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Carolyn Cagnon May 2017
Sweet little bundle of joy,
You are my beloved furbaby.

Sweet kitty naps and kitty kisses,
Sweet little cuddles sessions and kitty baths.
You comfort me when I'm feeling down,
And you love me when when I'm ******,
Sweet little bundle of joy,
You are my beloved furbaby.
I rescued you like you rescued me,
And I can't imagine life without you.
I cherish our cuddles and our naps,
Your tummy rubs and a good scratch.
Sweet little bundle of joy,
You are mybeloved furbaby.
My reason to smile each day...
And I'll never repay you for that,
Though I'll try my very best,
To be the best human you could have,
My sweet little bundle of joy...
My beloved furbaby.
Trembling hands
Hands all over you
Your skin I know so well
So well like our love
Deep and endless

Endless is what we thought
Thoughts are turning into reality
The reality of you
And me
Working through my disease

My disease we worked through four years
Why not make it forty more
Forty more ounces
Until I forget my mistakes

My mistakes landed me here
Here in my bed alone
Alone at night
When I coulda shoulda stayed

I should have stayed in the house
The house you bought for us
For our woulda been family
Family means our furbaby
Family is ohana

You never left me
I never wanted to leave.
I just always thought it was better
You without me.
Kim Essary  Mar 2018
Furbaby love
Kim Essary Mar 2018
Bark, bark, yap, yap,
Don't they ever stop, you bad dog you chewed my favorite shoe, lay down , get outside , chain them up, cover their mouth with a leather strap where they can't speak,.  They get left in scorching heat. It's not to cold it's a dog, he has a dog house he can take shelter from that storm. Don't stop it's just a dog you ran over. So you leave his body to lay..
You fool, can't you see, they are just babies like we use to be , they bark and yap cause they are talking to you, they need your attention so they chewed your favorite shoe. Let's see how it feels to put that chain on your neck and leave you tangled outside for days, let me forget I didn't get you freshwater it's only 100° today, crawl in that boarded up box to shelter yourself from the rain, it's normal for you to shake in the cold ,  if I strike you and leave you lay they lock me up for ******, You should be ashamed of yourself   Human you call yourself  what part of this is humane.
They love , they hate, they hurt they feel pain and joy they cry real tears , they blood runs through them to pump their heart, they are no different than you and me   wait what am I saying there is but one very big difference you see,  my furbabies are more loyal than any human standing. They protect me when I'm in danger, they comfort me in my time off need, they never leave my side , theres  the difference ,now can you see
Dedicated to the most loyal , loving companions I've ever had.  My wonderful furbabies
Kim Essary Apr 2021
Dear Humans, I’m sorry to take up your time there’s just a few things I would like to say
But as you all know I can’t speak for myself so my human will speak for me today
Have humans forgotten so many things we as furbabies do
For as long as we live our loyalty belongs to  you
We are your ears while you lay sleeping at night
We are your eyes if you lose your sight
We protect you from all harm
We rustle you’re livestock for you on the farm
We find your loved ones that  have been missing for days
We show you we love you in so many ways
All that we want is to be loved in return
So many things you can teach us cause we love to learn
If you look in our eyes then you will see
We aren’t much different than humans we each have our own personality
Please dont abuse or neglect us just because you can
Always remember there is a purpose a dog is best friend of man.
There is no excuse for animal abuse

— The End —