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Corona you are the agly animal
You took our Adorable ones
You made us laugh with tears knowing you are coming for us
Your arrows are very sharp

Corona you are very dangerous like a hungry lions ready to strike on impala.
You changed our ways of  living

We don't share nor to remove mask later known to be for doctors and criminals

Our daily routine has changed
Distance separated many families

Oh God be with us
I cried for help God saved me
I became a stranger to the people but God gave me the chosen one.

Witches wanted to see my day to day tears but God saved my life like king David in his script that said the lord is my sherphard I shall not want.

I deeply found found my soulmate, the one who accept me the way iam,the one who is always there for me,the one who make my heart dance the music beat of love.

They wanted me to remain single so that they will use me as mop
They wanted to see me searching a lot so they can call me with multiple names,but I want to let them know .

I found my soul mate and deeply
I will forever be her and she will forever be me .
Soulmate, deeply, sherphad,tears
Love doesn't fall from tree's
Nore into the river that become dry in the season where rain is too scarce.

Love doesn't fall like a leaf's falling down and make the ground *****.
You may open your mouth and show us teeth until you reveal your inner tongue but where there is love the is a vivid picture.

Love and caring are syblings
Love and sharing are twins
Love and smile is a mother and daughter
Where love exist and sympathy exist

Love and pretending is the best enemies
If you give heart a water you want your muscles to  make the blood flow peaceful on it and stay fresh as it is.

If you practice love ,you want to live by it and be its proffer,some body will call you doctor love,

Let's love to be loved and let its meaning over flow.
I went around the world
Looking up and down
As the keys was hidden for me
While the is a precious  creature waiting ahead of me,I looked back and forward like they were something chasing me
I thought I would never get away from it
I thought it was the end of me

Every women I met looked at me as a curse
Sometimes said yes just for a little share in their pockets, everyone were feeling pity on me
Then I became shy like a pilot learning to fly the machine.

All I used to love
All I used to thank
All I used to follow
Was God who gave me this precious gift of life
Making me have hope over everything
Finally I got a precious gift in my life that is you
For me to love,for me to take care of,also for you to make me proud in my life
All I can say is thanks God for giving me a precious gift that will make me the proudest man in the whole world.
attacking an innocent man who did nothing wrong.
killing him like a cow that need to be used for ancestors ceremony.
looking back and forward, heartless, lack of self control, putting blood in their hands.
families of the deceased scream louder and louder till God heared their voice shouting.
xenophobic attack *****.
they don't steal they eat their hands .
they don't take your jobs they accept the little the jobs is offering for them to live,but you always complain daily.

they take our jobs hell no,stop that and love your neighborhood.
running from left to right.
sharing the best moment like the journey is about to end.

people gossip about us.
where are they going to end.
my toffolax  hug me and **** the honey I carried in my mouth.
for the joy of two birds in the Kalahari desert seeking water in the dry land.

shouting, laughing ,chasing each other like in the picnic being ready to push one onother  in the Merry go round.

how super it is to travel and to climb mount Kilimanjaro and see the stars in the vivid position.

making the memorable day ever.
love will always blow our minds
only when we are opening our ears for each other
a land of Queen .
women's wear tradition like angels .
walking confidently like a cow in a tar road with no fear of being knocked .

their eyes shine like a light in the pool for the people to swim day and night .
their mouth looks like bananas that is ready to be eaten .

all men's are doing is eish ,wow and being scared to shout out .
memories never end .
thinking of beauty Queen's of Africa .

but the baby that doesn't cry during birth shows that the spirit is already gone in the womb .

speaking out for selection of your queen is a better choice.
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