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Chris T Apr 2014
our nearest Dennys
was shut down and we were drunk
so we crashed our car.
Haha hella old.
Judypatooote Jun 2014
My dad lost his arm to cancer.
He was 61 years old,
did he let that get him down?
Heck NO...
The day he came home from the hospital
minus one shoulder and arm,
he jumped on his bike and rode
it down to our house,
which was a long block away.
balance, how did he do it?

Dad was always included in
all our neighborhood parties.
if he was sitting in my backyard,
he would be drinking a cup of coffee
with Jim, my husband.
If he was sitting in my neighbor Dennys backyard
he would be drinking a beer
with Denny.

Dad worked as a machine repairman
with out his arm for two more years.
Because he was good.
Dad bowled two times a week with one arm,
and he walked out at the Park
the days he didn't bowl.

My amazing dad, with one arm and no shoulder,
built my kitchen cupboards,
put up a ceiling in the basement,
build doll houses for my daughter
and the neighbor girl,
and also one for a church raffle.

My dad went to church every Sunday,
and when he was so ill,
the nun would visit dad and mom,
mom would play the *****,
beer barrel polka,
while the nun and my dad danced.

He was known by many, taught kids
how to bowl, including my son.

This is a tribute to my daddy
named Fritz....

by ~ judy
Matt gonzales Mar 2015
So you were the lucky one that decided to waltzs into my life and take me by surprise with your honey suckle words and your  big coffee brown eyes.

See before we even get started with even the thoughts of creating a romantic relation ship there are some things you have to know about me first.

I will probably non stop text you because i want to know that you are still there on the other side of your cracked iphone screen.

I will always want to go on adventures outdoors wether it is sunny or raining.

Mostly likely I will steal you away in the middle of the night at 2 a.m to go for a drive while i show you my favorite songs.

I will steal all you t-shirts that you let me borrow and pretend that “I lost them” when really im secretly keeping them in my dresser so I have a little piece of you to comfort me.

I will also demand that whenever we feel like **** we go smoke some cigarets, eat some pancakes and drink ****** coffee at the local dennys.

I will always listen to you when you have to say something but will nod in approval when im not paying attention you.

I will mostly likely fall in love with a tv show character on the show that im currently watching and probably develop strong feelings for said fictional character that will send me into a downward spiral of emotion .

and I will probably love your dog or cat a little more than you.

but you see these are only me on my good days that I cant guarantee will last long.

Sometimes I wont respond to your text messages for days but I want you to know that its not because I mad at you.Its because I'm struggle pulling my self out of bed to reach for my phone on my night stand.

You will probably make some attempt and ask me whats wrong and I will tell you everything is fine im just tired.When in reality I’m waiting for you to look away so I can cry.

You will never see the true me because I’m to ******* scared to let anyone in to see my ugly side.

You will probably tell me encouraging and loving things like

"I love you to the moon and back"

"you are the peanut butter to my jelly"

"you are the mac to my cheese"

"you are the kiss to my hug"

"you are my whole world…"

But I can promise you this one thing,and its that I will be your downfall. I’m not your world I’m merely a star in the vast galaxy that is your being. I’m not the calm before the storm I am the ******* hurricane that will rush into your life and rip you up from your roots just to drop back down on the ground to lie in my wake.

I am just a moment in your life that you will enjoy but soon after its over dissipates like smoke off your menthol cigarettes. I will just become a ghost with a beating heart.

So if your still interested heres my number ———->***-***-xxxx
One of my older poems
if you want to here me speak it just click here------->
Frank Gavin Jan 2015
To the half Korean girl
With the nicotine tongue
Who moved to the cubicle next to me
So many years ago:

I am sorry

Blame the hops and barley fueled evenings
Golden amber distorted judgement
Distilled only by the sound of
Fraudulent desperate laughter
Confusing lust for affection
With the faint scent of revenge
In your hair
On your French manicured

Blame the sulfite moon
And the rain dripping down
Highway map trail windows
Coyote past lovers
Egg yolk stained Dennys menus
And the coffee cups that were never


Mascara stained chest
Lesbian ******* dreams
The fear in my eyes
Almost gave me away

I am sorry
I didn't mean to *******

— The End —