains treasured over measured
By society's pin point I stay with the sharpest anoint
Told yall I spark heads without meeting of a joint
Appoint by the spiritual supreme justice just as
Let the music blast til ya touches the cast everlast
Make ya hop around it's a show down underground  
But I tied to the rituals I'm mystical crack sell miracles
Huh yall fools ain't living it cristal I'm spilling it
Icy cup interrupt the corrupt the 6th jackson on a come up
Travel east of 99 you'll fine the great beast of all time
Standing in line with the kings and queens that shine
What's a light without no shine back no spine decline
My wills took the crossroads of Elijah miss the fire
My desire higher learning from thai burning turning
Ya braincells welcome to yosef hell where all fails
Melanins swell no fairytales survived Gods spell well
Cuz I learn the gospels of thomas yo tomorrows never promised
Born in this world as angel ***** then later turned into a demon
Got me plotting like a scheming triple teaming no fleeing
Souls capture from the eye of the rapture hurricane
Carter smarter what about the sons to the daughters
Humanity slaughter my triple 6 kiss all you ******* wishlist
A downplayed to uplay bring astray with no delays melees
Of the streets go unrest civil liberties put to an attest yes
I dont stress the ******* I rather use tools and ****
And I may not be like nas the don but I'm still a sun
Shining intellects with my lyrical text super threat cold inject
Bullets from heaters collect dont join deaths continuing sets
Cools as funzaerli wear pelle pelle girls keep they hands on my belly tryna feel me
See what's weighed below me ***** ya dont own me
Switch scenery mayne from harris to Paris dejavu crews
I blues Junior Walker Miles Davis Mingus black sinner ladies
It's crazy off the rip take a trip see how many beats I can rip!!!!

Oh yeah they thought I was done but I'm still a don
Referenced by the falling ones see tears in a gun
Sweating armageddon I ain't letting suckas betting
against my will I'll just chill til my soul feels
The moons minstrels cycle check the title rivals
Putting up numbers but in the end they catch slumbers
From gun runners can you feel pains happiness bliss
Lifes a ***** so it's hard to switch and break a glitch
Tricks are for kids that's why I refocused my bids
Twice the size of Solomon wives so check the beehives
Never played jive all the way live twins collars
Jachin and Boaz impalas blueprint dollars scholar
Of the ghetto cathedral eradicate the faces of evil
Different sigils drawn up mazes that frankie dazes
Living the golden time of phases still amazes me
Monk discipline see the bravery in my pen ship slavery
Master of the words vocals jumped on board as I hoard  
All of the souls out of control ice on my pinky rings clings
All the kitties in the ring sound the bell escape through jail
If all else fails I'll still prevail goetias tactics never fail
Sitting on the third rail forreal grinding shining
My candle amongst the dark see all visions get parked
Sparked from seeds of Noah I'll show you a boa
Constrict the perfect hits no **** we flip a grips
Not a blood or crip but I'll make crip from the blood  
Seaping body weaping weighting for the devils meeting
Paimon gave me many damiens but then again offers
Made from writing on the red rose pink candles parch papers
Escape the luscious vapors of reality yall fools killing me
Same hatred made before me see my CDs sitting nice
Welcome to the 5th rock from the sun wheres the sunshine
Dimensions intervention mxylsplk snaps ya to detention
Gain strength from minors I'm a true forty niners
Make ya feel like the death of Colchese when I release
I see a beast far from savage above the average havoc
Loves to see adversaries leech souls cant be breached
As I reach to a higher peak mc Everest never rest
As I cup the mic likes it's my baby dark scrilla catchin scabies

— The End —