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Jul 2020
Masterpiece lyrics check the swordfish I dish
Kiss a death wish dismiss wacks off of my list
Check my program holding grams double grands
Millions of followers in the stand high rage demands
Still shooting holding looters with da clan thoughts planned
Carefully maybe it's crazy that I'm off the purple hazey
Royalty like Musa watch for the Medusa choosers
With my lovers undercover mother's scraping utters
Haters stutters but smooth like butter over cakes
Icing mic sounds nice and slicing kills enticing
Riots to melees lyrical savagery ghetto Socrates
Touch the whole nation calmly blaze stationary
500 serie benzie rolling on twinkies  girls badder than Pinky
You can tell I'm stinky from the rza's pores rapin the turntables
You know I'm able once I came with Cain ease no pain
Orange juice see ya girl dancing with me in the rain
No strains sick half brained cut off the freebase lane
Moves Swifty higher bid dynasty who defying me?
Close shop sceneries got more spills than a refinery
Oil blood spoils murders loyal bite the thick pollos
Season off the bicho pendejelos catch bullet holes
Can't shake this cold rhyme scaffolds Sonny goals
Gangsta **** hard to hit so guard ya **** code legits
Too ill to quit once I clock the hammers jammers
Souls in my chambers known as a slammer **** ya
King of the ****** Sam's I am eat green eggs and ham
Off the chain ridges left off the membrane rusty stain
Rogue embraced make ya powerless manifest
The darkest power to shower you can't flex the sour
Patch chrome rachets shooting like rockets pockets
Picked off the fakery bakery cakes to a higher degree
See the big Yosef illmatic linked with the Wu- Family

Cultivate actions black statues chillin' on Staten
Island yo that boy Yosef wilding no gliding patents
Inventist Solomon notary pointed as a bliss crisp
Off of the beat stickiest sweets mellow beats
Let my melanin groove to the heats of the greets
BPM watching for the grims circlin' above the rims
I stay sky high birds eye view guns dipped in cocoa
Chocolate within cursed a win inside of a sin blend
Never sip Henny under any weather how can ya endeavor
The words is clever to connected to sever however
I'm still on top hard not to cop let the head bop crops
Sitting over major land rolling black hands glands
Filling chumps knock out the humps in the page
No slaves here adhere the glowing spear pierce a pier
Boating rhymes an ocean coastin' **** a notion
Negative swayers catch the AK'ers wicked players
Street monopoly capitalize property plus the forty
Acres can't shake us or take us we grave stakers
Stalk ya very walks smooth talks of a iller chiller thriller
Like Jackson mad action Cuban links for satisfaction
**** laced so I can get a stars ******* taste wait
It's too late I'm tripping tipping off braille faith relate
To the reals fake posed for a natural shield mad grills
Looking for ways to rotten ya wills afloat the bill
Capitol Hill cycling shills let's make a deal for real?
Stimulus checks ain't nothing but left over drug bust
Keep it on the hush Hilary still eating the crust
Off of the American lies
see the eagle wings failed must have caught a crimp in its eye
King Tutankhamun
Written by
King Tutankhamun  24/M/Hell on Earth Since Birth
(24/M/Hell on Earth Since Birth)   
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