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laura Feb 2018
she went all out -
into her private parts
being public
and standing unashamed
in a nation of shamers

i used to find it mindlessly silly
to think that such a thing
defines you much
in a dubious society
all about the body image

used to think that was all a joke
until i saw an old man shove
a mother and a crying baby
breastfeeding out in the wilderness
being a loser’s how you win these days
and in the end we all lose
mobile’s kind of jank
What’s life?what’s this life?
What’s behind this lie?such a great lie,
At birth is when it begins,they say a beautiful child but when it grows up what a monster face it develops,during breastfeeding still being fooled while all they want is for you to be silent for peace in their ****** souls then fooling you to go for the sweets,just to make you walk so as to remove a burden of carrying  your forsaken body and when you walk they give you work fooling you with three meals a day. And when you grow your teeth they take you to school asking you not to joke and work hard while all they want is what you get at the end of the torture. When you fail the spank is the only truth that engulfs your childhood. When you grow up  they still fool you to go and get a spouse. That’s where the greatest lie manipulates and and lays its eggs to hatch and become more mutant. A life full of arguments a life full of mistrust a life full of doubt coming each day home just to add salt to the wounds two great enemies under a single roof and their offsprings as fuel and spectators to this war full of battles never won where no one knows what will happen next while no one takes precautions where anything can happen but none is afraid where the masculine show their ego and their counterparts which weaker power but a spiteful mouth that acts as firewood to the never ending battles. And still lie to the offsprings each feeling right and offsprings get lies from both sides
Get a work and still the boss lies to you and all he wants is a profitable business so as to stuff his *** that ingested all junk
And when you die they still lie of how good you are while you mishandled women while you looked down on innocent men needing your love they lie of how pure you are while all the ears know what a *** you were.
Look at me speaking as if I was born in the 80’s while am only 18 speaking as a priest while am not different in any way speaking of life while I have a dead heart in me speaking like a married man yet still looking for my first love but still I have nothing to ask for forgiveness for my pen ain’t faulty

Nesma  Aug 2018
An Apology
Nesma Aug 2018
My mother asks me to buy her milk and I stand in line at the grocery store.
I hold the milk bottle in both my hands afraid it would break like my heart did last night when I saw my maid's daughter, a 16 year old child,  breastfeeding her 1 year old son.
I felt sorry that her culture still robs a girl’s playground and turns it into a tea party where she has to be a hostess,
I felt sorry that her culture sees a girl’s braids and thinks of ways to tie her legs as tightly as her hair,
I felt sorry that her culture confuses a womb for a public services center,
but I did not voice my opinion because what I felt most sorry about was calling it her culture when I was born in the same city she was born in.
I see the line was moving while I stood still.
The woman standing behind me holding a jar of coffee, a pack of cigarettes, and a pair of tired shoulders gives me a look for not paying attention.
I take a step forwards,
I look behind me;
I smile politely at her, and say “I’m sorry”.

— The End —