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Roberta Day Mar 2012

is my selective forte

Again, forgive me
Written on Wednesday, March 21st.
Roberta Day Feb 2015
Silence is golden;
Communication matters.
Find some middle ground
Roberta Day Jun 2014
It's shedding season--
a time for growth and flaking
away dry, dead cells.
My snake isn't the only one shedding her skin.
Roberta Day Oct 2018
the greatest motivator,
I've been slacking again.
Roberta Day Feb 2015
Above and beyond
you soar, rejuvenating
yourself and others.
Roberta Day Mar 2012
My obligation
to haikuesday has fizzled,
but not faded yet.
Roberta Day Aug 2018
Inspired by light
and a likeness between us;
No shade needed here.
Trying to get back into the swing of this.
Roberta Day Nov 2015
I'll open myself
up to you if you open
yourself up to me.
Roberta Day Apr 2014
I’m infamous
for self-sabotage; soon I’ll
be at it again
Roberta Day Oct 2015
Periodic change
is needed for those who grow
complacent quickly.
Need to find a new job.
Roberta Day Feb 2016
shouldn't expire at the
cost of an alarm.
Roberta Day Sep 2014
Rested and on time;
I am in control—Today,
the day is all mine.
Two jobs is rough.
Roberta Day Apr 2012
will ultimately be the
death of my sanity
True story.

— The End —