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Jun 2017
And it goes it lil somethin
Like this
Woke up one morning super early
Had a thought that dawn on me
Shinin' brightly
It just might be
Them spirit's entering my mentality
In actuality my locality
Be in a hidden temple
Darkest state of mind
Searchin' deep but all I could find
Is more pain more misery
Everything's a mystery
Don't know who I really am
According to Uncle Sam
I go by numerals in serial
**** this system gots to go
Cuz it's only makin us poor
We say peace but it's subliminal for war see the gore
Pain struck in membranes
These folks going insane
Thinkin voting gonna stop the progression
Agenda propaganda made under the tables labels
Got us in confusion
Now lil boys can be girls
And girls can be lil boys
This ain't no joy no sunshine
Or rain
I just see the tears of nature in the window pane
Trees streakin' bark leakin'
Its a cry of nature can ye hear her weapin'
I haven't seen the Most High this upset since the first cataclysm
This is world is just a prison
And we fightin for freedom
Everyday in a cell
What's the difference between
Reality and a cell well
Ain't much of a distance
We still pay bills all made from Capitol Hill nope I do for the thrills
This ain't No shill so just chill
As I blow a breeze
That make everybody spin
Took a few shots of gin
Let it settle in
Then my mind start to percolate
Spinnin' like helicopter blades
Preachin' raids trying to invoke melees no delays
We takin' over from from Tejas to Guatemala Bay
Say I see angry denizens
Holding artillery and then
Once the bombs burst
I envisioned DC tricks in hearse
None could stop the pain
War scars across ya peen
As the world goes insane
King Tutankhamun
Written by
King Tutankhamun  24/M/Hell on Earth Since Birth
(24/M/Hell on Earth Since Birth)   
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