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Carlos Reyes  Dec 2014
what i see
Carlos Reyes Dec 2014
The reflection of the mirror
is not what i see
It lacks depth and dimension
You cant see what i see.
i dont need to reach into the mirror to touch what i see.
I can simply touch what i see.
Dont be displeased by what you see
know that i love you dispite what you see.
Because what i see. Is much more than just a reflection of what you see.
Daisy Vallely  Mar 2017
Daisy Vallely Mar 2017
I observe you, infatuated with your subtle mysticism.
My eyes lay on your verdant beds like a swallow tail butterfly
dancing to the melody of your vibrations.
I feel you breathe with me.
I admire your crystal garden,
dripping down your coiled vines.
In each leaf, a reflection of your life.
Your origin is you as much as it is me.
We are sister and brother.
We are God.
Together we transcend.
Together, we become one entity as we experience
the beauty of consciousness.
You are my natural friend.
You thrive and stretch your veins outward
to kiss the hands that caress you.

with me,
We coexist fluenty
Julio is the plant in my roommates room. He's a a beautiful hanging *** full of plant. We hang crystals on the stems, referring to "crystal garden"
Umi  May 2018
Little Rock
Umi May 2018
Hey do you see me, I am on the side of the road,
I am forgotten yet I was part of this street long ago, now I am but a little figment of imagination, yet I am not none existent at all.
Do you want to talk to me or are you losing your mind ?
Take me with you, I will be your backup, your solid motivation,
Fragments of feelings are a fading memory which you seem to fail to remember, then wouldn't it make sense to keep them not as dearly,
Maybe if you were alike me, stop thinking and start being free,
A clear white mind with nothing to fear, empty with nothing to hear,
They are gone they can't fade away, a hollow heart has nothing to say
You are like me now isn't that nice, you have broken free from all lies,
Now like a little rock, light enough to be carried by the wind, you wander aimlessly through this world, isolated from humanity,
It is like they don't even understand that you are there, it is likely they don't care of your fate, nor do they seem to worry of what happened.
But don't worry either, talk to me, your little figment of imagination,
Because now you are like me and know what I feel like..
You are but a little rock on the side of the road.

~ Umi
Pandaboy  May 2
The Satori
Pandaboy May 2
was not the reality,
I was unwilling to trace back.
Ignoring the last scene
forgetting where I have been
afraid of fear, surviving in the dark.
Though all it took was a moment of serene.
After all darkness just needs a little spark.
The Poem goes by the name “ The Satori “ , which in Japanese refers to sudden growth or awakening by insight . The poem starts with feelings of pessimism followed by a subtle trigger .. Thanks to Thomas gray for inspiring me to use the word "serene" .
Matt Shaw Aug 2016
she takes anything
takes anything as true

she'd take Anything
so she enjoys the view.

he makes energy
no weight upon his back.

for she's the ***** who imagined him
all the whitest lies to black.
she's like ******!
Born  Sep 2018
Born Sep 2018
Walking by the railway trucks
Thinking to myself
Is it right to believe in right and wrong?
Is this where I belong?

The atmosphere is a bit nostalgic today
I surrender praise and worship song plays
Everything else just levels to the latitude

A moment to be savored

But my reality fought for its existence
As if it was being forgotten
The wind blows
and it all dawns
that the thorn still grows

Felt like a pinch into reality
a discarded memory crawling into my brain
these are the days that made me
Or sometimes broke me
Alyssa Underwood Nov 2015
forgiveness not by epiphany or stealth
but slow dawning through pain's night
thorny ever-conscious struggle for love
which suddenly breaks on wings of light
"I wondered if that was how forgiveness budded; not with the fanfare of epiphany, but with pain gathering its things, packing up, and slipping away unannounced in the middle of the night."  
~ Khaled Hosseini
Deep, deep within

As the human soul watches,

The other less clever, obedient invisible masses work.

He tells them to run

They dare not walk,

Or rather,

They synchronize with his mind as one

In unison.

Even time,

Who would surely rebel

If he had chosen to waste his talent,

Followed his command and wishes.

Only those

Having more faith in the mortal flesh

Lived helplessly, questioning the


Not knowing the ability behind the

Display of clothing skin






This poem itself was written by a rather juvenile me way back in high school. I was recently introduced to western philosophy and more or less philosophy in general. Independent of and somehow just before learning of the 'law of attraction' I was already obsessed with the idea of consciousness changing the physical. This interest slowly faded. However...

Today, I was suggested the above article by the algorithm of a bit more scientific study and exploration by actual theoretical physicist John Archibald Wheeler and peers, and was reminded of this and several other poems I wrote with a limited understanding of the topic.

I am not a student of science though I was always interested in the cosmic, so take this as you will.


-Yue ****, 13:29 Saturday January 23, 2010
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